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  1. Droid15.24.3

    That's the thing, they don't, and as an Infil main, I toss EMP, cloak, run in, grab a couple kills, drop a prox on the way out, fire a dart, go for round 2, after which I continue gunning down TR and NC till I either run out of ammo or die. That tends to by enough time for the main force to catch up.

    Honestly, whether or not this idea becomes a thing, I will continue to play this game. At least until I finish a challenge a friend gave me.
  2. LordKrelas

    They don't what? Have to be specific on that.. let alone when not quoting what you are bloody referring to.

    You toss an EMP, cloak & run in: You wouldn't care about your own shield at that point.
    And only against an EMP equipped Infil anywhere nearby flinging an EMP without knowing if they have it or not, will actually expose any real weakness in it.
    Attrition is literally near impossible, and that's against a lone target in enemy territory, without even having any implant tailored for it.

    The only Class capable of that presently, within seconds allowed to recover that quickly is a Medic - which loses Ability Energy in the process or an implant slot for Regeneration.
    The Ability Energy is also used in Combat.

    For the price of... the rare EMP vulnerability, the Implant takes one slot & provides the effect of Regeneration but faster.
    And that's it; No medics, no extra items, no needed implants to pair with, just the Implant itself. Gets even better on an Engineer.

    Unlike Carapace which provides near immunity to EMP, but takes either a Medic or Regeneration Implant to be combat-effective.
    Otherwise it's 2 kits per full-heal, for a total of 2 with a nanite cost, and lack of in-the-field resupply.
    Is best on a Medic, unless there is another Medic to allow it to be used on another Class without either the Second implant and \ or med-kits.

    Glorious. No, that's not sarcasm.
  3. Droid15.24.3

    "They don't" was to your last line. Very few medics help the team, they just self heal and run along. I throw EMPs without prejudice to blur the player's screen to help my entry and to disable beacons, spotters, and turrets. The shield drain is just a very nice bonus. As far as the Engineer, odds are they will be a vehicle, which have more than enough rockets and bullets heading in thier direction that it wouldn't do much for them.

    If I see an Engineer, I grab a scout/sniper rifle. They die in 1-2 shots and have no time to react unless someone shoots you before you pull the trigger.
  4. LordKrelas

    Hit the reply button... mercy..
    I rarely see a medic not help, so that's called the opposite side of the fence.
    Mind you, I'm not constantly an Infil hurling EMP grenades near allies to run & out, rather than time it to allied pushes.

    Yeah, An Engineer in a vehicle, however with the already shorter delay, that Engineer has even less time before the rapid regeneration of the shield layers.
    So they'd get a massive boost.
    Tank shell lands, unless it one-shots them, they'd recover their shields to full inside that vehicle every time.
    You engage someone at a distance, unless it's a one-shot kill when there is cover, they'll be back to full regardless of any other factors.

    If they die in 2 shots, they do have time to react, unless they are not as attentive as they'd like.
    As well, this requires you to be well outside the standard engagement range.
    Have you ever considered actually fighting directly, not hit & run or sniper attacks? That's where 99% of implants actually work.
    The few that actually help or make a difference in your engagements isn't Carapace nor your wanted Shield implant.
    As you wouldn't notice the difference at all, unless it killed you.
  5. Droid15.24.3

    I will respect this request.

    1. I envy the fact that you have medics that care
    2. Who said that I threw them at allies? I do all of that "so" they have an easier push.

    They can disable shield recharging in a vehicle/turret while using the implant.

    That already happens, medkits at that range are useless against sniper rifles because, if they hit you once and left time to react/didn't manage their recoil for the followup shot, you cloak and run to cover so your shields recharge. If they HS you, you're dead. People sniping in the open are easy certs, if they don't attack from a point they can fall back to, they are either bold (guilty of this myself on occasion), foolish, or exceptionally skilled.

    Well yeah the only reason I picked up a sniper rifle (which I used to hate) was because I was tired of being sniped every two minutes, thus, I began moonlighting as a counter-sniper.

    Yep, after my plan of disruption is a success, I just play normally. When defending, I fire a tracker dart at each point, check for spawn beacons (because nobody seems to go after them), then engage as I normally would.

