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Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Mirakk, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. Mirakk

    Hey guys,

    I got myself a Piston on launch day. It's got an awesome rate of fire, but the range kind of blows. Anyone had much luck with the Slug Ammo for medium ranges? The weapon wrecks in close range panic situations, but it's useless outside of 25m.

    Also, what sights do you use, if any? I'd say reflex, but honestly using any sight with a shotgun seems pointless.

    More often than not due to range issues, I do end up using my AC-X11 Carbine and it does pretty well. I'm going to purchase a GD-7F and get the reflex sight as an upgrade to this for medium ranges.

    My question is this: Am I better off using the GD-7F with a reflex sight, or just getting slug ammo for my Piston for the 100 certs?
  2. grin

    You are likely going to be more useful more often with the GD-7F. Last time I checked the slug rounds did 1 headshot, or 2 bodyshot kills, with little damage degradation or drop over range, and very good accuray. You do however have a slower rate of fire and less bullets total. This is a high risk/high reward weapon. It can be very powerful over nearly every range. The hipfire COF is about the size of the circular reticule so you should be able to hipfire kill people in 2 shots so long as their chest fits inside the circle. That being said, missing a single shot can mean death for you. This is not the case with the Carbine. If you want to spend some time getting used to the slugs, then it can be great fun and a very powerful weapon. It can be very frustrating getting to that point though.

    I haven't tried out the reflex sights on the launch version of the shotty, but the beta reflex sights took up most of your screen and were of little use. They may have fixed them but I do not personally know. I would use the reflex sights I think. I did use the 4x scope during beta and that gave me a good mix of short range hipfire and mid-long range scoped fire. I had a decent time counter sniping with it.
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  3. Romalic

    i use the VS thanatos shotgun with slugs, extended mag and x2 reflex, its a very nice ranged weapon and decent in cqb too, very often during a fight if the enemy is even slightly low on shields i can kill them in 1 or 2 shots before they can react, and i dont even need to be close, well worth trying, but it takes a bit of practice
  4. Exmortius

    i found with the slugs and the tr auto shotty and extended mag it wasn't that effective atm. head on the carbines imo had a faster ttk even at medium and close range. i'm not sure about the other shottys though the auto shotty for TR seemed like it had comparable stats and faster shots. i was definitely disappointed cause i do prefer using shotties but i only ran with it on launch day. it sounds wicked when you unload it but i'd say the bark is bigger than it's bite.
  5. Duckforceone

    i found the gd-7f, with the 4 times scope that gives you periphial vision, is awesome... i can short bust down most enemies at close ranges....
  6. JDCollie=VX9=

    The GD-7F should have been named the "CQB-Meatgrinder". I haven't dropped a single cert on it yet, and it is still my go-to weapon for Engi close combat. (I consistently equip it over both the Piston and the Mauler.) NC damage with TR RoF, or at least that's how it feels. I've been on the receiving end a few times on my VS alt, and I swear it killed me faster than a shotgun.
  7. ytman

    I want a shotty but I think my:
    AC-X11 w/ ForeGrip & 4xTrueSight
    Stock GD-7F

    Perform perfectly in my roles I stick to.

    Eventually I'll get a shotty but I'd suggest your best bet is GD-7F. The Shotgun is a good situational weapon for low volume CQC or defense and I'd think the SLUG is the best round to use.

    This being said is the AC-X11's High Velocity Ammo any good?
  8. Zourin

    Just to note, for the Haymaker at least, the COF for the standard buckshot spread is larger than the reticule circle. This may explain why failures to kill targets at medium/close range, since a lot of pellets are flying very wide of where you're aiming.

    TBH, I'd love to shoot the guy who designed shooter shotguns with a shotgun to show him that they don't scatter like a bad snowball when you fire them. The idea is to hit what you're aiming at, not everything within your field of vision.
  9. StrangerDanger

    Not sure what shotty i got think it was the night something. The dam thing fires way too fast. And when i control myself, i notice its typically much faster to get a kill with the standard gun, its easier to aim...yeah i know the point of a shotty isnt to aim.

    Im thinking for my LA and engineer ill eventually put certs into the shotgun, i think the laser beam, slug ammo, and perhaps short range infared scope might make it more usable.

    Right now as it stands i cant find a good use for it that my normal guns cant do better. Also makes me think, i dont think ive ever been killed by an enemy shotgun...might tell you something there.

    Its standard on my engineer because im never fighting unless i got a turret up, when i do have to fight its usually a LA who pops up out of no where and the shotty empties way too fast and with the LA surprise factor i never really stand a chance to begin with.

    With shotty had more use tbh...kind of a regrettable purchase.
  10. Zourin

    I've used the semi-auto haymaker quite a bit.. most of the time, I'm dead before I fire my second round, or i'll empty an entire clip into someone and I get killed during reload. Every now and then, the RNG blesses me with a headshot one-round kill, but that happens maybe once a day, and sometimes as friendly fire (once a week)

    That said, shotguns are a waste of money/certs and you're better off upping your rifle, which is shared with your LA.
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  11. Exmortius

    ya sadly i agree with zourin. the shotties lack the power of say a shotty in BF3.
  12. Mirakk

    I've been killed by VS using the shotgun. Usually when you face a pandora you're fine, then POW. Dead.

    They're very effective, but are completely worthless outside of extremely close combat. Extended play with my piston was very educational.

    I've since resigned myself to using carbines. I tried the trial on the GD-7F but found it wasn't worth much outside close range. I picked up the Compact S instead and have been enjoying burst fire mode for longer ranges, and the ability to equip utility devices like smoke grenades and varied ammunition types.
  13. CommanderShwan

    I run with the Piston as well, with the slugs.

    It's decent enough, I use the 2x reflex for both slugs and buckshot with the extended mag. I can reach out and touch someone with the slugs about 50-100m decently after getting the feel for the slower velocity and bullet drop. It's about 2-3 shots at range center mass. Close range it's about 1 and done for most enemies if you can land a shot, and the slugs give a slower ROF and tend to deviate 11-2 o'clock on your reticle so you have to aim low firing from the hip. personally I think shotties should be able to attach 2 rail attachments since we don't get barrel attachments. A slug piston with extended mag and foregrip would be pretty nice.

    It's got good utility and I keep enemies away, so I'm sticking with it.
  14. pilg0r

    I bought Slugs for my shotty. Really fun to use.
  15. Cookie Fingers

    Been running the Pandora with an extended mag, no scope. I can't hit anything outside of like 20 yards with it, but in door-to-door fighting, it's great. I'm not a big fan of that pesky "aiming" thing. When I'm in suicide mode, I nade an occupied room I'm sure to die in, run in with the trigger down, and fast switch to c4, and at least try and drop it before I get shot. Works about 50% of the time, and detonate on respawn.

    Been thinking about slugs. Does it change the targeting reticule in any way?
  16. pilg0r

    Reticule stays the same for slugs.
  17. Lowerydro

    Used the auto shotty for 2 days straight with slugs.... knew it was going pretty bad. Then went back to the carbine and just started killing everyone I saw. Night and day difference.

    Unless someone is within about 10 feet they will always outgun you with full auto rifles if you start at the same time, the shotty just misses too much (too many pellets with shot, too many total misses with slugs).

    Just do a comparison.... with a scope it is okay, but without your shots go ALL OVER the place with hip fire.

    I may try the single fire shotties when they go on sale, otherwise I'll stick to full auto guns that can hit what you aim at.
  18. Exmortius

    i'm definitely getting better with the auto shotty but ya sometimes it still missing point blank is annoying. there are times i unload 5 rounds and miss the dude right in front of me somehow.....and i'm like the f### ???? i almost think some of the shots either lag out or don't fire straight consistently. i've seen that at other times where if you are turning and firing there is a delay and i kind of wonder if that isn't what's going on and why the rounds aren't firing into the bad guys sometimes. like the server still sees you facing like 30 degrees the other direction but recognizes you are firing and unloading rounds before your direction has caught up or sync'd

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