Session Stats/Score not adding up to XP

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  1. Wesley314

    Ok so I am member I have a 6 month heroic boost pumpkin hat on and during an alert I am getting about 160% increase in XP however when I look at my session stats its doesn't reflect that boost. For instance I make a kill worth about 250xp, it shows 250 xp scroll up on my screen, but when I look at the session stats it only shows about a 75 point gain. It also is not showing up on my Total score. Is anybody else noticing this? can somebody else please research this issue and see if you can come up with the same problem. I really hate paying money for something that isn't working. I bin a member and spent lots of money on station cash since the game came out and before.

  2. BlueSkies

    Boosts don't have an affect on score anymore, working as intended
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  3. Jeslis

    ^ what blue skies said -- the score and score/hour are not effected by ANY % boosts.
  4. Call-Me-Kenneth

    after years of ******** someone commented out the two lines of code that made the EXP modifiers affect Score.

    who knows what the future holds?

    maybe terminals will stop bugging out when you try to interact... maybe when the spawn point is no longer available while on load screen we wont spawn in limbo or at some other continents warpgate anymore... and maybe, just maybe, i will stop running into revived maxes who run around as corpses.

    endless possibilities. :eek: