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  1. JohnGalt36

    This was just me being bad and crashing before I had to log off.

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  4. CrazyFrog

    for starters this game don't take much skill at all,and you cant really say you have skill over others only advantages,considering how there are so many variables defining the reason you are better than someone else is more than half of your little brains can handle.

    but on that note,there are hackers and allot of them in this game but there are also bugs and lag, I only have 20 ping on the server I play on and I have 100mb fibre optics internet and I still get allot of lag,its the game server the game that's the problem its awefull,

    for example,on your screen someone shoots you once and you instantly die,when actually you just lagged a little and he has actually just put 20 rounds in your chest.

    but blatent hacking is when you are sorting out your loudout in the spawn room and notice grenades coming out the walls from all angles,then you gulp as your life flash's before your eyes and explode in a ball of fire in the safe zone. I usualy just log out at this point and come back later when the hackers get bored.

    but yea if you think someone is cheating just report them,but its kind of a waste of time,when hackers do finally get banned they are just back again in about 5 minutes to do it again, as it costs nothing to make a new account.its sad that there are always people like this in games,specially the competitive ones,they should have a law against it, should come under tampering and harassment and be punishable by a hefty fine or even some jail time.
  5. Wind_Walker

    Nice, but very generic. Do you remember the context?
    I love this one, specifically because of the third image. Some people don't even know what they're saying sometimes...
    Well, the entire concept of skill is highly dependent on your own definition of skill in the first place. To me, it's more along the lines of "being able to consistently place yourself in advantageous circumstances." Tactical sense, in short. With that being the case, there's plenty of that in the game already. Also, that last comment was a little demeaning, but whatever.
  6. Hoothers

  7. JohnGalt36

    I am going to assume this is sarcasm, because my aim is absolutely dreadful in this clip. Just bad.
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  8. Diggsano

    Welcome to the ragetell farmer

    First of all i fly a scythe, and the best loadout for getting ragetells is:
    Light PPA (heatsight, large mag,magsize)
    A2A Lock-On (lock-on time, magsize)
    Nanite Autorep
    Fire suppression

    Chassis of your choice

    And now you can lock-on the aircraft or shot the infantry :D
    It is so easy to farm the tells, at least 10 a day i guarantee it!
  9. XsolarflareX

    this one was a while back, but never really topped it.
    So, me and a friend were liberating on esamir, and show up at a base fight. I notice a dude running from a sunderer towards point, so I blast him. he shows up again, and I blast him. Third time, fourth time, fifth time, by now I feel bad but, whatever, people need to learn. He runs out a sixth time and just stops, right under the lib. Couldn't figure out what he was doing until the tells start coming in.
    Reported for aim bot and for one shot hax.
    I ask him why and he says I killed him without any warning, and instantly. he proceeds to call me all manner of names and goes on a tangent, all the while sitting under our lib.
    I replied simply with 'Look up' then bombed him again.
    next tell I tried to send says player not online. We both had a good laugh at that. Some people..
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  10. Nalothisal

    XD Really?
  11. EPIC389

    New directive for DBG to make

    Farming Rage tells and hackusations
  12. JohnGalt36

    Context: Killed him with an Airhammer while he was parked on a hill solo'ing a Gatekeeper Harasser.
  13. Wind_Walker

    There should be a troll item at the end of that directive chain.

    Perhaps a cat that fires lasers out its backside...
  14. SeveN797

    Sometimes when I am bored, I pull off my swag ns15m loadout with suppressor+spa+laser sight/grip + battle hardened. You have basically 0 recoil and no screen shake, so it's super easy to snipe heads, and that's what I proceed to do, and someone get mad


    Killed mosquito with Walker here, really nothing special, but I guess some pilots have too big ego

    Not really hacks but still funny

    #HitscanWeapon #LancerOP
  15. ZDarkShadowsZ

    There used to be a time when I would somewhat explain to people how I managed to kill them in an effort to help them understand where they went wrong to help them improve in the future.



    But then after encountering this guy, who ran straight over my mines by a shield generator and instantly started acting like a raging 2 year old because the mines were either doing that annoying invisible bug which can't be helped or the guy clearly couldn't open his eyes wide enough, I've taken to just instantly putting them on ignore. No point in even trying anymore.


    I have several other hackusation screens I keep for personal amusement but they're not as 'interesting' as these since I now either just set them to ignore or ignore them in general.
  16. Wind_Walker

    I've never heard of that bug. I've never seen it, either. Was it fixed?
  17. Abraham with Cheese

    I myself have rarely been a receiver of hackusations. It has happened, but the most memorable happened I think last year. I'm an NC infiltrator with my Commissioner, on a base on Hossin, shooting people from on top a wall in a rather compact base, partially camouflaged by a tree's lower branches.

    A VS heavy underneath sees me as I'm aiming at him (I've gotten nearly 12 kills at this point, nobody is paying attention in the fight it seems) and fires a rocket at me, I think decimator. I see it miss, but on his screen, it apparently hit me, but I kill him anyway.

    He rages in private and public chat for (I think) an invincibility hax, to where I simply mess with him and call him out for missing. Most of the others playing join in, and soon enough, the guy ignores me and then leaves the fight altogether.

    I think I've also been called out a few times for CQC headshot sniping as an infiltrator.
  18. Naaahhhhh

    It was on esamir not sure in with base. I was sniping from a hill into a base (~300 m) with the parallax 12x scope. There was a big group of enemys moving parallel to me, but i had a bad day and mist maybe 6 shots in a row. The 7 was a head shot and 5 seconds later somebody wrote me "reported":eek:.
  19. ZDarkShadowsZ

    For whatever reason the mines can neither be seen nor Q-spotted and dying to an invisible mine can be frustrating but fortunately it's only happened to me once, maybe twice. A friend had it once recently so it's highly unlikely that it's fixed, but I don't believe it's a common bug which is fortunate.

    The more common version seems to be that deployables will still remain on the ground after they've been either triggered or disarmed which makes it awkward to tell whether or they're really active or not regardless of Q-spotting since that feature often seems a bit finicky as well.
  20. Wind_Walker

    Now that you mention it, I did run into a VS AP mine that didn't go off... that might be related. Really makes things interesting, at least