Shotgun Rampage and Drifter Jet Hunting (video)

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Paqu, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Daimond

    Now I first saw that video post a few hours ago in LA forums. My first thought while watching was, ***? next thought, are these bugged or is he a hacker. I then puased vid and went through 2 pages of posts to his vid, never saw one comment about bug or hacker mentioned, witch I though was strange. So I watched full video and after a bit cam to the conclution, ok I dont mind them getting longer drift time, but *** on the recharge, its so **** short.
    I then began to time both several times and take the average of readings of 5, on a few of his drift runs to make sure he was doing full burns I figered this must be max upgraded. Ill stat the results in a min, I then Jumped on to another guy that had Certs free. I got lvl 1 drifter and commensed time runs at lvl 1, did 10 tries just to make sure.
    Drift time 6.5 s
    Recharge 13 s
    Now after getting these numbers went back to other vids and looked into them more to get more time runs as somehtings not right. average of 5 on about 10 full burn jumps he did. thats 50 Time runs.
    Drift time 25 s
    Recharge 6.5 s

    ok so first off why are they getting such an increats in the ability? and not to mention a 50% reduction in time to full rehcharge? so looked up reg jump jets, max stats both increase there as well, 40% increat to jet fuel, and 60^ increase to recharge rate. WHAT?
    Looked up drift jets, stats nothing but each lvl increases Drift time. stats nothing about amount and certinly nothing about faster recharge. So I went to numbers, 6.5 x 400% = 26 s ...... HELLO.... really 400% and faster recharge?
    So let me get this strate, this games all about to get something you have to give something, or you get a little for nothing. This works in manything in this game, witch goes for all other class abilities HA, ENG, INF but not them. They Get 2 things while giving up nothing on not just Drifter jets but there jump jets as well.
    Now lets look at this HA, upgrade that, rechage rate is faster, shield dont get better though or longer, lest with my minor amout I could cert into. ENG - Repair gets faster, rechage not any faster though, and seems to gain about same XP. ENG ammo pack, stays out longer, does no despence more ammo or faster, and no better XP.
    INF - lvl 1
    12 s cloak
    12 s recharge
    lvl 5 - 50% boost to recharge only
    12 s cloak
    6 s recharge
    The cloaks Time does not increase, our visability does not decrease, there is no difference in any way but but for recharge rate.

    So why again does this class not only get there abily 2x uped with no down sides to it, but also in such a drastic way to boot that they aso get a bonus along with it?

    Now im always against calling for a Nerf Bat but...
    This is totaly absure, and needs a good nerfing with the biggest bat that can fit on the cont, or give these kind of augments to all. Far as im consered there drifter pack should of had a substantial increase to there recharge to go along with that absurd 400% increase.

    and yet several Dervs have said LA needs some love first. Ya they need some lovn with a nerf bat first sure. What do you think they play the most? We all know its definatly not Infil's.

    I now think our cloak should also be lest 50/50. +50% cloak time -50% recharge time, sounds fair right? need to spread this get alot for nothing around to others.
  2. HeadshotVictim

    less QQ, more PewPew?

    what is your point?
    that infilatrators cannot be cloaked for 30 secs?
    Jetpacks give you mobility... thes don't remove spot markers or anything.
    most LA need to be close to kill, with a 30 sec recharge on DJ or JJ they couldn't accomplish anything...

    when you get drifters you lose the ability to JUMP UP HIGH!
    JumpeJets give you the ability to fly up to buildings, but not much hovering.
    Drifters give you the ability to hover, but you have to finde stairs to walk up towards a roof...

    I know lil' Infi:
    your cloak should make you invincible, you should be able to use a rocket launcher without decloaking, and it should regenrate your health while cloaking, hold 60 seconds with no recharge...
  3. Daimond

    So you completly missed the point that they get a , 400% increase to drift time, along with a 50% decrease to recharge time. No other class or item in this game even comes close to that kind of Increase, but also get a second boost as well just cuase they lost up word ability, when every other thing in this game has to rely on getting to a high point with out these. There is also no limit to spots of hight that are easy accesable to use this. I also stated I can see why they would get a increase on drift time, my point mainly was why they also get a decrease in Recharge, they should accualy get a increase to recharge, as a balance to suce an increadable 400% increase to ability that has realy no down side affect to it.

