Shot Gun SLUGS are usless now.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by user101, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. user101

    Oh yes yet another update, yes its faster and hit reg is better. But shot gun slugs are just usless ant any range except 3 meter or less. Sunner almost go faster than a shot gun slug.
  2. Foxirus

    Its a damn shotgun, Why are you using slugs on it anyways? If you want a range weapon, Go with sniper or some fully automatic weapon.
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  3. FateJH

    There was a game update just now?
  4. Trudriban

    For reals? Cause as early as yesterday my LA has been really happy with his slug Mauler I'm calling a walmart battle rifle
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  5. DeadAlive99

    I haven't used my slugs in a long time, but I remember paying what I thought was a pretty penny for them at the time. I'll have to load up and try them out again. They're not terribly great for people like me who can't aim, though.
  6. Eternaloptimist

    I had some early success with slugs when I thought to try out a shotty with a bit of range. Then things got all random and frusratingly innacurate so I went to pellets. And now I'm back on the carbines. Shottys are far too short ranged for me regardless of what ammo is equipped.

    I did follow the advice from guides (like the one from Iridar51) and try ADS while standing still but the slugs would still miss far too often. Or I was dead almost immediately (standing still to shoot in CQC = madness)

    I hear that NC Max slugs are still pretty good on the Mattock (I think its that one) but otherwise.....nah. I went shotty when I decided to play LA because I'm not a great shot but now I'm actually learning to hip fire and ADS on the move with a carbine - and it's starting to work.

    Spending 100 certs on a laser sight turns out to have been a better investment than spending it on slugs (for me, anyway)
  7. Iridar51

    Slugs used to be the closest LA could get to sniping, but now that we have Blackhand, they're never worth using, in my opinion. Along with any other non-carbine primary.
  8. Mellow Martian

    Outside of Max shotguns, I avoid slugs. Doesn't suit my play style.
  9. Reclaimer77

    Would it kill the game if LA's could have Battle Rifles? Or Scout Rifles?

    Come on Devs. We're dying for some love here!
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  10. Mellow Martian

    Let's not encourage the roof top warriors.
  11. Iridar51

    We already are rooftop warriors. SOE made sure of that when they made MAX, HA shield and nerfed our hip fire accuracy while flying. Shotguns and SMGs are inferior to carbines even in CQC, and they're common pool.

    We already have Blackhand, which - if not for limited ammo - would be superior to any battle rifle or scout rifle out there.

    Scout and battle rifles aren't particularly better at medium range. They would make us more relevant in open field battles, but as far as "rooftop warrior-ing" is concerned, we're already well covered.
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  12. Trudriban

    You definitely know your stuff and said stuff is definitely helping me relearn to jetpack, though I gotta disagree with you on the worth of shotguns. My slug mauler has proven rather effective at med range and my claw mixed with bouncing beyties helped me hold down quartz ridge against a squad of heavies and medics

    I do like the idea of BRs on LA, it would make both the class and the weapon immediately more awesome in a single go. Some people may try to Nerf it asap though in all fairness most places a BR LA can go, so can an infil with a bolt-action

    I'm also gonna have to look into getting this black hand you keep mentioning, looks hideous from the front IMO but if its that good then what the heck am I doing with a suppressed rebel
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  13. Iridar51

    Anything slug shotgun can do, precision carbine can do many times better.

    Shotguns may be somewhat okay in small battles, but past certain threshold of people in a fight, forced confrontation with an enemy beyond melee range is inevitable. Even with a jet pack.

