Shotgun Rampage and Drifter Jet Hunting (video)

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Paqu, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Paqu

    ***NEW VIDEO 28.3.2013***

    ^^^NEW VIDEO^^^

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  2. KaosWarMonk

    Good vids :)

    So you using the large mag semi auto shotgun with extended clip and solid slugs yes?

    Been wondering what to do with the 500 certs I've got at the moment, what level drifters are you on?

  3. undeadsapir

    you dont get that accuracy with slugs :\ sorry to disappoint you
    he is using buckshot nova with ext mag.

    dayuum you have alot of spare ammo... makes me wish i could turn my thanatos into a nova.. i prefer shorter reload with 10 shots but i get 10/26 ammo... :\ so, daamn
  4. Paqu

    Yeah I have the slugs but I keep switching them on and off depending of the range where I execpt to meet the enemy. So at the first video I have slugs at some of the clips and buckshots on others. Second video is 100% buckshott.

    At 10:00 in the first video you can see how bad the accuracy with slugs are when hipfiring even from that range. Buckshots are way more accurate and it takes one less shot to kill with them, but they lose pretty much all of their power when distance goes over 10 meters. Slugs are very accurate as long as you aim down the sight and doesn't move too much. You can easily use the shotgun as a sniper rifle with them with a proper scope.

    Drifter jet is maxed out (level 5).
  5. Paqu

    Yeah that was my thought when deciding which shotgun to take. Since I have the grenade bandolier I wont be taking ammo belt and therefore need maximum amount of ammo possible. The slow reload of the Nova sure is painfull when in the middle of enemies..
  6. Pat22

    40 seconds into your shotgun rampage video you've killed like ten guys and not one of them even tried to return fire.
    Amazing. I find this to be regular behavior for the NC. They let me walk right into their tank lines quite a few times and plant C4 on them.
  7. Paqu

    I have noticed that after I switched my purple spandex to desert camo and took out the purple camo from the weapon as well which I got from the alpha squad package I have been shot less by the enemy, but then again more from my teammates.. It doesnt seem to make much of a difference when attacking and enemy is expecting you or when you are defending a place and enemy busts in. In those cases I actually might be just making myself as an easier target against dark background like indoors.

    But like I do I just drift far behind the enemy lines and I believe the reason why I can just keep running in the middle of enemies and keep shooting them is because nobody is expecting to see enemy at that far in their "safe zone" between all the tanks and stuff and having the camo makes me stand out less and Iam being ignored even easier. And since I know Iam out there all alone I dont have to worry about shooting a teammate and can just keep blasting everything that moves.
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  8. Novmiech

    Thanks for not editing out the parts where you fail miserably. It feels so cheesy when people constantly cut away right before they die.
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  9. Ghoest

    More people are partially colorblind than realize it.

    Purple/Blue is hard and sometimes impossible for them to tell apart unless they have some sort of comparative context.
  10. Paqu

    I'll include my miresable fails in those occasions if I die fairly quickly after getting some killing spree or something else worth putting on a video. I only cutted it out on places where I ended up running around several minutes before being shot after the said killing spree simply because I dont think anyone is interested to see stuff like that.
  11. Balm

    The yellow on purple cammos (giraffe in particular) make the issue even worse. People joke about it, but there really is something to it.

    I'm usually the one to put a stop to the LA's flanking no matter what faction I'm playing. I'm not colourblind, and I played too much TF2 to ever feel actually-safe among friendlies. My senses are well trained to see suspicious movement of any type, from all of the spychecking I did.

    It's still embarrassing watching my team mates get slaughtered without having a clue though. Those videos are a perfect example of totally clueless infantry getting exactly what they deserve, yet learning nothing from it.
  12. freeze

    don't worry about the haters...

    if they want to see someone fail miserably, they can record their own gameplay :)

    btw, what server is this...
    the reaction on most of these players is abysmal
  13. Paqu

    Haters? No he thanked me because I include my deaths as well on the clips instead of always cutting them out split second before dying to make it look like Iam invinsible.

    Server is Mallory (EU)
  14. freeze

    ya, guess I need to learn to read... my bad... it's late :)
  15. Ghoest


    I think the reason the giraffe is so effective that people who rely on shape instead of color have a harder time quickly identifying the faction when people wear blocky high contrast camo. In fact Im fairly sure of it.
  16. Mrasap

    Nice videos Paqu, especially the second one. The skirting around rooms is really cool, I should try out that one. Though most of the things you've shown couldve been done effectively with the normal jetpack.

    On the camo: I run around knifing TR just as easily as I do to NC. Just don't stand still or do anything suspicious. People rely on spotting too much, if you don't have a triangle above your head nobody will target you.
  17. metalfreak

    I got the pandora for close combat rampage and bought the thanatos some time ago. Got some certs to spend - would u use the thanatos or the nova with slugs? Got lvl 2 ammo belt and i dont care if i get 12 shots with ext. mag from nova or the 10 from thanatos - for only 2 more bullets i wont buy the nova ^^.

    Is there anything else the thanatos with slugs doing better as the nova?
  18. Paqu

    Sure normal jetpack works fine indoors, however you still constantly run out of fuel and cant really be gliding all over the place all the time. With drifter when jumping around and gliding indoors I dont even need to look my fuel meter since I know it wont run out.

    And like I said above when there is a group of people it gives everybody this "safe" feeling and thats why you can be fairly succesfull when you just jump in from nowhere and go rambo right in the middle of them. Also its harder for them to shoot me as well between their teammates since they need to watch their fire and actually spot and keep track of me. I can just keep shooting everybody.

    Well for sniping Nova is better simply because it has bigger clip and bigger ammo count in total. With Thanatos you have 10/26 and Nova has 12/36 so thats 12 shots more in total.

    But since you have Thanatos there of course is no point buying Nova at this point anymore and the ammo belt helps with the ammo count for sure. With slugs I believe they both perform the same, but with buckshots the Thanatos should be more accurate meaning you do more damage with them bit further. Lately I have been running with buckshots mostly and just try to get close. I just love how they simply destroy everything that gets in the way. HA's with their shields used to be the biggest problem while playing LA, but when running with buckshots it doesn't make much of a difference is there HA or someone else up against, unless if its MAX of course.
  19. metalfreak

    Thx for ur answer! Seems like im going to try it today - hopefully im happy with the result :D
    Yea buckshots destroys everthing in close combat , even HA's are no big deal if ur fast enough to get ur shots out before they pop their shield - also with the shield on it just takes 1-2 shots more, np with pandora and ext. mag :D

    Max units are killable if u get them from behind with ur pandora, depends on how fast he is turning ^^
  20. Paqu

    Well hopefully this video I just finished uploading will motivate you to get the slugs as well. :)

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