Server Smash - Miller vs Connery, 96vs96 on Hossin

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  2. Gheeta

    Good stuff, very tight match which could have gone either way. I hope to see more in the future :)

    I think this is something the level designers could also use to improve the base designs, for example the one small building with a cap point in nations defiance wasn't really working and this can be seen clearly from this video.
  3. Ulysees

    Write up I posted on the planetside pickup website to give an overview of the event from a Miller platoon leader perspective. i heartily encourage outfits to get themselves involved in this because it really was such a great nights fun fighting alongside some of the most recognisable outfit names on our server rather than against them and taking on the challenge posed by an opposing server so head to and get your outfit registered for your server and come join the fun, you won't regret it that I almost guarantee.

    Thank you to the organisers because this was a hell of a lot of fun and one of the most intense 90 minutes of play I have had in planetside for a long time.

    Practice Session - Let outfits be responsible for getting their members upto speed in terms of levelling and getting their charachters certed out. We do need a "practice session" for the server matches but instead of practice this should be a strategy discussion, designate the platoon leaders and agree on the general plan, that way if a platoon leader has to pull out at the last second we all know what we should be doing. I ws asked to lead platoon 1 literally 90 minutes before the match and the time we should have used to sort out strategy was taken getting the comms structure sorted so while I had a number of things I wanted us to do for this match (I wanted 1 platoon to be a ground based spawn solution team providing armour support with the other platoon being a GAL based quick reaction platoon but didn't have any time to explain how I wanted this to work and even my opening gambit to keep connery pegged into their warpgate with the use of over whelming air power was not explained properly because quite literally all I had time to say was Conz cap bases the rest of us pull Reavers and Libs and then the 30 seconds to start shout went out!) so considering the lack of overall strategy Miller did excellently to overcome this and push the win through.

    The Fight - Not a lot to say here, both servers had the same baseline idea, get air superioirty and send forces along the lanes to slow down the opposing servers teams. It felt to me that Platoon 1's north lane had the most resistance until Nasson's Defiance hence we had the rapid reaction team with us for the first part of the fight and I have to give massive props to BRTD and CONZ for their performance and also the DIGT team who carried out my orders every time with quick response times, no ******** and good communication. I know what WASP can do being a part of the outfit so was happy to put us into a 2v1 fight situation though I was obviously less familiar with the other outfits but even when i tasked them with obviously outnumbered fights they tried (along with WASP) and bar the hiccup at the start where 6 guys from CONZ were fighting 2 squads at Hatchers and our failed attempt to stall them at Woodman ASE Platoon 1 and fast response performed marvellously. Listening to the post match interview the Connery guy said he gave us that Biolab after we got the connection to it first but that was ******** because WASP fought a platoon to a standstill at the Acan sattelite and when we were finally overwhelmed I pulled CONZ and BRTD inside the Biolab because hatcher was still going through and sent WASP to the west sattelite to start that cap and only then noticed a random VS had backcapped the bravo point at Hatcher putting the timer to 14 minutes so had to scramble to fix that then make sure the sattelite cap went through so all in all Connery had 7 minutes to take that Biolab and failed against mainly the BRTD and CONZ defence that were re-inforced once we had the sattelite cap by WASP and DIGT.

    After that came my only really bad strategic call of the night. Platoon 2 had done excellently to give us the link to Nasson's and where moving in and had capped the C point and I was ready to send platoon 1 and fast response into the main fight but Phsycozander suggested capping Woodman ASE to remove Connery's only link and I changed my mind and sent WASP there to be reinforced by CONZ and BRTD as soon as the south sattelite was secured and though we managed to get the cap and hold it for a minute CONZ and BRTD did not re-inforce in time so we had a massive fight trying to break into the base once again against an outnumbered force. The reason why I say this was a strategic error was because whilst this forced the recall of most of connery's ground forces to defend their link platoon 2 did not have the numbers to engage and hold the Nasson's Defiance cap alone and had I just sent platoon 1 in and with hindsight looking at the base 2 squads on point c and then 2 squads on A and 2 on B with fast response hunting Connery spawn solutions would have won us that fight at that point in my honest opinion.

    Apart from the main base fight I cannot comment much on Platoon 2 but I do want to recognise that they must have played a very solid game to get us the connection links so quickly and when we were all fighting over the central base i didn't see any stupid play by anyone either team. Most of the fights I saw were co-ordinated pushes and attempts at flanking out rather than brute forcing positions and their co-ordination worked well so props to Psychozander, RNX and LCTH on their play and team work you all did Miller proud.

