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  1. EViLMinD

    Emerald TR aren't what they used to be, but they're not as bad as some claim. Not from my perspective. I often see TR teams with more coordination and tactical savvy than 95% of the NC. There are still plenty of clever TR out there.

    Both TR and VS have changed so much since release. VS was the clear underdog for so long. Now they have the skill and numbers. TR numbers have deminished. They used to outpop everyone by a long shot.

    NC has remained about the same size, relatively. We have less elites/vets out there these days though. It's nearly impossible to find a gunner or encounter teams doing anything remotely thought out. However, I'm sure all factions are seeing more bads/less guds of late. Shame. This is still an awesome game. There is nothing else like it.
  2. Onhil

    666 don't really do anything effective anymore. A few 7 - 8 months ago yes, but they have lost their grip. They are like ADK, but with less people right now. The only people on NC Connery that have are competent seems to be mostly Recursion and some smaller more organised outfits.

    Though for all I know 666 might have gotten better have not played on Connery for a month now. I giggle everytime I see them. specially in the air