Shotgun Rampage and Drifter Jet Hunting (video)

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Paqu, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. hotWHYre

    Yay new Paqu stuff! Didn't saw you a while ingame. Wasn't so sad about it ;)
  2. Paqu

    Sure there are lots of places where the jump jet is better, but then again drifters are better on other places. Having both of them is really usefull.

    I really dont see how Thanatos would be better. It reloads 0.5 seconds faster and has slightly tighter spread with buckshots. But it will have two shots less in a clip and also total of 12 less ammo. I would run out of ammo much faster with it.

    I reload whenever I feel safe enough to do it just so that I will have full clip on the next encounter. That includes all other weapons too.

    Too bad the quality lowers with the ingame recorder a bit and also in youtube as well. Graphics are much more sharper and crisp ingame. But yeah still looks good in youtube as well.
  3. Mrasap

    Not sure if feedback is appreciated or not..

    Anyway, it's just a suggestion since you haven't used the Thanatos since release. Especially in your last video on the air towers I noticed you frequently encounter an enemy while reloading. I find the Nova to work best if treated as a HA rifle, while the Thanatos works great with a carbine style of reloading. The video revealed several instances in which you reloaded with sufficient ammo in an unsecure location. Less ammo is absolutely an issue, though you stumbled upon sufficient enemy ammo packs.
  4. Paqu

    Sure feedback is always welcome. Yeah I had some occasions where I reloaded too early when I still had enough ammo left, but its just those split second decisions where I reload because I feel like Iam almost out of ammo even if I would have like 5-7 shots left. Sucks when I realize it, but I dont have time to look my ammo count during firefight.

    We are only talking about 0.5 second difference on reload between Thanatos and Nova, so I dont think its going to make that much of a difference most of the time. Sometimes there sure are plenty of enemy ammo packs available, but other times there is none and my killing sprees end simply because I run out of ammo and have to switch to a pistol which isn't great on VS.

    So with Thanatos I would be pretty much forced to take ammo belt where with Nova I just barely have enough ammo most of the times. Also the grenade bandolier is so great that I dont want to give up on it either.
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  5. WorldOfForms

    Enemy ammo packs? You can get ammo from enemy ammo packs?
  6. Achmed20

    yep. quite handy if you are lonewolfing
  7. Ashnal

    I'd like to see you give the new pump action shotguns a whirl Paqu.
  8. Paqu

    Well actually I just did. I trialed it for the 30 mins and tryed to record some footage as well. At first it looked like enemy is pushing to a biolab so I started the trial, but they never came. So I was forced to go fight with it more in the open areas.

    Anyway I just tryed to rush as much as possible to get some feel of the gun. Problem was that there was insane amount of action going on (thanks to the server merge) and it was playable only when I wasn't recording. When I activated the recording FPS dropped quite heavily.

    But based on that very short trial time I had with it my conclusion is that I will not trade my Nova to it. It was fun to one shot people, but the delay between shots is quite unforgiving if I happen to miss. Also small clip and long reload time didn't make me jump for joy either.

    I can post a video from what I managed to record if you want? Its nothing special really, but at least you can see some footage of it in action.
  9. Ashnal

    If you'd like. I've seen some other footage, but not much from good LAs.

    Also, I don't know if you noticed or not, but there's currently a bug that gives you free slugs for the NC Claw.
  10. Paqu

    Well I dont play NC so that doesn't matter. :)

    Anyway here is the video as promised.

  11. Ashnal

    Yeah I can definitely see what you mean. You got caught out reloading a lot, especially when you missed one of the precious few shots in the mag. The gun seems like it does well in the 1v1 arena, but planetside isn't really about 1v1. It's always 1 versus as many as you can possibly take down before you die.

    I think the one thing the pump actons might be better at than the old shotguns is slug gunning from mid-long range. Considering the TTK is longer at range, and slugs from pump actions do something like 750 base damage. The new flinch mechanics would support this.

    After comparing this to your other shotgun footage, I can safely say that all those people that think the pump actions are OP are pretty stupid.
  12. Paqu

    Yeah I understand that if I would buy it I could increase the ammo count to 7, but it still feels quite little. And also it will make the reload even longer if I end up emptying the whole mag.

    The delay between shots was the one that got me killed the most. It was like I missed the first shot, then aimed the second shot, hitted left mouse but it actually fired split second later because I was trying to fire too soon and ended up missing since my aim went off.

    That thing only works at point blank range even tho its supposed to have better range than the old shotties. Thing is if the target is 5m away I can't one shot him anymore. So I need to shoot him like 2-3 times. With Nova I might need to shoot couple more times from that range, but due to the 2x faster firing rate I can do it faster so the better range on pump actions really doesn't make any difference.

    With slugs it might be better for sure, but I will never know since that would require me to buy the thing which I wont be doing.

    I have seen those threads as well where people call them OP as hell. Its pretty clear they never even used the old shotties if all of a sudden the pump action is OP at point blank ranges which part the other shotties has always been dominating..

    Anyways looks like there will be new shotgun next week which I will be trialing as well. I really hope they use some imagination on its model since the current one looks the same as 90% of other VS weapons. But Iam not keeping my hopes too high for it to happen.
  13. Chreighton

    Awesome vids man. You have gotten me to start using a shotgun again:), I would have to agree as well with the pump shotgun, I bought it and now don't even use it. Keep making vids, you have taught me a lot about the class.
  14. Paqu

    Thanks. I'll keep recording even tho it has become more painfull due to the increased amount of players after the merge. Gameplay turns pretty choppy when I start recording now.

    I tried recording with fraps as well and its quality is way better than the ingame recorder, but it just slows the game even harder so I have to use the ingame recorder in the future as well.

    I have been trying to get some footage where I drop galaxys on top of those massive tank zergs and then go finish one more tank with drifter and C4, but so far I haven't been very succesfull with it. I always overshoot the galaxy, but Iam starting to get the hang of it. :)
  15. Paqu

    New montage!

  16. Corvus12

    Your videos make me wanna go and pack some certs into drifters. Just wonder how can you keep your Inf Resources up, when you are carrying three grenades and 2 bricks of c4 :)
  17. blzbug

    After the recent warpgate rotation, Paqu probably feels like Donald Trump. TR now have the craptacular SW corner of Indar, where the VS used to reside. Unless SW corner empire owns Allatum (which is always contested), their Inf income is around +22. Schitty! Aero and armor will be well over +50 or +70, while infantry lags behind in the 20s. Really horrible for C4 and nade tossing.

    Paqu's videos make me lust for the grenade bandolier. I barely scrape up enough resources for my C4 habit, much less if I was chucking grenades on every run.

    I do use the Trac5-S with GL. The GL nades aren't as potent as the hand grenades, but they work great when fired from a drifting hover.
  18. Paqu

    Well I have the 6 month membership and alpha squad which both gives +50% resource gain so Iam getting resources 2x faster than someone without any boosts.

    Now that they nerfed the blast radius of grenades and because people has become better at dodging them its much harder to kill anyone with nades. So I use them less and only toss them at bigger groups.

    Also people now look more up as well so I cant jump from tower and drift low in the middle of enemy tanks without being shot down most of the times. So my C4 consumption is lower than it used to be.

    Now that I have to use aircraft to get high on top of enemy the biggest problem I have is that I keep running out of air resources.
  19. kisven

    teach me how to grenade please
  20. Paqu

    New video added.