*Shield Testing Complete!* - NMG/Adrenaline/Resist? Who is the winner?

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by Megawatt, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. Ghaurok

    I like that Knives bypass the overshields, but that might be because I read too much Dune.
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  2. Megawatt

    You just answered it. I'm taking a liberty here and presuming it's 1v1 and you got the kill. That leaves, 75% of your shield to regen. Base regen is 60 seconds. 75% of 60 seconds is 45 seconds.

    Theoretically, yes, although it takes quite a bit of micro-management to re-pop your shield after every kill and keep in mind that late in your streak I would presume your shields are down, meaning you are operating with 500 Health + 0 Shields + 25% (250) Adrenaline Shield = 750 Total Health (825 with Nanoweave). That's not as much as the other guy. I don't see "huge killstreaks" done that often when out in the open. Usually, it's people who play conservative: using corners and not overextending themselves.

    As others have posted, I can see Adrenaline (or NMG) being great for an indoors shottie build or a vech destroyer, and also just for running between cover. Rockets and presumably vech AoE, as well as knives according to posters here, penetrate Resist Shield more than the other two as well. But, if I am faced with an endless stream of infantry, either many at once or consecutively, I have to say that max effective health wins out, and to me that means Resist Shield.

    Each has pros and cons. Pick the energy condom that fits you best.
  3. St0mpy

    HA nub here, bit confused about this whole shield issue.

    My biggest problem is i get surprised or in the heat of the battle i completely forget to activate it, do they all need to be key activated?

    Secondly the default one seems to slow me down like a snail so I have to really think if i need it, and usually im dead by then anyway

    Third I dont like how it lights me up all glowy, it feels like quick everyone shoot the glowing guy!

    Im not that great shooting on the ground atm, in other fps I can get up to 3/1 kd regularly but here im nubing badly still

    Any recommendations on what one I should use?
  4. Megawatt

    Yep, all require "F" activate or whatever you have bound ability to. If you are activating mid-battle, maybe stick to NMG or Adrenaline.
    They all incur the same movement penalty.
    Sounds like Heavy Assault isn't for you. Try Heavy Infiltrator. Or for something non-fictitious, try Light Assault or Medic.
  5. Mr Alpha

    A big factor counting against the resist shield is that the shields light you up like a bloody Christmas tree, and in your teams color. This makes you very easy to spot and immediatly tells everyone whether your friend or foe. I like to keep the shield off until I'm taking damage so as to increase the time for the enemy to locate me and start shooting. You can often get off a burst or two that way before he start hitting you.
  6. Dankshasta

    I was using the resist shield at next to last rank exclusively, but I recently went with the nano shield at the next to last rank out of curiosity, and the results for my style were surprising. I have been finding the nano shield to be much more effective, but again that may be my playstyle. I tend to linger at cover, push with shield full, and then set up at a new point before I push again. It will save your butt if you are already heading for cover. Now if you have a large open area to cover, and your life is full the resist is probably better, and certainly gives you less downtime on it's protection.
  7. Soze

    It seems a bit odd that a shield that needs to be turned on proactively (resist) to get maximum benefit has the same negative consequences (speed/glowing) as a shield that can be turned on reactively (NMG) and get maximum benefit. If you take any damage whatsoever prior to turning on Resist you can no longer get max benefit for that engagement.

    Seems like resist should either not slow you are much, or provide less glowiness.

  8. St0mpy

    Thanks for the info, I dont have a choice, with the lockon its about the safest class to drive a sundy with atm, i can ward off something approaching and (hopefully) have hidden or tracked 90 degress by the time he comes back around sniffing - but that means im also left abandoned as HA sometimes and have to fight it out with what I have. Id rather be engineer or medic - but if you have a tool in the box and the job needs it, you use it dont you.

    I hate sniping even more but it seems to be the best class to use for ninja capping at night, so in the same way I need to learn the tools of their trade, even if i suck at them :D
  9. Aki

    I've got a question :

    Does the adrenaline shield can regen due to kills while active ? or does it have to be offline in order to benefit from the kill regen ?
  10. Omega1337

    Does all of the three shields glow?
  11. Vimes

    They do indeed, and you can buy different colour power crystals for the shield in the station cash shop, so you can change the colour of the shield.
  12. Megawatt

    I just wanted to update this and say that, after extensively testing all the shields, I found the Resist Shield to be best for me, for my playstyle.