    PS you really really dont know much about Infils if you think they get a rocket launcher. and not sure what you ment by " hold 60 seconds with no recharge..."
  4. Backf1re

    Do DJ have any upwards thrust to begin with? Because from all those clips, it shows OP deploying from high up on buildings. If so, the element of surprise is quickly over as soon as you lose all the fuel, leaving you vulnerable to the enemy fire. Is it not worth sticking to JJ to use in an hurry and fly to a location out of harms way?
  5. Paqu

    I kinda missed the point as well. Drifter jet is pretty much useless at level 1-3 since you can do the same with jump jets without losing the ability to fly upwards as well. Level 4 it starts to get usefull over JJ's and at level 5 it lets you do some great stuff if you have a high place to jump from. Stuff you cant do with JJ. But thats about it, you cant do stuff you can do with JJ so it gives you an alternative to the JJ without being better or just a flatout upgrade. You lose the ability to go upwards. You get down to the ground level and all you can do with drifters is to jump, glide 10 meters, jump, glide 10 meters, etc. So doesn't that count as a downside?

    So the recharge time on driters is pretty much meaningless. Even if they would double it that wouldn't make much of a difference since once you run out of fuel in the first place you are likely on the ground at that point where it becomes a lot less usefull.

    Difference on JJ upgrades on reality is far less that you might expect by just looking at the description. Iam not going to explain it anymore than this, just take a look at the first page on this light assault class discussion page and you find plenty of depate about the matter.

    You want to nerf the upgrades simply because other classes doesn't get such of a big increase on ability what you get with drifters? Like I said level 1-3 drifter doesn't make any difference over normal JJ.

    As a HA and infiltrator you get pretty good ability at level 1 which can be made bit better by upgrading it. So thats how it is with JJ, its pretty good at level 1 and at level 6 makes it bit better. Drifter on the other hand is only good at level 4 and 5 which needs lots of certs. Now how about making the invisibility like this:

    Level 1
    3 second cloak
    12 second recharge

    Level 5
    12 second cloak
    6 second recharge

    Would that make you happy since you would get your whopping 400% increase with max level on duration and 50% reduction to recharge? You know so that you would need to upgrade it to max level to actually make it usefull.
  6. Deschain

    Yup buckshot Extended with IRNV Scope is what you want for this type of Superman fun.
  7. Daimond

    Ok so forget in LA forums and most probly dont realy know all the down sides to infil, witch is what mainly got my goat when seeing these drifter jets well exicuted. I will stay with the LA - Infil theme as they are the 2 at most oposet ends of these matters, and also most refered to in the infil forums as LA being far betting at infilrating then infils them selfs. I will also leave out the lvl 1-5 stat compairisons as I already posted them.

    PS remember main grip is with Drifter Jets not Jump Jets here. but below does also aply to JJ's as well, but I dont have a problem with them.

    LA - more armor/HP by +100
    Infil - expected we have less armor ( that ones was a given )

    LA- in/out of flight, can use Med/restoration packs, before during and after, flight.
    Infil - Can only use Med/Restoration kits out of cloak only, Using a restoration kit then clocking stops restoration kits healing.

    LA - Auto Repair, before during and after flight with no kick out durring trasition. I also tested, that Healing from Medic and Eng, can be done while there in flight.
    Infil - Auto repair stops or never kicks while cloaked. Can not be healed or AOE heal while cloak.

    LA - before, during and what not, Can use guns, Nades, C4, and all other equipment/tools they have.
    Infil - Can not use or shoot anything or every thing while cloaked.

    LA - Can interact with terminals and turrets and such items, I even tryed Starting Gen over load and it worked a few times, although not every time.
    Infil - Can not do any of these while cloaked, or hack any of them.

    LA - no delay on ability.
    Infil - 1.5 - 2 second delay before firing weapon or doing anything when deactivating cloak. Also have same delay before cloak kicks in when turing it on.

    LA - Practicaly 0 Sounds from running, activating/decativating jets.
    Infil - Huge sound made that any one can hear with in 30m if in a quiet place, 50-60m can hear us.

    ok this not part of above but though I would add for hell of it :)
    LA - Gets a cert called adreniline boost, that makes you run faster then others when equiped. ( allthough Dervs stated they would never give any one the ability to run/jump better then another class in this game ever. This out the door huh? :)
    Infil - run around in full spandex and still cant out run/jump an HA with 100+ pounds of equipment/armor then me. ( although should be given as im running around in my gintch, with a beer gut I dont want all to see )

    Now this just some of the draw backs to cloak verses Jets, but only pointed out the ones that crossed classes to make point. You should be able to see the massive negitives to our ability, that we only gain 1 patial positive too as a resualt for spending same amount of points for. WE also start out with these negitives that dont change. You do not have negitives to start out with, and realy gaining none while gaining so so much more positives on both.
  8. HeadshotVictim

    I am sorry for making fun of you.
    DrifterJets indeed get a huge benefit from levelling them.
    But statistics say what? An increase of 400% can mean ANYTHING! from 0.5 to 2 seconds, to 2 minutes to 8 minutes.

