Shooting an SMG should make you unable to cloak for a set amount of time.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Killy80, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. Sturmwaffles

    Nah, they had vehicle sniping turrets and unlimited ammunition.
  2. iller

    No if we decide to go CQC only, we should get total invsisiblity that lasts a long *** time like in PS1
  3. NinjaTurtle

    The blip is unimportant, you can still see a cloaked infiltrator regardless. In CQC cloaking isn't all that powerful especially when you know an infiltrator is in the area.

    When your mind isn't actively looking for one then you can miss them but once you know they are there you can easily spot the cloak
  4. Holomang

    Its laughably easy to see a cloaked Infiltrator at those ranges, this is nothing more than a L2P issue on your part, it doesn't need a nerf.
  5. FlameGankin

    So INfs are over powered due to animation desync? Also i'm not sure if this was bug or feature but INFs cant shoot once their decloak animation plays, its about a half second wait to add on to the half second animation, so if they decloak you've more then plenty time to take them out.
  6. Mythicrose12

    Funny thing...a couple of defensive AI mines would take care of that sneaky infiltrator. It wouldn't do anything against the LA on top of the sunderer with the shotgun from OHK you as you spawn, though.
  7. PGxSazBot

    No, get better
  8. Killy80

    All those L2P guys have no idea. Hear my words, I know the truth.
  9. TheRunDown

    How about removing SMGs from Cloaker? this isn't COD for crying out loud..
    Shotguns and SMG are the only 2 weapons being released in this game, and it's turning in to F*&%ing COD.

    Dev's get these COD ideals out of your heads, your F*&%ing up PS2!
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  10. TheBloodEagle

    Is your main an Inf?
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  11. Killy80

    We are friends now.

    We are too.
  12. Dramma Lamma

    Infiltrator with a smg is fine.

    OP is just mad cuz he's bad, blind and deaf.

    Move on folks.
  13. WycliffSlim
    SMG's are literally the only weapons that make Infiltrators viable at CQC or you know... INFILTRATING. Quite frankly, the SMG's should have been given to ONLY Infiltrators. I get killed by HA's with SMG's 10x more than infiltrators. Using an Infiltrator at CQC still takes a good deal of skill to do well... it's just slightly more viable now.

    Also, you can't just shout COD as your argument. COD is a reasonably well balanced game and has a very large relatively content playerbase. Not saying it's the end all be all, just stating that you can't just say everything about COD is horrible and anything that you don't agree with is COD.

    I personally like the class based way that TF2 works. You get different weapons based on you class. Obviously PS2 is a different type of game but some of the ideas can translate. The weapons really should be more diversified by class than they are. That would make choosing a class function much differently than it does now.
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  14. Mythicrose12

    Why does that matter? Put AI mines around the sunderer if you're that worried about one getting a paltry 25 exp per kill.
  15. Ghosty11

    It also removes them from proximity radar, scout radar, and the infiltrator tool.
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  16. TheBloodEagle

    It matters because obviously people who are Infs will be biased one way and people who aren't tend to be biased another way. What Inf wants to get nerfed? That's also a problem with subjective experiences; makes it hard to say something is an actual problem or not.
  17. xNPCx

    Ah did not know that. Thanks for the info.
  18. Mythicrose12

    I spend the majority of my time as a LA but do play infiltrator some. I currently don't see a problem with the infiltrator and SMGs. I know anyone I killed as an infiltrator would've been just as dead had I been a LA.

    I firmly believe the cloaking sound needs it's volume decreased. The cloaks need work as they are very easy to spot on low settings, too. I applauded SOE removing IRNV scopes from readily seeing cloaked infiltrators. (Guilty of doing it myself).

    I'm quite upset infiltrators in particular are calling for a nerf to the LA for louder jetpacks. Fix the low "low settings graphics" cloak and lower the volume of the cloak itself and hopefully infiltrators will stop their crusade against LA nerfing.
  19. Killy80

    So, I'm not special, I'm stupid, I'm bad at playing and even blind and deaf?
    I think the fact that I still can play this game that handicapped makes me the best player in the world, hence my opinion is valid.

    Thanks for proving my point.
  20. travbrad

    They are already easy to see up close, I kill cloaked infils all the time. At night it can be a bit tricky to see them, but then I'd say the same thing about the entire VS (infiltrator or not)