SG Ballet Dance Team

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by krayons, Mar 6, 2014.

  1. krayons

    From the CC fight last night SG vs Jenk. Jackie and Dem showing their dance moves.
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  2. ChampagneDragon

    Congrats SG. My guys were glad to die a thousand times to help you beat the purple spandex clad baddies.
  3. CptFirelord

    Huh.. nice flying and all buuuut.. why don't those individuals ever fly on Mattherson? :p Never seen an SG pilot dance like that.
  4. SpcFarlen

    Let me guess Demerzel was one of them? Glad to see you guys still doing the good fight and keeping the name strong.

    PS. Ran with SG during all of Beta.
  5. Sledgecrushr

    You guys did a spectacular job. Kudos to Jenk for never giving up and fighting valliantly to the bitter end.
  6. Ice

    I was impressed, but the whale smashes over NS Storage put these moves to shame!
  7. krayons

    They fly every night on matt, it wa dem and jackie. Xrart was beast in the sky whale as well ( see if I can put of those highlights together).

    We don't really have much in the way of air for NC on matterson. Most of the aces switched sides and are playing either TR / VS. If you guys want to switch to NC we would love to have more pilots.

    btw spec you should come back :)
  8. WyrdHarper

    We were loving that airfight in TS last night, very impressive work.
  9. Gammit

    WTG, guys.
  10. krayons

    Should have a whale highlight soon™
  11. JorgeSarcos

    I came here expecting Suicide Girls :oops:
  12. Yuukikun

    wut? majority of TGWW is in QRY now and N aren't even worth being called pilots as they only use lolpods on infantry all night on amerish. If there is a faction with air superiority on mattherson it's pretty much NC right now.