Severe A2G Nerfs

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  1. Zen_Master

    Rocketpods won't hit anything beyond render range. (Render range had already been nerfed two patches ago). Other than splash, this was the advantage of rocket pods over Hornets. Also, you have to be up much closer to use A2G guns. Even worse? AA and lock-ons range/timers haven't changed a bit.
  2. Selenadread

    ....You want rocketpods to kill people you cant see?
  3. Meeka

    I want aircraft to have to choose between afterburners and A2G weapons; you shouldn't have both.
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  4. Takara

    Honestly I think it's all BS.....infantry and vehicles should render at the same distance for each other. Being locked on by infantry that don't render is about as stupid as a Scythe spamming ppa's from ceiling height.

    Though removing afterburners from A2G aircraft would make them completely useless. they couldn't get away from other air, and they couldn't get away from flak, or G2A missiles. To do what you wanted we would need to go back to PS1 style AA. Meaning there was honestly only AA max and the Skyguard. :p

    My own opinion is...remove all lock on rockets from the game. Increase the velocity of all rockets in the game. Everyone having some Lock ons make game play terribad. But honestly at this point I don't even know why most people complain or consider what would really make this game better. It's reached a point where it's in limbo. In order to make the game stand the test of time it would need a ground to top make over and they just frankly won't do it...nor could they. I just roll with the game as is...and when I get slightly annoyed at stuff....*like switching spawn locations and ending up spawing 200 m above the ground tand falling to my death* I just log out and go play another game that is actually worth more of my time and friends :p
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  5. Selenadread

    I believe or at least hope he means to remove the option to go Banshee, fuel tanks.

    "remove all lock on rockets from the game" no lock-on rockets....hmmm year is 2845ish we are a space ferrying race that uses only Flak (1900's technology) to kill aircraft...cuz nanties.....
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  6. Shadowofsteel

    This is an unfortunate thing. This now means that Infantry with AA MAXs or Skyguard support will be practically invulnerable to any form of fighter strike save massive coordinated air strikes. Recommendation would be to not follow through with the planned changes in this case, because it destroys the fragile ballance that is present.
  7. Pelojian

    it now means you wont be able to engage your counter with it weighted too far in your favor.

    lockons exist because aircraft are way to fast for so called "skill shot" dumbfires (the ONLY dumbfire kills will be against inexperienced or careless hovering ESF pilots)

    you should not be able to fire on AA units with your extremely powerful weapons outside of their ability to fire back. their ability to see you further then you can them is balanced by the fact their weapons are not even close to the level of effectiveness of yours.

    If G2A aircraft couldn't take afterburners i think this would be a moderately good change, they would be more vulnerable to A2A ESFs and would have to play smarter instead of the shooting gallery mindset. an A2A ESF should be able to run down and kill an unsupported A2G ESF.

    The main issue with Ground to Air balance is ground farmers want ground to use teamwork to kill them but hypocritically they don't think they should have to use teamwork themselves against their counters when the AA teams up to kill them. (so they use tactics like render range exploiting)

    this is a combined arms game, if you cant take out that AA nest in an lone ESF attack it in a group, if that doesn't work it means the AA nest beat you with better teamwork and you should try different approach then to ether "Sit in ESF, Fly to another fight, Farm, Repeat" or "exploit render distance, kill your counters unfairly, rinse, repeat"
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  8. Takara

    I know exactly what he means and yea that is it exactly. He means nerfing themselves vs aircraft with a gun that does crud damage against other vehicles isn't enough. They should also be unable to get away from any threat. Which is just silly. Removing after burners on A2G ESF's would be the equivalent of removing the run ability from infantry because they are using a shotgun.

    Again, year and future means nothing when it comes to game balance. It's about making the game balanced and fair for all. Being able to auto hit enemies is silly. *thinks* I mean with your thought process every Banshee/PPA/AH ESF in the game should have a targeting computer that adjusts for bullet speed/distance/ and direction of travel of my target. Meaning all I need to do is look at a group of infantry for a moment and my tank cannon/ESF will just auto aim for me. It's the same you think it is or's the same thing. Would you be OK with tanks and ESF had A2G lock ons? I would say no....the reason they don' because it would be no fun for the peons running around on the ground. The same thing applies to aircraft.
  9. Selenadread

    Has nothing to do with game balance that is correct. Has everything to do with the whole game in general as I would assume a player joining Planetside 2 is looking forward to a Futuristic Sci-Fi mmo Combine arms game...

    Yeso_O it is exactly the same thing that makes total sense..yes I see it now....totally makes sense.....

    Slowly walks away from troll....
  10. IcEzEbRa

    I've flown all 3 esf's quite a bit, 90% of the time trying to support a base offense or defense. My main is NC, so obviously more defenses than offenses, lol. My first 20+ kill streak ever was TR when I used the Banshee. I then tried the PPA, same thing. Breaker rocket pods had already been nerfed, and when I then tried the airhammer, I initially thought was ridiculous weapon and had to be close enough to practically read insignia on enemy uniform to use.

    I honestly don't like to see a bunch of aircraft hovering outside of lock-on distance just spamming rockets/banshee/PPA{especially}. I eventually did like the AH because you can't do that, it's exciting to use, much more risk for reward....and much more opportunity for ground to interact...even the actual ground when flying low and fast. It is at least understandable to infantry, that if you got into position to shove the barrel up their left nostril, it's not usually gonna end well for them, but the heavy w/his dumbfire out 10m away? Might end well for him, and badly for me
  11. Takara

    Says the guy who agrees with taking away after burners from ESFs. Who is the real Troll :p
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  12. NinjaTurtle

    Right and at the same time ground can still shoot at and kill air whenever they want right?
  13. HadesR

    Wasn't render range fixed rather than nerfed ? I mean as someone who did it with Base AV turrets, being able to hit people that were not rendering apart from a dorito was a bit iffy to say the least
  14. Meeka

    Ground usually has to give up something to shoot at air.

    Air should have to give up something to shoot at ground... or, you can still use your nose guns.

    Rocketpods + Afterburners are OP.
  15. MahouFairy

    I use them but I don't see my KDR being padded up. Many pilots using this loadout still die everyday. Even my UP Striker takes those LOLpodders off my face.

    If anything, AB needs a buff to make equipping them more worthwhile.
  16. quatin

    I agree on your first point.

    I disagree on the 2nd. Removing afterburners would only obsolete the current farming tactic of "Fly to base, look for infantry using thermals, hover, unload lolpods/ppa/banshee, AB away loling." Instead, you would have to do multiple fly bys to find infantry. Then approach at full cruising speed and unload without stopping. It makes it much more difficult, but it works. In fact, that's the only way you can get away doing this on a crowded hex.

    I'm so-so with your last point. Lock ons are pretty boring, as is all G2A weapons. Having to aim a fast dumbfire would be a bit more skillful and fun, but I think it will be too difficult. The current state of the game isn't so bad, except that very few players are playing the air portion. When enemy air arrives, player shouldn't think "I need a G2A launcher/Burster Max". They should think, I need to pull an ESF. Now this problem is mostly, because the skill floor of ESFs are too high for most casual players. We need to make ESFs much easier to fly and use.
  17. MahouFairy

    Whether something is boring or not is only their opinion. I find lock ons interesting.

    No, learning how to fly and fight should only be something that is learned. No pain, no gain. I was on the receiving end of A2G because I didn't know how to play. I even thought they were OP. After learning how to do basic A2G, I realised that it isn't as easy as it looks.

    Players should learn from scratch, or watch tutorial videos. Making ESF something too easy to use will only add to unnecessary spam. It is unfair to those who bothered to spend time to improve on flying.
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  18. Taemien

    I'm usually pretty vocal about not nerfing air or doing anything to them that weakens them simply because I don't see them as OP.

    But.. anything that kills beyond render range has to go. I'm against anything that can hit me and I can't see the firer because its not rendering (not because it ducked behind something, or cloaked). Basically if you can hit me, I should be able to hit you. Even if I have to Carlos Hathcock it.. it should still be possible.

    Now this is a double edged sword. One the biggest issues I've seen while flying in the past is sometimes AA doesn't show up. If that is still happening, then it should bug reported and fixed.
  19. quatin

    The current state of the air game is in bad shape. The skill floor is too low, casual players are not going to spend the time needed to learn an ESF. The skill ceiling is way too high. It's mostly elite pilots flying, which exaggerates the disparity even further.

    The argument of "I went through the hardship of learning ESFs the old way, so you do as well" is incredibly selfish. We are talking about a quality of life improvement. Just, because you benefit less is no justification against it. We need ESF "spam", just like how we have infantry "spam" and vehicle "spam". It's much easier to balance the overall state of the game when the entire playerbase is involved.
  20. MahouFairy

    I'm not exactly against making ESFs something easier to use, but if it comes at a price of nerfing every weapon the ESF has, then please, no thanks. I've haven't even mastered ESFs BTW, but if trying to let me learn it quicker comes at a price of its effectiveness, then there isn't a point of me pulling one out in the first place.
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