Shotguns OP? [video]

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Razeroth, Jul 7, 2016.

  1. Razeroth

    Enjoy! :)
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  2. FieldMarshall

    4:51 lol at Juido's tell. Dont mind him, he is basically the NC version of LOMARES.
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  3. Liewec123

    my opinion is that shotguns are a self imposed handicap,

    in cqc you get a similar TTK to SMGs/ARs/Carbines,

    you have a really slow RoF so your aim actually has to be better than when using an automatic weapon,
    miss your 2 shots and you're dead!

    outside of cqc you have absolutely no killing potential whatsoever.

    imho they should increase the number of pellets but also increase the spread,
    so you'll still get those 2 shot kills but it won't require dead aim,
    its a shotgun, if you meet a guy whos more skilled than you but he's using an LMG and you're using a shotgun within 5m,
    you should win the fight, i agree that the game should stay skill based, but certain equiptment has to absolutely rule at certain situations,
    shotguns and <5m engagements should be one of those situations!
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  4. JKomm

    I think shotguns should all have the option of Smart-Choke attachment, the reason for this is because the Smart-Choke makes it more accurate while aiming, but less accurate than normal with hip fire. It is quite balanced and is a great trade off for tighter spread.
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  5. freeAmerish

    If you have luck, with a pump action it´s OHK. Also a fully auto can be very fast, but shotguns often
    feel like a Lottery.
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  6. Drewbicus

    Shotguns would be much more practical if they did not use a double-spread mechanic. For those who don't know, shotguns disperse twice. First, the location of your shot within the cone of fire is calculated. Then, the shotgun spread is applied AFTER that. So, the first calculation only determines the location of the center of your pellet spread.

    That means if that first calculation places the spread centerpoint on the extreme outer edge of your cone of fire that the pellets could (in concept) all land outside your cone of fire because of that second calculation determining where they land around that center point.

    Shotguns should just have the pellets land within the cone of fire and be done with it. Doubling the dispersion is just silly and it's not even a necessary mechanic.
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  7. The Shady Engineer

    Pump actions have a TTK of zero. With enough clientside-lag-wizardry shenanigans, semi autos feel like it too.

    I think Joshino hit the nail on the head in this video- Shotguns aren't OP, but they aren't fun to play with or against either because of clientside and random spread issues and the very low skill required to use them effectively.

    Yet I get why they're necessary- they're the great equalizers. As annoying as it is to die to some laggy battle rank 17 with a Barrage, it's realistically the only way he can reliably kill me too.

    Also a major +1 for the NC comment. For the love of nanites, NO MORE SHOTGUNS!
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  8. Alizona

    Yeah shotguns ARE overpowered when encountered in their advantageous environment... because they're SUPPOSED to be.

    Let's say you meet up with a shotgun-wielding opponent, except he's 100 feet away - you're probably gonna kill him so quickly and so easily that you might not even realize that he DID fire at you... except being that he was using a shotgun, it scattered harmlessly allowing you to gain a rather easy kill...

    Point being... a lot of your "easy kills" might just be from these opponents who prefer shotguns... up close, they'll win almost every time, but from a distance, you're gonna win every time... fair tradeoff? Sure, why not? But it's easy to have your perceptions skewed into thinking "shotguns are OP" because you're not realizing all the times you gain an easier kill due to their weapon choice.
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  9. Liewec123

    sounds great, but clientside hates me :p
    everyone elses LMGs feel like they're firing shotgun slugs at 500RPM
    if i'm using a shotty and run into someone with an LMG it really is 60/40 whether i win or lose :p
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  10. Nasher

    Naa, I don't think so. They are obviously good at close range, their supposed to be, if they were not they would be pointless. But as soon as you get caught out in the open theres nothing you can do with a shotgun. Slugs are also quite hard to use effectively. Unlike most of the SMGs and rifles, you can't use them anywhere.

    With the pump actions you need to have great reaction times and aim, if you miss a shot your probably going to die.
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  11. Razeroth

    Yeh probably was just trolling, just an odd kill to complain about.
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  12. LaughingDead

    Personally, I wish the shotguns had some variety among them. As it stands all of the shotguns are clones of each other in each faction.

    As to the concept of shotguns in PS2, it's just merely specialization. Compensation of absolute trash range for ridiculous burst dps enough to put serious dents in a max. But again, extreme specialization can feel completely unfun as losing a game of rock paper scissor without a hand, you generally won't expect a shotgun unless you see it first hand, I even got a ton of hate tells for simply using the powerjack when I wanted the heavy armor just because it was a shotgun and unfun to fight even if it was plenty unfun to use in most scenarios.

