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  1. Ballto21

    We have paid name changes for absurd cost when are server transfers for absurd cost?

    As far as i know its easy to do even manually.

    Select Character A

    CTRL C

    go to other server

    CTRL V

    delete character A on server A

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  2. FateJH

    You are so not getting a callback for that DBA position. :p

    INSERT INTO Hell_table (playername, ...)
    SELECT playername, ...
    FROM Emerald_table
    WHERE playername="CondimentKetchup"

    DELETE FROM Emerald_table
    WHERE playername="CondimentKetchup"

    It's probably something more like:
    UPDATE login_table
    SET server = Hell
    WHERE playername="CondimentKetchup"

    Edit:they also have to blank out your friends list and outfit association and any other server-dependent information.
  3. zu2

    We were supposed to have server transfers before character name changes, but never happened. Don't count on it now. I stopped waiting for it at about the 27 month point and just started a new character on Connery. Never happier with the better ping and superior connection quality.
  4. Dethonlegs

    Your friends list is not server dependent. You can add friends from other servers - event chat to them if they are online.
  5. FateJH

    That's strange. I guess, since character names are globally unique, it's fine; but, is there benefit from this?
  6. Dethonlegs

    For me there is as I have friends on Briggs. We ask the other over if the fights are good