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  1. EViLMinD

    Day Break is missing out on some easy money. How difficult could it be to transfer a character to a different server?

    I have multiple chars, but only use one. All my love and attention goes to the Emerald NC main. This char has everything unlocked. It's awesome.

    Unfortunately, this char is on the wrong side of the continent. I'm on the west coast. My ping would be much better on Connery. So, a transfer would be great for me.

    What would be a fair charge? 20 bucks? I'd pay that.

    Balance concerns can easily be quelled as there are several conditions that DB could have for the transfers. They could place limits on the number on transfers per server/faction. Only br 50s and up....whatever.

    Have there been any official statements recently? Could a DB rep make one please? That would be super duper.
  2. Yuki10

    yes, people would be switching servers constantly trying to find one that is not broken...but then they will crash them as it will amount to DDoS.
  3. gigastar

    I think its clear at this point that DBG wants you spending both your time and money, not either your time or money.
  4. orangejedi829

    For 20 bucks a pop, I for one sure wouldn't be switching 'constantly'.
    Personally I have no desire to switch servers, but I know there are people who do have reasons to switch, and I think this would indeed be a great, easy way for SOE/DBG to make some money. From a coding perspective, it really should not be hard at all to transfer a player. Worst case, you create a new character on the new server with a copy of stats of the old one, then delete the old character from the old server.
  5. Ballto21

    Couldnt you also just copy/paste the character over and delete the original?
  6. EViLMinD

    As I said, there are conditions that can sway players from frequent hopping. How is this not obvious to you?

    Make the token cost more. 30...40...50 bucks? Eventually there'd be a fee that's too high for most people.

    Can't tell me this will create mass exodus.
  7. ronjahn

    I'm going to bookmark this post for if/when the server transfers are allowed.

    If they charge around $20 for it, then no one can complain that they are charging to much.

    You know like all those people who claimed that they would spend anything to have their name changed, and then the outcry of posts that occurred when the price was announced.

    Though you are much more quiet nowadays EvilMind, Emerald won't feel the same without you. How bad is your ping on a regular basis?
  8. orangejedi829

    Right. I was talking about worst-case.
  9. prodavit

    They make more money by having you buy memebership as well as boosts and SC for each server/character you play on. they want you to create a new character. You want more then 3? Buy a membership. Leveling up taking to long? Buy a boost.

    They also want you to play as long as you can.

    I'm really tired of these greedy game design lol.
  10. prodavit

  11. EViLMinD

    I gave up on voice chat. It's distracting and pointless. Emerald might have a few that'd miss me, but there's legions of uppity scrubs who hate my guts. I'm a salty sob (and proud of it, mfs). My average ping is 170-200. Connery is better for me. It would be an upgrade. NC there can't be much worse.
  12. Devrailis

    It's the salt that gives this game its flavour.
  13. EViLMinD

    Hear, hear. Salt > Sweet
  14. MouthFulofCrabs

    I get the idea, but instend of 20$/try/switch why not have it so you can have your character on every sever...? i'd personal like that more then having it on 1... but whatever...
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  15. EViLMinD

    It would be nice to use the same char on more than one server without having to buy tokens each time you swap. Can't see it happening like that though. Server stacking would be a greater concern, I figure.

    The game should have been designed this way: one char per faction. I remember discussing this during beta. But alas, SOE did things the way they did.

    It makes total sense to me that players shouldn't be expected to redo all their unlocks if they want to play the same faction on a different server. Especially when there is so bloody much to unlock. I have insane hours invested on my char. I'm not doing it over again. Can't. Never should've to begin with...

    As for one time transfers, how upsetting could it be? All servers that needed merging have been merged. There's no regional overlap. North America has one west and one east server. Only centrally located players won't be concerned with latency.
  16. FLHuk

    Server merges so wont ever happen........

    Great if membership cloned your chars onto all servers for the duration of membership though!
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  17. Mad Hatter

    Don't ever leave us EvilMind, you're a national treasure. You've been too quiet on proxchat lately and I think the server could really use more of you berating the clueless and of course your famous Christopher Walken and Emperor Palpatine impressions.

    Never mind the haters. I have my own fair share as well.
  18. EViLMinD

    I have so much big man love for you, Mad. You give such good gal.

    Even if transfers did happen, I still have a second NC char on Emerald. I've been collecting membership certs on it since the beginning. Figured I'd keep it in case I could swap one day.

    As for the hate, I embrace it. Makes for entertainment. People love grinches. Cool people anyway. Have you seen the movie Whiplash? Great movie. My kind of jerk in that.
  19. MikeyGeeMan

    Would be nice to be able to go to any server you want.

    Decouple the account from the server.
  20. sL360 varies. You have the 666th devil dogs there at least, so it isn't awful. They know how to do ****. When they aren't around, it turns into what Emerald TR is like.

    Awful. But without AoD.