Shield in every bases

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  1. elkikko92

    Just an idea. Put a shield in every bases (for enemies it doesn't allow to get in); this shield is powered by cortium transported with ANTs veichles.
    It gives to veichles a better role

    Sorry for english
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  2. Goodkat

    We could have the turrets and spawn rooms powered by cortium as well. Then there could be a desperate and thrilling push to get resources through the siege. We could call it an ANT run... Hmm this reminds me of a game from the distant past...
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  3. Ssidistik

    Heh dont toy with the fresh member.

    It is IRONIC that someone from PlanetSide2 thinks up the entire reason ANTs existed in PlanetSide1.
    I say BRAVO elkikko92
  4. Demigan

    Oh come on, PS2 and PS1 aren't set up the same. In many ways it's already an uphill battle for the defenders due to the fact that vehicle superiority is almost a default for the attackers. Forcing the defenders to also haul ANT loads into a base besides trying to defend it is just stupid unless you also redesign bases so the defenders can actually safely create enough vehicles to counter-attack the attackers with. I always think that making the attackers move through area's where infantry can attack them to get to the vehicle pad would be ideal. Attacker infantry can support their vehicles while trying to get to the vehicle pad but the defender infantry can protect their vehicles and vice-versa as they try to push the attackers out. That would also mean the defenders have the means to actually stage breakouts and breakins to do ANT runs.

    Since that isn't the case right now the better solution is to have a shield that protects the defenders somewhat, and then allow the attackers to deplete it while the defenders try to replenish it. If that fails the defenders aren't at a bigger disadvantage than they already are.
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  5. TR5L4Y3R

    or we rather could not do that and leave the bases as they are but instead allow more and better PMB play instead of people running arround to just farm cortium in keeping laticebases sustained when defending a base, especialy if you are on the smaller end in numbers, were one man leaving is already a big loss to the firepower neccesary to be able to defend in the first place ..

    "but building PMBs is the same thing as powering laticebases" ... no, it isn´t if you build a supporting outpost were defenders can fall back to after being pushed out from a laticebase ..

    screw that need in having to sustain laticebases .... farming cortium should be a choice for laticebasesupport, not become a nessecity ...

    bases already have a number of shields that need to be disabled by infantry ..
    just having them be powered by cortium so ANTs have a role doesn´t give the ANT a role .... it already has a number of supportroles .. as it can be used to build forward outposts and firebases .. even if players don´t use the ANT for construction it has the ability for some intresting play with either cortiumstealth or a shield on itself for combatplay ...
    IMHO ANTs should not be used to directly support latticebases but rather be used to make the battle between laticebases intresting ..
    the colosustank is a neat addition to that .. .. now if RPG would allow for greater and better PMB construction, specialised pioneer squads might be able to employ some creative strategies to the game than just numb OS spam ...

    giving vehicles the role to merely bombard baseshields is the most daft thing you can give a player to do ...
    that´s also why PMB´s have only skyshields than full on citadeldomes ... and these can already be called in with merit or warassets to my knowledge ... so surely no need to put such shields on laticebases by default ...
  6. Desann

    Interlink facility much?

    Was the center base on each map, had a powerful shield that required teamwork to take down by capturing support bases.

    Ahh planetside 1 was amazing!

    And yes, ANTS need more purpose for base defenses!!!