[Suggestion] Shotgun why not for Infiltrator?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by isilyan, Dec 15, 2012.

  1. isilyan

    Ey m8s:)

    I got a question, the Shotgun was an option for the class in the beta, can anybody tell me why it was removed?
    And do you think it was fair that it was removed?
  2. Sadaris

    Because every infilltrator was taking down anything in a matter of seconds run up decloak unload cloak and run
  3. Evilmonky

    Was removed because (from what most people have said) the devs seemed to have felt that the combo of our cloak+shotgun was OP. Tho w/o it it seems like our CQC capability is severly limited.

    I guess giving a single class the ability to 1shot from long range and close is too strong, even if they have the lowest health in the game.
  4. Evilmonky

  5. VKhaun

    I played it briefly in beta and found it to be hillariously overpowered. I'm very glad it didn't make it into live, because that's pretty much what everyone and their dog would be playing right now if it had.
  6. isilyan

    I just feel that the class tools(Dart,Emp nades,etc)are so usefull in CQC, but that weapons the class offers(besides the Battlerifles) makes me feel the class is kind of UP if you dont wanna snipe. But again i will just have to get better with my pistol:)
  7. Evilmonky

    I agree with you 100%, all the support tools make it seem like they want us to be sneaky guys that pop out and shoot people and sneak away while at the same time being able to cause random havoc in the bases we are in (overloading gens and flipping terms) but they just don't give us the ability to actually fight
  8. Steamed

    Get the automatic scout rifle. If you catch people off guard and from behind you can take them out seamlessly.
  9. isilyan

    Yup guess there is no way around paying the 700Sc if i want to be more effective in CQC....
  10. Ipecac

    To be fair, the shotgun would set you back the same amount if it was available to infils.
  11. isilyan

    I know m8:) But the auto SR with the 20 round mag(playing Vs) just makes me feel its a bit expensive to get a half way decent CQC option, But i love the game :p and i see no other option than go that way:)
  12. Gary

    In beta they were very over powered using a shotgun... I heard rumors you guys are getting SMG's... Better in any situation then a shotgun..

    You can already get an automatic scout rifle which is incredible when used properly on the infiltrator
  13. isilyan

    Well prehaps its better to wait for the Smgs, than to rush out and bye a auto SR:)
  14. Sobieski14

    Bad idea... or is it?
    * But if they give infiltrators shotguns.

    I'll be probably use it as my main lone wolf class.
    * Hack terminals for ammo and continue the destruction.
    * Funny thing is, I'd actually infiltrate.
  15. isilyan

    Year i get that now:p(Did not play the beta) if you want a CQC option for the class the upcoming Smgs is the only game in town...
  16. Sobieski14

    Why would I use a "smg", if I can instantly kill my enemy with a shotgun?
    * But if that really is the only option then meh... I'll stick with my LA class for lone wolf then.
    - The devs are giving "Light Assaults" the ability to scavenge dead bodies for ammo. <----;)
  17. Process39

    Still don't think Infiltrators should have the shot guns they were given back in beta, but I would still like to point out that while we did have shotguns in beta it was at the same time when infiltrators were completely invisible on low settings so that just added to the OPness extremely since back they so many people were playing on low graphics settings.
  18. RobotNinja

    Vanu Infiltrators get a shotgun...it's called the Spectre.
  19. isilyan

    Well it was only 150 certs for a extra mag:) But that makes sense for the LA:p
  20. deusex2

    Because having shotgun obviously makes you invisible and the ability to fight back on par with other classes in CQC makes infiltrator oh so OP. So instead of giving infiltrators their own version of gimped gun(like scout rifle) the devs completely took away shotgun from inf.