    1) Upon respawning, I find that I encounter 1-2 angry dudes at the same time, or 1-3 angry dudes in very close concatenation. In both of these situations, entering with the Highest Effective Health is best for my damage dealing/receiving style. That means Resist Shield.
    2) Upon somehow surviving the battle(s) above, I find that my Total Base Health is somewhere between 500-1125 (500 Shields + X Health). In preparing for a repeat of Situation #1 above, I want the Highest Effective Health again. Now, note that after Situation #1 I often find myself with 25% of my Adrenaline Shield remaining. It takes roughly 15 seconds for my base shields to regenerate (downtime), which puts Adrenaline Shield now at roughly 50% or 6-7 bars (~33% or 4-5 bars if using NMG). Looking at the chart in on the last tab of spreadsheet linked in this thread, that still puts Resist Shield as higher in Total Effective Health.

    I am pretty good about getting my shield up at or near the very beginning of a fight, and I have found Resist Shield to help me live the longest. Again, it comes down to playstyle, but I wanted to share.
  13. Megawatt

    Following Game Update 1, I updated the weapon data sheet (second tab) for those who used it for Vehicle or Infantry Weapon Damage. Again, at longer ranges, my DPS estimates will not be as reliable as Thorbinator or any who include recoil cone-of-fire, bloom, or falloff.

    No updates were made to the shield data because no changes were made to shields.
  14. Forumguy2

    question, does Adr shield regen while active if i get a kill?
  15. Murderin

    So how much extra "health" does NMG actually give you?
  16. Rigsta

    Nice info, thank you.

    The slow blade penetrates the shield.
  17. Oremir

    Maybe it's a stupid question, but is the % reduction you get from RS acumalitive with Flak Armor or do they reduce the damage consecutively?
  18. Goodname

    From the spreadsheet:
    What's the reasoning behind this?
  19. Megawatt

    I'll answer two ways.

    In terms of math, each indicator represents 50 Shielding, for a total of 15(2 hidden)*50 = 750 theoretical Shielding. However, activating the shield costs 1 bar, and while active you are losing bars i.e.. shielding. For me this was usually ~2 bars, leaving me with 12 effective bars in combat or 600 Effective Shielding.

    In terms of observations (more reliable), during my testing I had my shooters engage me as soon as I activated my shield from full. Total damage absorbed was at least 600 (625 in one case), yielding at least 600 Effective Shielding.

    You can be confident that NMG/Adrenaline provide 600 Add'l Shielding.
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  20. Megawatt

    I'm not sure which part you mean, so I'll answer to both:
    AoE Damage
    NMG: 0 AoE damage from dumb-fire rockets is taken into Shields/Health (500 absorbed by NMG/Adrenaline)
    Resist: 300 AoE damage from dumb-fire rockets is taken into Shields/Health (40% resisted by Resist Shield)

    "Indirect Damage" as listed in the data files is common to anything with AoE. It represents AoE damage from vehicle and infantry weapons, so I presume from my rocket testing that all AoE damage is mitigated the same by Resist Shield (40%).

    Fall Damage
    Naked: I jump from top of turret towers outside Indar Warpgate, I die (0 Total Health remaining).
    NMG: I jump from top of turret towers outside of Indar Warpgate, I lost 325 Shields (675 Total Health remaining).
    Resist: I jump from top of turret towers outside Indar Warpgate, I die (0 Total Health remaining).
    Others have tested and proven that Knives and Snipers pierce Resist Shield (i.e. they are not mitigated), which may also be true for the lack of fall damage reduction from Resist in my tests.

    Resist Shield doesn't mitigate fall damage at all from what I can tell. Let's say it did though:
    - If I am taking 500 fall damage (1/2 Total Health), NMG will cause me to take 0 damage, and Resist will cause me to take 275 or 300 shield damage (depending on 40% or 45% treatment).
    - If I am taking 1000 fall damage (Total Health), NMG will cause me to take 400 shield damage (1000 - 600 NMG), and Resist will cause me to take 500 shield damage and 50 or 100 health damage (1000 * %, where % is 40% or 45% depending on treatment).
    NMG still better. Resist still worse.
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