Shotguns and Elitists, pt III

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  1. Mustarde

    Just kidding. I made a short montage of some shotgun gameplay over the last few weeks. Using the Baron, Phobos and slug nova. If you are trying to make shotguns work for you, the key is to be in really crazy situations and be over-aggressive. You'll die a lot, but once someone lets you squeak through, this will happen.
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  2. Hegeteus

    When I started playing this game, I went with pretty much everything that's faction specific. When I got to BR100, I noticed that I actually had used nothing but shotguns(infantry and vehicles) to get there. I had auraxiums on shotguns including normal infantry, HA, infiltrator, flash, harasser, vanguard, MAX and reaver which is silly but I enjoyed them all

    PS: You should try Mag-Scatter, since you seem to be pretty experienced with sidearms and shotguns :p I feel like it's the starting stone to shotgun bushido
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  3. Zombo

    nice music, good montage, can't believe some people are so oblivious when playing xD
  4. Dualice

    Nice. Especially enjoyed the opening warning! :D
  5. Mustarde

    People aren't expecting you behind the constantly shifting "battle lines" in a fight. I'm that one purple dot in a sea of red or blue. They are busy looking at where the enemy is supposed to be, not where I am.

    And when you do see me, all you feel is a chunk of damage and a trip to the death screen. The power of shotguns. Also coincidentally, a nice illustration of why they frustrate so many people.
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  6. Gundem

    buttbuttbuttbutt... I was gonna make a part III!?!?


    Watched the video, and once again, my entire life is a lie.



    But apart from the fact that 90% of your opponents couldn't aim/were legally blind, it actually honestly demonstrates a lot of the points we've been making here. For the Baron section, maybe 1/4, 1/3 of those kills at max were 2HK, which means your effective TTK is still much lower then any super l33t MLG player should be worrying about.

    It also demonstrates how shotguns perform well against bads with high damage per mag, letting you run in and knock some incompetent heads with ammo to spare, whereas your factions CQC LMG might allow 2-3 kills before needing to reload(Hence the popularity of the Battlegoose).

    I won't deny that your aim is pretty good, sometimes in the middle of a hectic battle you start spraying a bit, but also seriously, I can't comprehend how you find such large groups of bads. Is it an Emerald thing?

    Also, rereading your OP, I find the one part that I said way long ago, the burst-kill nature of shotguns. Many times you will die trying to flank an incompetent zerg, but once you get into position you can really go ham, but it's really all thanks to that massive damage per magazine. Imagine an Iridani with an 80rnd mag...
  7. Mustarde

    Flanking works on all servers... it's definitely not an Emerald thing. In 3 of the scenes, we were super outpopped and I simply waited in a corner for the waves to crash around me, and then - boom! Without moving an inch I'm suddenly flanking!

    Some of my aim was poor, my baron use was the worst. I think after upgrading my graphics card and overclocking my CPU last month my frames are a lot smoother and I'm a lot better with the twitchy aim of a shotgun. My LPK with the phobos is 1.7.

    Really if anything this video demonstrates how awesome PA shotguns are. The semi-autos get by, but the PA's let you get in close like a shotgun is intended, and kill before you take damage. It's near zero TTK lets you keep moving so you are rarely exposed for long.

    As I mentioned in one of the previous threads, I think shotguns are balanced pretty well. It's one of the few things DBG/SOE was able to get right. "Elitists" may hate using them and dying to them, but from a design standpoint I think it is as close as you can get to acceptable. I still don't really like using them because I would rather have my LMG, but sometimes a shotgun is what you need to get the job done.