    This isn't for me, well at least not directly. I just thought it was a cool idea. Honestly, you're alright in my book.
  6. LordKrelas

    Much appreciated, I like to reply on time, that allows me to.

    The disregard for allies' position relative to the enemy, when throwing them.
    Most allies would think you threw it at them, since it whacks them.
    Or that you basically don't care
    - Since if they are EMP'd, it really doesn't help them, since unlike the enemy they lack the defensive position & are funneled into doorways.

    Then you an implant that is needs exposure for recovery.
    If using Vehicles or the like.

    Medkits are actually potent, but have 4 charges at best.
    Shields however will always recharge fast.
    And what doesn't kill at that range, let alone a sniper rifle will recover.
    With shields, that will 100% recover, that Sniper will have a target with the majority rather than partial health back for the next engagement.
    In a dual between Semi-Auto snipers, or any long-range battle the side with the most health that recovers, is the side that wins the attrition fight.

    This is exactly why you're comically one of the few that would either never get a use out of it, or it would be the deciding factor.
    Two extremes, due to any hits that don't kill at such ranges, without regen or medics, will leave you basically half-dead.
    With the implant however, that becomes false; You will never be half-dead unless they manage to fire within 10 seconds.
    Which isn't much time, let alone if you consider that is to Full health, not to enough to survive the next shot again.

    This is where, the Carapace if supported becomes potent, as does most implants.
    As combined with other people, they shine quite well (which makes sense)
    Glad someone else takes down those beacons.

    From someone who'd had to take on the Carapace users, they are not all that effective without a medic or being one.
    With one, they are powerhouses.
    This shield implant, would be brutal in groups, since the recovery capability would be there without any need for a medic.
    In fact, a medic would just enhance it further; Without it costing ability energy.
    A grand improvement over the Carapace implant in ease of use alone.
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  7. Droid15.24.3

    I might not have been clear in my earlier reply, I don't throw EMPs at or near allies. I am usually the first one on the scene and if not, I save my EMP for later. (I keep my eye on my minimap.)

    One of the risks to using it, on top of the previously suggested downsides.

    Fair enough. I may have been partially biased due to practice, by which I mean having to adapt to sniping against 2-3 (if I'm lucky) enemy snipers in an engagement, which forced me to learn how to quickly line up headshots with a bolt-action, or firing 2 shots in quick succession if using a semi-auto.

    If I miss their head the first time and they pop meds, you bet I won't miss my next shot.

    Can't argue with that. To any sniper reading this, kill an enemy sniper and wait for the medic to try to help them out. That will severely reduce their health regen/revive potential and help snuff out those Carapace users and Overshielded Heavies. Oh, and please, I beg you, if you see someone (who happens to be stationary and dangerous) on a turret. Put them on your list of people to remove.

    My personal sniper pecking order: Snipers > Medics > Engineers > Light/Heavy Assaults > MAXs

    I usually run with an SMG, so it'd help out sometimes. As far as sniping, I wouldn't use this implant due to only dying at that range from a headshot, effectively nullifying its use.

    I absolutely agree!

    You and me both. To be fair, the game didn't make it obvious what those random lights were. I found out by complete accident.

    This is the main issue we need to find balance for, aside from EMPs taking you to the verge of death and nullifying shield recharge (including external sources) for X amount of seconds that is.
  8. LordKrelas

    If only more actually did that...
    Sorry then, I've literally come across too many Infils, let alone from VS that just hurl without a ****.

    Well it's not a risk on the same level as anything else really.
    You stand behind the massive armored vehicle, which acts as cover, or rarely get out in the first place.
    It's easily countered by the very thing causing it.

    See now that is Skill.
    But unless every shot is a head-shot, or the target can't manage evasion, it basically ramps them back up without external help faster than anything else can.
    Not even Carapace can keep up with it. (Not even with a medic, as that requires Energy)

    That's the issue with Carapace as well.
    It stacks brutally well.
    And if this implant isn't equal in rarity, Carapace would barely have a use even in squad play.
    As it also means, EMPs are turned into a near required item to combat this implant.
    Which then has the issue of the medic in that group or any pairing of both implant types among different squad members rendering it a brutally effective group that has a regenerative back line, and a on-revive-full-health (carapace) with needing only half the medics.
  9. Droid15.24.3

    No problem. Sorry you have to deal with that as often as it seems.

