Servers down... primetime briggs

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by FlowerPot, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. Gribbstar

    and primetime in Europe?

    The only solution is staggered downtimes like other MMO's do.
  2. Swasko

    Pretty new player, so any idea how long the downtime is on average? Are we talking hours?
  3. Ryujin35

    Newbie here, anyone know how long these downtimes usually last?

    EDIT: Wow, somebody posted the same thing the same moment I did.
  4. j00j

    About two weaks
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  5. GunsmithJoe

    It may not be technically feasible to do a staggered upgrade, such as when a client patch is required as explained earlier.

    The best solution is to just not do upgrades on Fridays/weekends in any timezone... why can't they be done during week days?
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  6. Sliced

    Well, if your from Europe then you should be in a EU server. So the server should be updated at 5am, along with your client.
    If you are from the EU and connect to an American server, or AU server then that is your own fault. You pay the price by having the server down in your prime time.
  7. haldolium

    usually its announced with "less then 90 minutes" (see announcement forum for older maintenance threads)

    Though since this one was again an unannounced downtime, wait and see. Though unless it's major, it mostly is a few hours. I think in entire 2013 there was only one day where the serves were down for more then 24h.
  8. Pazzonni

    Or they could, you know, do it on a monday.... or do the different servers at different times.... or do it earlier on a friday. I know it's going to be in the middle of the night in the US, but they are getting payed for this. I've done night shifts, nothing bad about them from time to time.
  9. Astealoth

    What's this long maintenance even for? There's nothing in the news section about it.
  10. MrK

    They can't ensure your european client, not updated yet, is not going to try to connect on an already patched US server. That's why in this case they need to do everything at the same time
  11. Headcapper

    Yeah monday would be the best choice.. Mondays are always slow anyway :p
  12. Elia Chobanov

    It was about 16:00 here in Eastern Europe, so yeah, GG SOE. You know we love you.
  13. (-)IONS

    yeah changing it to a tues or wed would be the best seeing as the seem to be the quietest days on briggs at least
  14. Kinya

    Well most of community staff was on E3 so they might be still not back (Luperza and RadarX were there), not to mention it is 6 am in San Diego....

    I think we will see some info about this downtime after servers will be up and running already :D
  15. SergeOz

    It really would be interesting to hear from the developers the technical reasons for picking Thursday/Friday night to run maintenance. Seems a time earlier in the week around Mon/Tues/Wed would accommodate more of the player base from all timezones.
  16. Skunkworks

    Dude, didn't you know - the is nothing outside of the United States, it's just America and countries subjugated or bombed by America.
    I should know, I am British and the United Kingdom has just been a permanently moored Aircraft Carrier for the US for the last 70 years.
    If it ever kicked off or kicks off in future between the United States and Mother Russia then guess who gets 3000 Megatons slap bang on top of them - yup, good ole UK !!
    Americans are by and large lovely folks with administrators who are clinically insane.
    Rant over, sorry :)
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  17. DropingBongos

    Chances are good that this was an emergency patch that needed to go out asap for the coming weekend. So just chill it is not something they would do unless they had to. If you notice planned maintenance is announce which lead me to believe this was not.
  18. i4PLAY

    This has been happening the whole week; every day a couple of servers (not all at the same time) would be taken offline briefly. No announcement, not a single explenation afterwards.
    Now they pull al the servers at the same time, again no announcement. Would be the least SOE could do before 'pulling the plug', no?

    But hey, must be something really really really important they are doing. To be doing this right before the weekend (keep fingers crossed they don't f*** up) and being so secretive about it.
  19. no one

    It would help also if like other MMO's, they have a small green button-thingy right on top of their client-launcher which lights up Green if the servers are up;Red if its down..rather than ppl re-logging in only to be kicked to this site after 98%loading, scratching their head with a priceless look on their faces thinking wt? is going on?.....just a thought....
  20. Kinya

    We've already had several Hotfixes and maintenances on Thur/ Fri, not to mention Game Update 2 on Saturday :D