    I do hate seeing a player as unskilled miss 6 shots and overfires 4 kills me but then I swap to a pump and whoop his *** in one shot.
  13. Beerbeerbeer

    The thing about shotguns is that your reticule has to be precisely on target when you pull the trigger or nothing happens. I think they're less forgiving simply for that fact. Now of course, semi-auto is slightly more forgiving due to the ability to spam it, but pump action is downright painful if you miss.

    It's feast or famine.

    Fully auto weapons are more forgiving in CQC. You can miss but your target correction is immediate and you can move your reticule around while firing. For shotguns, or any semi-auto for that matter, your trigger pull has to match the reticule aim precisely. Pump action and bolt action requires even way, way more discipline. Pump actions are the mother of all reticule versus trigger discipline weapons in game. Hardest shotgun to use effectively IMO.

    In any case, I honestly don't see many people using them or me dying to them. At least not recently.
  14. JKomm

    Well that'd be because I stopped using my LA39 Bruiser... loved that thing but, after a few thousand kills and mastering the Shotgun Directive I decided to start using carbines. The Brawler was too big a let down to continue using.
  15. Gundem

    Pyro much?
  16. CutieG

    Personally, I absolutely hate how the shotguns in this game work. I've been playing this game on-off for years and I've experienced quite a few other FPS in the meantime. The only worse shotgun experience that I can think of is the double-shot one from E.Y.E.. That thing was just atrocious.
    PS2 is very dependent on ADS, even with shotguns with laser sight installed, which meshes really badly with what a shotgun is.
    ADS and close combat does not compute for me. At ranges where I can use shotguns effectively, I'd rather just run around my opponent and stab them in the back, because I can't hit the broad side of a barn otherwise. At least then I don't permanently give up any kind of killing potential beyond a few meters on my loadout, in a game where 70% of all encounters are at medium to long range anyway. This weapon is simply way too situational, while other guns can do an allrounder role.
    I'd only use a shotgun if it was a hipfire weapon that I could equip on an adrenaline pump light assault. Now that would be fun.

    Note: The only shotgun that I have actual experience with is the default NC one. And I likely won't be getting any others, as there are more fun ways to invest my certs. I ******* love the Warden, for example. It gives me that little bit of range that the default gun on the engineer has been lacking and without the unwieldyness of the default infiltrator sniper rifle.

    Part of the issue might be the ****ey hit detection. It's ridiculously bad at times, for me. "I obviously shot the guy ten times and the game didn't register anything" bad. Though I generally experience this at longer ranges.
  17. MuNrOe

    Easy to play hard to master. Anyone can sit back and plink targets at a distance. Or run in for the 1 easy shotgun kill. The skill comes from out thinking your enemy on the battlefield , clearing the distance needed (ie not LA which requires little to no skill to do this) and clearing entire squads trying to hunt you down. Playing to your weapons advantage. Acquiring targets quickly at close range is a tough thing to do. Choosing which targets to hit to mitigate damage to yourself. A failure to do this with a shotgun = death.

    With a mid to long range option you make a mistake and guess what you dont die. When you make a mistake with a shotgun game over. You are already in a position where there's no mercy . Its much less forgiving. So in the hand of someone who knows how to use it the thing is deadly. But a good intelligent patient player who understands the weakness of the shotgun will always defeat a shotgun user. If played to their advantage which is range.

    People get pissed because they get killed with a shotgun at close range but what they fail to recognize is that distance closed by the user and missed opportunity for an easy kill. By the time they are in your face its already to late. Also if you get baited into a situation where the shotgun has the advantage that's also on you.

    The amount of hate I used to get from players in this game blaming game mechanics for their death was horrendous. I dont play PS2 anymore but I still think the time to kill was too short. Which is where the majority of rage stems from. The insta death ********. I could get into a rant about Auraxis Battlefield as to what Planetside 2 should have been. But I will blame Matt Higby for that.

    MuNrOe Out.
  18. Sil4ntChaozz

    You got a sub man. I like that i don't here any condescending around the shotguns and how they work so props.:D
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  19. Sh4n4yn4y

    I pulled a shotgun the other day, because I wanna get my LA directives.

    I quickly remembered why I never used them, and decided to go with headshots and marksman for my final two. Because screw shotguns. It was awful.
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  20. Gundem

    I literally spent my first two years in Planetside 2 using shotguns only. I araxiumed 7 of them before I even attempted LMG's...

    Which likely explains why it took me 2 years to araxium that many guns, since I unlocked the Butcher in less then 2 weeks.

    Tried going back, not worth it. Then these fools who call themselves good have the audacity to taunt you after you die because shotguns are bad.

    Feels good pulling their own weapon and drilling their skull out with it afterward though.