Shotguns Are Causing My Frames To Drop!!!

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Roxputin, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. UnrealGaz

    so its been over 2 weeks since I first reported this problem,and yet no fix or even a mention its being looked into.
    this is pretty game breaking SOE I cant use a shotgun because of this.some confirmation would be nice.
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  2. Zumulus

  3. IvanDrago

    Confirming I also have this issue. Merely having the shotgun out causes massive FPS drops and even induces laggy movement. Switching to a sidearm immediately fixes the issue, which returns the moment I go back to the shotgun. Just a little bit upset I am unable to use weapons I paid for as a result of a reticle.
  4. InfraRedPS

    This problem causes mouse lag for me, that's what I noticed first as I don't watch my FPS. Anyway to counter this I am currently playing on very low from previous high settings and it's almost reduced, but I found decreasing the render distance to help the most.
  5. Ixidron

    instant Karma.
  6. StolenToast

    I just thought that was SOE's way of nerfing the pump-actions...
  7. UnrealGaz

    I have been complaining at them for weeks about this and they wont even acknowledge theres a problem with it.

    its still there SOE and it still needs fixing
  8. spythere

    Any help on how to fix this? It's terrible bug. I'm droping half of my frame rates when NORMAL walking with shotgun. When i run with SHIFT everything is fine!!!!