Server transfers now, pls

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by EViLMinD, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. EViLMinD

    Now that SOE has consolidated most of the servers, tranfers should be made available. Why the hell not? Really? Why not?

    I've got multiple characters in my account, but I only use one. My problem is that it's on the wrong side of the continent. I've got too much invested in the char. No way will I start over now.

    Charge me $20. I don't care. I'll gladly pay it for decent ping, more compatible player prime times and a chance to finally to leave the GD Emerald NC (Connery NC can't possibly be any worse).

    Place limits on the transfers, if need be. The pops won't be ruined. All it will do is make a few hardcore nerds, like me, very happy, and score SOE a little extra money. Win win.

    Do it up, SOE. DO IT.
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  2. \m/SLAYER\m/

    i bet it will be exclusively for subscribers only
  3. EViLMinD

    I'm ok with that. Makes sense to do it that way.
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  4. FateJH

    They said they would offer it when they have finished merging servers. They still have four to go.
  5. Demetrios

    Why would you want to leave the canon server?
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  6. Dracorean

    Honestly when it comes to servers, Connery and Emerald are not really that different.
  7. Brahma2

    What if Connery doesn't want you?
  8. EViLMinD

    Well, they stuck with you. My arrival couldn't be any worse.
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  9. NinjaTurtle

    I would like a transfer to Miller

    Now the waiting game begins. How long can SOE hold themselves back from some easy money
  10. Brahma2

    Tis' true.
  11. z1967

    -Lack of a massive VS zerg at all hours
    -All 3 factions fight each other on Connery. Evenly. With small fights as well as big fights
    -Leveling up is easy when it feels like your enemies are playing without a monitor
    -Outfits vary from zergfit to tryhard and everything inbetween
    -Did I mention even-ish pops at prime time and even before/after? Doesn't get much better than that. Just avoid the night shift zerg.
    -Distinct lack of GOKU. This is a major plus and you guys have no idea what you are missing.
  12. EViLMinD

    Connection speed is a big issue. Connery is much better for me. Plus, I have no love for Emerald NC. I don't belong to any of the outfits, and I prefer to solo anyway. A server swap would improve my experience greatly. SOE needs to make this happen soon.
  13. EGuardian1

    I don't blame you abandoning Emerald NC. In many respects, they've abandoned themselves.
  14. Brahma2

    Make an alt. Getting certs doesn't take long if you're decent.
  15. dstock

    Connery NC can't even find themselves, there will be no abandonment!
  16. EGuardian1

    LOL. Touche.
    Take a look at his stats. Not exactly an overnight thing.
  17. Brahma2

    Yeah... the "decent" is key.
  18. KenDelta

    On NC? Take it from a fellow Forumsider... don't.. ever... even consider that..

    Emerald NC are a bliss compared to Miller NC.
  19. EViLMinD

    My char has maxed out everything except the last levels of veh guns. I'm NOT starting over. Don't want to. Shouldn't have to.
  20. EGuardian1

    Actually did you buy everything with CERTS or some SC as well? Curious