    That...is an extremely valid point. Going to have to go back to the drawing board on that one. *somewhat remedied below*

    Eh, if it makes them feel brave I get more chances to kill them. Though a sniper trading Target Focus and Ammo Printer/Counter-Intelligence doesn't seem like a very good idea to me. *somewhat remedied below*

    Hmm, perhaps it fills the first half normally after which it will regen 1/sec after that. Then the player could speed up the regen rate for combat based exp ticks. (Kills giving normal recharge rate for [Infantry Kill (Assist/Bonus) exp / 100] seconds.)
    Kill exp table: http://wiki.planetside-universe.com/ps/Experience_Point

    So for example, if I killed an extreme menace who was guarding a point with a headshot (420 exp), the shields would return to the normal recharge rate for 4.2 seconds. This can of course, be interrupted by damage. The timer would continue to run down even if shield delay was still up. This way, players would be encouraged to go on the offensive, while not creating another adrenaline shield / assimilate, both of which would only be 25%-33% effective after the first bar is full.

    I could use a second opinion to spot something I may have missed.
  10. LordKrelas

    Phase-Shift doesn't need ammo printer, so the VS with that, can actually ignore printer for extended engagement.

    Then it becomes Assimilate or extremely brutal with Assimilate.
    Let alone with weapons that have a high DPS or damage output in general.
    Like say the Pilot in Close-Quarters, or the Tanto for sheer accuracy.
  11. Droid15.24.3

    Oh yeah, forgot about that. If the enemy refused to pull snipers to deal with you that's on them. I'd still take Counter-Intelligence over this, though both of these being rare, the odds of that are pretty slim.

    I meant that it allows temporary normal recharge rate above the first bar, it does not directly give shields. And if at any point you take damage, most if not all of the benefit would be lost to shield recharge delay. It would take over 8 minutes for the second bar to fill if the player didn't actively go on the offensive.

    All external shield restoration methods are reduced to 25% effectiveness and regen is 1/sec after the first bar fills. Add that to the fact EMPs are now a near fatal threat.

    I'll chat some more after sleep/work. Later!
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  12. Droid15.24.3

    Forgot to follow up on this, so after my chat with LordKrelas 3 weeks ago, this is what I got. It may need some tweaking, so feedback would be pretty helpful.


    Rarity: Exceptional

    Description: Exchanges 498 HP for shields. The first bar recharges at the normal rate while the second will only regen 1/sec. The player could then speed up the regen rate by gaining combat based exp ticks. Kills, Assists, as well as other offense based bonuses gained as Infantry would allow the normal recharge rate for up to ([exp gained / 100] seconds).
    Kill exp table: http://wiki.planetside-universe.com/ps/Experience_Point

    (The reason for 498 is because the EMP does 1 damage to HP and we don't want them to be a OHK. I have killed a few like this and was confused until I looked it up.)

    Pros: More incentive to use proximity mines/claymores, as well as the auxiliary shield. A new playstyle that rewards skill / aggression / vehicle kills. Medic shield bubbles become more beneficial. Synergises well with certain implants, loadouts, as well as Esamir's continent lock bonus. When revived shields immediately begin to recharge.

    Cons: Med/Restoration are borderline useless without the use of the Rank 5 Ocular Shield implant. EMPs are borderline lethal, reset the recharge bonus for your second shield bar to 0, and adds an additional 2 second delay to shields. Revives don't give you half of your EHP.

    Example: If one were to kill an extreme menace who was guarding an objective point with a headshot (420 exp), the second bar of shields would return to the normal recharge rate for 4.2 seconds. This can of course, be interrupted by damage. The timer would continue to run down even if shield delay was still up. This way, players would be encouraged to go on the offensive, while not creating another adrenaline shield / assimilate, both of which would only be 25%-33% effective after the first bar is full. Other external sources of shield recharge would also reduced to 25%-33% after the first bar.