    Cloaking is fine IMO, but I play on low graphics so it is nearly impossible for me to see Infis cloaking. (I can see them when they stand on the hilltop against the blue sky...but that is just Infiltrators stupidity then.

    Ever thought about your cloak lvl1 is WAY stronger than DJ1? What you gonna do with DJ1?
    Since you mentioned the huge increase in DJ: Would you like a 100% improvement over 5 lvls, so that DJ start with 15 seconds?
    That would be really nice, since I would only have to put Certs for one lvl in them.

    I know pretty much about the downsides of Infis, because I play Infi my own. Mostly LA, but also Infi.
    YES LA IS COMPLETELY OP! This is why you see ONLY LA in Streams of BuzzCutPsycho! Wait... they don't have ANY LA in their raids... strange. Plz got to HA Forum to whine there since the most used classes in big outfits seem to be HA, Medic, Engineer and Max.

    Why the heck do you come into LA-Forum to QQ about Infi being UP? You have a whole forum for your whining!

    EVERYONE has 100 more than Infi... do you go to other forums as well to complain?

    Resto-Kits: see above

    Healing: see above

    Using nades and stuff: s.a. (Specially HA, they can shoot while you cannot deal dmg to them cuz of their shields!!!)

    Interact: see HA, flying and accessing a terminal does what?

    delay on ability: s.a. (HA)

    and so on and so on

    I used Adrenaline Pumps pretty long... changed them to Ammo-Belt, soon to be changed to Flak-Armor
    no point in using them since the little speed buff you get is <<<<<<<<<<<< anything else you can do with the suit slot
  9. Daimond

    Wow, cant get a few jokes put in there huh :) maybe should read alittle harder.

    EG ill point out the easy ones for ya, since you couldnt spot them. #1 has 100hp in it, #2 talks about the Adrenaline ( witch was a kick at the derv's if you miss it on the second read ) #3 the flying to interact with stuff, was to make fun of just being able to for no good reason, while infil have to be decloaked, even to finish healing from a resto.

    I come here cuase I also play LA , just perfer sniping, and vary from Engy and LA. Just usaly never post here cuase not much wrong with the class but DJ " Duhhh " other wise would of not posted here, hmmm go figger huh????

    Like I said used infil there cuase was closest to compair to, no other class has an count down ability timer, but HA. But left out HA but for last dig, cuase theres not much to compair there, plus hate playing that class.

    PS we get tons of non Cloakers coming to the infil forums to mostly *****, whine and complain about what little we do have or suggest, also seen alot of we need things on other classes before yours kinda posts, more then you would want to count. So dont think every one that comes here plays LA.

    PPS and dont give me that cloaking if fine crap, its far from. Only thing its good for is sniping, but most of us want a verion that drops Sniper rifle to use accualy usfull tools that relate to the name infil, or like me would rather them split the class up so we dont get this, " ohhh they would be to OP with a sniper gun and this or that " when we asking to drop the gun for other things.
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  10. HeadshotVictim

    sorry irony failed on me this time... perhaps too much time reading the Infiltrator Forum with people whining about everything with this class...
    : )
    Adrenaline Pumps are MIGHTY... not, but anyway.

    Cloak is fine for great ranges, for everything else you stealth. (And more luck than anyone should have... but hey)
  11. Paqu

    New footage.

  12. Paqu

    Double xp weekend brought nice amount of people into field. My shotgun likes that. :D

  13. Skiptis

    All them witches, getting them goats.

    Sorry, I had to.

    Great videos as always, Paqu, keep it up!
  14. Paqu

    Thanks. Here is another short one. :)

  15. Bolticus

    You have inspired me to sink a ton of certs into drifter jets in the near future.
  16. ChironV

    Me too, I will be certing that puppy up soon. Of course with drifters you have to keep saying your mantra, "Dont look up, dont look up, dont look up...."
  17. Paqu

    ^ Yup, keep certing those drifters guys. In the meanwhile here is some more epic stuff. :)

  18. Paqu

    New stuff.

  19. Mrasap

    Really nice Paqu! Your movies have been the reason I took drifter, never regretted it since. I still prefer jump jets in most situations, but gliding to sunderers and powerdrifting/sliding on ground is awesome. From the jump jet footages you can see you are primarily a drifter; drifter work best when activated for the entire duration, while jump jets do much better when pulsing. Also, since you are reloading after every enemy, might the Thanatos fit your playstyle better?
  20. Mrasap

    Also, PS2 looks incredible on ultra settings!

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