Servers are not "up"

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by jollybadger, Apr 21, 2014.

  1. jollybadger

    Ceres player here, just got disconnected from the server with a ping of over 1.3 seconds.
    It's not my definition of "up", when the program run on a server is not usable. You may as well adjust the displayed status to "down" or "don't waste your time trying to play".

    I don't have the time to check every couple of minutes if it might even be possible to use what I've paid for. At least be honest about problems, is this going to be fixed until 2000 CET or should I scratch my plans for an easy gaming session today and call some people to get drunk with?
  2. travbrad

    I'm having huge lag problems on Matherson too. My abilities last forever, restoration kits aren't healing, etc
  3. jollybadger

    Thank you SOE, for updating the info screen!
  4. qwertyuiop´´