    Finally I want to say that it's a shame that Connery brought more air than our team did and they were obviously no mugs so when we asked for air support mostly our requests had to be declined as our flyboys were always engaged with their air team. Having said that Connery air was in no way a factor in deciding any of platoon 1's fights and were pretty much a non factor in the main base fight either and that must have been due to the pressure our air squad put on them through out the match so well played guys and thanks for giving us the cover that let the ground pounders focus on doing what we needed to and not getting farmed by their air.

    The Inject - This I feel was a good idea badly implemented. This was billed as a server v server fight and it was good that there was some defence force in place to stop one server from winning by default if they got to the base first but after watching the replay the confederates were a pretty heavy deciding factor on who won this match with them taking points off both Connery and Miller even though both servers were at the base in heavy numbers. In the INIcast Pella mentions the great job the defenders at B did but fails to notice the squad of VS on the landing pads just plastering the area around B point with Lasher fire meaning there was only 1 safe regroup point at the back of B and any time you tried to make an assault you got smashed by flanking fire from the VS and fire from the TR defence and made B point actually the hardest point in the base to capture while they had vanu forces farming from the pads and it's not until the confederates are given free reign to attack both servers that B point falls because then the outflanking fire is removed.
    The way I would have liked to have had this handled is that the confederates would have run under a last man standing ruleset once both servers have established a connection to the base so we got the fight that was billed and if this is too boring for them I apologise but they should not have been such a big factor in the overall fight like they were. I died around 10 times at Nasson's and only a few of those were to TR players and due to the base being held by Vanu there was not a lot that we could do about them, there was no point tasking squads to fight them because that would leave us undermanned V Connery and we had no way of locking down a spawn against nearly a full platoon and then fighting 2 TR platoons as well so we just had to suck it up.

    Overall I want to give a massive shout out to everyone who took part in the event. Connery play was solid and friends and foes alike all helped showcase what large scale combat in planetside is about which can only be good for attracting players to the game and hopefully for taking part in these events in the future. Thank you once again to the organisers and respect to all outfits on both sides who fought for their servers pride and honour. I look forward to the rematch.
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  4. Ulysees

    Something for the casters to try might be being part of the command channels (I don't know how practical that would be given that you have to talk about what you see and will have a lot of chatter going through your ear but maybe have a 3rd guy in those channels to pass on where the fighting is taking place) because after watching the cast back you missed most of the infantry base fights until Nasson's Defiance simply because it was not obvious where they were taking place which is a shame because you missed 2 epic fights before we got to the main event.

    WASP held out against first 1 squad then 2 squads at the ACAN biolab eastern sattelite and it took a full platoon attacking from 3 directions to get them that cap and once they won the cap I redirected CONZ and BRTD inside the biolab to defend the points there which they did for 7 minutes until we had a link ourselves and could be reinforced which must have been some really intense fighting and was not shown in the cast.
  5. LordCreepy

    A shame I had no time for it - seemed like lots of fun.
    Too bad PS2 still lacks tools to broadcast the action.
    The operator did his very best zooming in with the server cam; but most of the times you couldn't see much in the dark.
    Some kind of observer mode that lets you quickly jump to control points and marks players ( maybe similar to the faction cloak colours?) would be great.
  6. Dotz0r

    Still looking for reps to muster up either a woodman or mattherson, waterson team!

    PM me if Interested!
  7. Dotz0r

    Bump - Next Match Ceres vs Cobalt - 15th March 20:00GMT
  8. iPlague

    Oh god Cobalt with it's air stuff
  9. redpoint

    I only saw the Biolab fight on Huors stream. It was the most intense situation of the evening for Conz. Vanu controlled Biolab, no link for NC to capture points or flip them back. So the defence had to be so tight that TR would not flip a point EVER, because NC could not have flipped them back and would have lost the base. BRTD and CONZ stopped 2 max crashes and constant infantry respawns. Was epic to see. (one point was flipped to TR for a moment, but some random VS flipped it back.)
  10. Dotz0r

    CONZ, WASP > Any other Miller - Please see the google doc > Miller Section > Confirm your outfits availability for those dates mentioned for your games.

    Same goes for any Connery etc.

    If you need the link to the google doc again, please PM me and i can point you in the right direction.

    For any Ceres/Cobalt - We have our first draft up as of this morning, any questions must go to either the Cobalt / Ceres Representative. Fuzzbucket (Ceres) Daninatoor (Cobalt)