Share your Hack-ussations

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Wind_Walker, Mar 10, 2016.

  1. Conro

  2. Nalothisal

    well he claims that it was done in a drunken stupor...does that count.
  3. Conro

    Probably not :(
  4. Scifi

    it was the other night while using stalker cloak, knelt outside and just captured at point when i hear the enemy. So I stayed where i was just on the boarder of the point so if its one person they cant take it back. 2 came and they took it back, then walked away and I retook it from where i was cloaked, they ran around searching for me everywhere, even went passed me 5 times. Then they left, so I placed a mine next to the point, then walked back to where I was completely in view not near any wall. They came back and ran round everywhere searching for me, hacker hacker blah blah blah and one hit my mine an the other ran off, I put the mine in same place and same happened again.

    So funny, for once I played with 2 players who werent hackers and no darklight torches :D
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  5. Wind_Walker

    I always keep a darklight on my pistol for this EXACT reason lol
  6. Khallixtus

    I dont need a Darklight, because I am TR and I just dakka the entire point.

    I don't get many hackusations, but I do have one.

    Basically, there was this Light Assault, that I saw flying around. He decided to land, and proceeded to crouch down 10 metres away from me, a HA. So, I proceeded to kill him.

    As you could guess, I got hackusations because I, a HA, killed an LA in a straight up 1v1.

    I then proceeded to kill him a few more times, and each time, he called me a hacker.

    My best one though, is when I beat another dude called... wait, I can't name and shame. Bascially, his name had something to do with noobs and hacking. Anyway, he got the jump on me, and I turned around, we both pop our overshields, so I'm in a bad spot, but headshots are a thing.

    Then this guy calls me a hacker.