Server unavailable ?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Towie, Jan 29, 2016.

  1. Towie

    Bit disappointed to be honest.

    After a reasonably successful update yesterday, a new update tonight has caused a problem (for me at least).

    Start planetside - select character - windows noise of doom - starting task manager says server unavailable.

    Anyone else or just me ?
  2. Vaphell

    no it's not just you. I got server unavailable and in my second attempt i got a several minute long hang on the login screen. It did let me in but the game crashed at 99% of Amerish.
  3. Towie

    Ahh ok - so good thing that it's not only me, bad thing that it seems to be a more general problem (i'm on Cobalt by the way - not sure if it hits other servers).

    So glad i'm paying membership :(
  4. Eternaloptimist

    Not just you - my game is unplayable on EU servers. I'm getting massive, like 5-10 second delay on response to commands such as F to cloak or decloak, shield not recharging for for same period of time etc. Also getting server unavailable notice when I try to switch characters. I share your disappointment but maybe if it is not quickly fixed they'll give us an extra day of double xp.
  5. travbrad

    Having the same problem on Connery. I was playing for awhile but now just can't do anything in-game. Ping is 70,000ms supposedly even though it's normal to other stuff on the internet. Ping was spiking a couple times earlier too while my ping to google was normal. Servers don't like the new patch I guess.

    EDIT: Seems to be "normal" on Connery now. It somehow fixed itself after 10mins of the game not responding at all.
  6. Chal

    For those that don't check reddit jkriegshauser posted here
    and radarx in the same thread:
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  7. SarahM

    Thanks for reposting that here, that explains the 4000-5000ms ping I've been getting instead of the usual 60-80ms.
  8. Concussion

    What the hell is going on there ??? Why can't these blockbuster gaming companies understand that weekend evening is prime time for their paying audience ?!!! Seems Albert E. was right:
    Two Things Are Infinite: the Universe and Human Stupidity
  9. Eternaloptimist

    The problem they" fixed" last night seems to have come back on the EU servers just now
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  10. Diggsano

    Yeah, sometimes I and my Outfit plays and we all got about over 5000ms Ping which is NOT FUNNY.
  11. SarahM

    Cobalt just bit the bullet again.
  12. johnway

    I was on miller around 6pm GMT time and it seemed ok. I did get a decrease in speed and i was apparently teleported into a bio dome teleporter dead. Although there could have been someone shooting at me as i was making my way in or something.

    Shame really the servers are having a problem. I agree, recently the performance seemed better and i even got into an awesome 3 way zerg battle on indar. I was playing as TR and there was A big NC push into the base. we held them off reasonably well as there was no ESF support so it was a purely ground fight. The NC did eventually break through as they began probing the base. But just as the the base was about to fall, the VS zerg had captured our biodome and was making their way to towards both the nc and Tr.

    The Tr luckily had another base they could go to and captured the biodome whilst the VS were busy trying to kill the nc. To their credit the Vs did react very quickly and it was just a full blown fight where 3 different factions had different capture points of the base. Luckily for the TR, we took the generator side and when we finally overloaded the spawn generator were we finally able to turn the tide against the VS and "capture" the base.

    Whilst we were finally cleaning house, the NC took advantage of the power vaccum and moved forward and the TR and NC were tearing at each other again. Although the VS had been cleared out, the base still wasn't ours yet. No local spawns and outnumbered, 2 nearby capture points were flipping back and forth making the base flip that more agonizingly longer. Even after we had the base finally under our control the NC were pretty damn stubborn to shift. Left the game after a good day of murder.

    It was incredible how quickly the roles were reversed from being doubled teamed by the VS and NC and this was probably one of the best fights i've had. Definitely one of the best i had this year.
  13. Pfundi

    Yeah, someone on reddit did find the right words to describe the servers "the wheel is still slowly turning, but the hamster js dead"