Shotguns are bad......

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Atralis, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Atralis

    I bought a Thanatos (the fast reload one) and I have slugs, an extended mag, and a reflex sight on it and......... meh?


    1. Ammo capacity- If it had double its current capacity I think it would be alright. But as it stands it is pathetic.
    2. Not enough better than the SMG close up, far worse at long ranges.
    3. Slugs.....- I feel like I'm just not good enough to use these. It basically turns the shotgun into a semi auto rifle. I feel like I do alright with it, but I just feel a lot better with an SMG than a shotgun with slugs. A lot more forgiving with the aim.
  2. Ghoest

    The automatic shotguns are not suited for slugs.

    The auto are for pop out up close to people and fliing them with leadt at point blank range.
    They are really good at that. If you dont want to do then ya...

    If you want to use slugs get a semi-auto, a s3.4 or 4 power scope, and the extended mag. Then you can be a ninja sniper.
  3. Achmed20

    Slugs realy suck at CQC but are great at all other ranges. slap a 3.4x scope on it, jetpack to a nice place and kill people (2-3 shots). Trees are will become your new friends with slugs cause noone ever looks into trees.
    in CQC u better be a headshot king cause otherwhise you will loose.

    and in kinda disagree on the automatic part. the Piston f.e. is a automatic shotgun and is extremly precise with a scope on it.
  4. Geist9

    I disagree. I have tested out a few of the shotguns and yes the automatic ones are better without slugs. However i have had great success with the Nova (slug/extended mag) at close to medium ranges.
  5. Wallonthefloor

    Uhm I have the thanatos and unlocked every single scope, always use the extended mag and have a seperate loadout without the slugs on it for CQC such as capturing a biodome. And lemme tell you I DESTROY people, I almost feel bad taking away bases from the NC I had one yesterday private message me and say "it is ***holes like you that pay for the game that win" and I simply replied, u mad?

    my advice to you is try all the scopes, personally IRNV + Slugs is great. If you want to see farther the 3.4x scope with the single purple dot is great i forget its name and the servers are down and I cant check, I do not use reflex sights though, those are pointless, if you have to use those you might as well be hip firing with your shotgun, and even with slugs hip firing is a cake as long as you have ABOVE 30 fps.
  6. FluffyM

    Yeah, no.
  7. Some1

    I feel shotguns are great for what they do but I just wish the grouping was tighter for more than point blank rage use. Anything more than a vanguards length away and your better off running away to wait for them to chase you around a corner were you can actually damage them.

    Maybe an upgraded barrel that will let you shoot farther but less pellets so less damage up close but still different than slugs.
  8. Achmed20

    feels like 5-10m are max for shotguns. which seems OK for a shotty.
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  9. Draegnar

    Shotguns are about going all in, if you get the jump they are dead obviously but if you 1 on 1 and both sight at the same time, you should beat everyone not using a shotgun providing you don't miss. If you miss your done, thats basically all there is to it their range is tiny but so are all ranges indoors :p
  10. FullDread

    Just bought slugs, ******* terrible things. waste of 130 certs.
  11. Achmed20

    i can 1-2 shot snipers i can barely see in my 3.4x scope this way. you are doing something wrong.
  12. FullDread

    Yeah the whole shooting moving targets that shoot back really is really bad.
  13. Achmed20

    its not easy thats true. slugs dont leave room for misses in CQC
  14. VKhaun

    Extended mag or skip it IMO. The default clips really are not big enough in practice. It should just cost 100 more certs and come with the attachment.
  15. InducedApathy

    Shotguns are nice hence I have a pandora and as16 on engi/medic. LA seems to be best with an ar or carbine vx67 or solstice sf or default (reload is super fast and it's very effective). I wouldn't use a shotgun on a la since hopping around one the class roof or small rooms changes quite fast even in an assault. My opinion of course.
  16. irishroy

    do you use the piston?
    i dunno, maybe i want to get this shotty.
    with slugs, bigger ammo for medic&engy&LA
    would you recommend the piston?

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