Servers down... primetime briggs

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by FlowerPot, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. Ryujin35

    It could be related to control points and gens, I've had some trouble getting them to respond. Not sure exactly how their mechanics work, though.
  2. tj2spike

    Like any company the updates should be done on a early Monday morning for that server time. Not hard to do to put someone on the late shift. And server upgrades are a whole package upload, pretty brainless stuff. You then check IP;s and system processes login play some. Bam done. Yes SOE is severely mentally disabled for being so "SOE" for not thinking ahead.
    Standard protocol is NEVER do ANYTHING on a Friday if you have end users / customers.
    SOE Brainless twits if I did that on my job I would be toast. I do VOD / nDVR work and I deal with 10's to 100's of thousands of end users. SOE do you wonder why your user count is low ? hmmm ? My smallest upgrade has more end users that their current sub count.

    Also Aussie Briggs chaps if you don't know SOE by now then I just don't know what to tell you.
  3. Iamoutis

    the game is just basically falling apart with bugs and everytime they fix something they ruin another thing. I'm gonna take a wild guess that the reason for this unannounced downtime is that they attempted to fix something minor and ended up messing up something mayor.
  4. stormtrooper

    ummm....... I wanted to play too.

    but am I ******** about it?


    find something else to do for a while?

    while they update the free-to-play game?

    i'm ashamed. you aussies are starting to ***** about anything.. just like those americans ;p

    seriously. shove a tampon in it. and get over it.
  5. (-)IONS

    but Im subscribed damnit!!! I demand justice for my Friday night! That or a life :D
  6. MartinsL

    Most likely the are doing dbl XP weekend
  7. Skunkworks

    Absolutely 100% agree with you.
    In all my time in forums I have never met such a whiney, moaning bunch of people anywhere.
    Sheeet man, half the world is starving or dying from retroviruses or mosquitoes and folks are worrying about a couple of hours maintenence downtime.
    Perspective people, perspective !
    Tsk Tsk! :mad:
  8. CaptCran

    Or, have backup servers for each server so when update time comes there is only the interruption of however long the dl time on the patch is for the client...... then when the next update is ready it can be applied to the server that's considered the backup server. makes no sense right..........
  9. Kharloff

  10. stormtrooper

    im subscribed!
    i have the XP boost.
    aaaand im drunk.
    but, i'll go watch NRL and come back later. no complaints.

    Im not going to put a curse on SOE because they are trying to IMPROVE the game. sheet.
    sooo it inconvenienced you??? ARE YOU THE FAAAACKING QUEEN????
  11. Iamoutis

    hey... the children of the west needs their gladiators. I don't care about starving people.
  12. MrIDoK

    Oh, come on people!
    SOE's hamsters need to be fed from time to time...
  13. Kharloff

  14. FlowerPot

    please stop commenting, your input here is not needed.
  15. Ryujin35

  16. SuperLexatron

  17. Ryujin35

    It use the word "Downtime," so I assume they meant overall downtime.
  18. JARNI

    I would like to point out to stormtrooper that whinges and whiners are found everywhere,
    not just Down Under and in the USA.
    And, I do not seem to recall hearing much verbal crudity from Aussies I have met, especially in public.
    Back to your glass house, storm, don't forget the rocks.
  19. MykeMichail

    Here's a crazy idea:

    Do the maintainance on Thursday nights instead...
  20. Sliced

    Well, your EU client has not yest updated, you try to connect to an updated American server and you will be greeted with "Client - Server miss match"
    OR EU updated client to old AU server - "AU server outdated"
    You will then have to wait for the server to update, or you Client to update.
    Or they can put the files up on their website, so you can manually update your EU client to connect to an updated America server.