Sever Briggs Lagging?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by XinniX, May 20, 2013.

  1. XinniX

    Ive been playing during the cold war alert today and everything is noticeable laggy. Ive been shooting rockets that dont damage. Mines that dont explode when vehicles run over them. Worse than usual head shotted behind a wall. Any one else having this issue atm?

    My thoughts arethat I honestly think Sony/ps2 needs to give there servers a restart alot more than they do. Near the end of a patch cycle I find this to be a frequent problem.
  2. xpsyclosarinx

    I was playing last night and I could barely do anything, I was running around and tanks and people were flying everywhere every few mins, I wasn't getting any packetloss which would usually explain it so it only really leaves the server being an issue.
  3. Bungins

    Just played then and I was not experiencing any issues, maybe it was a temporary problem or it was something on your end. It is 'STRAYA internet after all
  4. Marked4Death

    I think they are all lagging.

    GU08 ruined my life :(
  5. f0d

    i was running ok during the alert
    no lag for me
  6. PhasedEVolution

    Just you Xinnix.

  7. SgtBreastroker

    It was lagging a bit for me today.
  8. Miejot

    Im having a very bad lag when i log in to Briggs. I thought my connection was bad , thus i restarted the modem and hopefully it went well. Unfortunately it is still lagging up to 20k ping. I tried to create a new character for Waterson and no lagging for me.I hope SOE resolve the lagging issues on Briggs. BTW, I am staying in Singapore.