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Discussion in 'Player Support' started by The Wolf, Dec 17, 2013.

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  1. The Wolf

    Are some of the servers actually up or are they testing them or something? Would love to have some information on this so I can know if I can pop in on waterson.
  2. ExoskeletonMAX

    Why don't ya check and let us know, I'm playing state of decay atm, I'd hate to exit to check and lose some of my influence :p
  3. The Wolf

    Well I was asking in hopes an SoE member would leave us something to go on. Cause I WANT TO PLAY AND DO SOMETHINGS TO SNOWMEN!
  4. SierraAR

    Seeing how there's a big red notice on the forum's main page saying they're still working on it...

    They're still working on it.
  5. The Wolf

    Actually Waterson was up for about 2 hours man lol.
  6. ronjahn

    Waterson was running for about 2 hours. Just as the Alert was heating up BOOM server disconnected.
  7. Amodin

    Yeah Waterson went down like a ***** after a $100 bill.
  8. Luperza Community Manager

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