    Blackhand is a great tool, but it does come with certain requirements and limitations. It can do something no other LA gun can - effectively engage enemies at long range. But you do have to land those headshots. And Blackhand requires 2 out of 4 hits, which means - more often than not - one reload per one attempt at engaging, so it has a lot of maintenance time. It's also not very great as backup in CQC.
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  14. Trudriban

    I would argue a carbine can't kill in 2-3 shots to the chest, but I do only really use my mauler when I can break off the zerg and switch to the razor or AC-X11 when I can't, you have me there

    4 shot magazine? Requirement for headshots? Terrible empty primary panic button? Hmph, guess I'll stick to the rebel and commissioner. Thanks for the info though!
  15. Dumpsterprophet

    When there was little to no drop on slugs (a long time ago) they were awesome. And if you know planetside you know that anything awesome immediately gets nerfed into uselessness (phoenix and striker im looking at you).
  16. Dumpsterprophet

    yes and while you're at it let infils equip shotguns and primaries with stalker cloak, now THAT would be fun
  17. Iridar51

    Number of shots - not. Time spent shooting - carbine will be faster and more reliable.
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  18. Taemien

    Better to have than spawn room warriors.
  19. bmac417(TasteOfLead)

    Slugs are complete trash imo. When I was doing my LA directive on the shotgun part, I tried the Barrage with slugs, turned out that smaller spread can be detrimental if you shoot at your enemies at the wrong time. It's a waste of certs, don't buy it unless you want to master a shotty with slugs.
  20. Erendil

    As someone with ~3,500 slug kills (Pandora and Nova) and maintaining a ~3.7 KDR while doing so, IMO slugs are NOT useless - at least not on auto/semi-auto shotties (PA slugguns are a different story). Once you get a feel for their COF and bloom they can be effective out to about 40m or so, and can still frequently kill out to maybe 75m.

    Here's a few thoughts on how I use auto/semi-auto slugguns:

    • Always use Ext mags - foregrip gives almost no benefit, and their hipfire is total crap even with a laser equipped. With slugs you'll burn through that mag very quicky, and every miss really hurts your kills per mag, so you want as many shots in that mag as possible
    • You'l go through ammo quickly, so Engie is IMO the best class for this. Although LA's mobility, ambush potential, and ability to quickly go back for more ammo makes it viable for them too
    • Don't use anything greater than 2x sights - anything higher is a waste due to the relatively short effective range (FWIW I use 2x)
    • Always ADS unless your within knifing range.
    • 1 headshot + quicknife will kill even Nano5 targets. 1 body shot + quicknife will kill non-Nano targets
    • They're a great ambush weapon. If you get the element of surprise go for a headshot on the 1st shot if possible. You'll be surprised how many injured opponents you can OHK with 750 Alpha damage. :cool:
    • After the first shot, don't go for headshots past 10m or so. The 1.5x headshot multiplier plus the high bloom makes it not worth praying to the RNG gods. Even semi-auto Slug guns have one of the highest DPS in the game - 1875, making it about the same as a 143 dmg 800RPM automatic. Auto slugguns are a whopping 2166 DPS, which is higher than a Serpent/DG-7F's 2014. So take advantage of that DPS and go for the body so every shot hits.
    • You can maintain accuracy at full ROF out to 10m with auto slugs, or 15m with Semi-auto. Past those ranges bloom starts to be an issue so you'll want to start reducing your ROF slightly to maintain control over the bloom
    • You should be able strafe while firing and maintain accuracy out to 25-30m IF you keep your ROF (and thus the bloom) under control.
    Anything past 25-30m, you have 3 options:

    1) Stop strafing - as many have already said, this can be a death sentence. So it's only wise to do this if you have the initiative or have decent cover to fire from..

    2) CROUCH - What's this you say? Yes, I said crouch. There are very few weapon types that I regularly crouch-fire with. Slug guns are one of them. Crouching will cut your ADS moving COF in half, down to a much more manageable .35 - the same as or better than any LMG out there. Not great, but good enough for mid-range firefights.

    Crouch-firing will let you maintain accuracy at near full semi-auto ROF out to ~40m. And since your ADS Movement multiplier is .75x, crouching doesn't make you quite so horrendously slow as many other weapons would.

    Don't stay crouched for too long tho or you'll be asking for a sniper bullet to the cranium. Fire off a couple of shots, then get up and move, re-crouch and fire of a few more shots, then get back up, etc. You can also pop in and out of cover like this too.

    3) Disengage - Don't attack. Either find some way to close the distance, or retreat, set up an ambush and let your opponent come to you.
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