Server Smash is Over!

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  1. HandofWinter

    As a Mattherson player I sincerely hope that SOE completely ignores those pompous wankers and their little test server skirmish. They don't speak for me and they certainly don't fight for me. SOE should decide the name for the new server; not leave it up to an insignificant fraction of the playerbase and a match that the vast majority of players had no part in or even knew was happening.

    Have a match where anyone and everyone who wants to have a shot can come and fight, and then maybe it'll earn some credence. As for this? This means nothing, or rather it should if SOE has any sense at all.
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  2. Mekeji

    Actually last night after all the jumping back and forth of who won and players being confused a small movement started of people saying to give it a neutral name. Some said Jaeger, some said skywhale, and others said Emerald.

    Emerald sort of just took off and a lot of people got behind it then Higby made a twitter post about it. Then later on an SOE guy said that the new server will be called emerald.

    So it isn't something they planned. It was just a combo of how much the SS screwed up and players sort of getting behind the name.
  3. Kaktwox

    Actually this is something they DID plan. Server reps went behind participants' backs and decided before the match that no matter the outcome the server would be given a neutral name. People invested time and effort into a match that in the end means absolutely nothing.
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  4. Zorro

    That is unfortunate. What outfits were on each side?
  5. Codex561

    YESSSS! Now my API will work correctly!!
    My heart stopped when seeing that Waterson lost.
  6. IamnotAmazing

    we had 255 or whatever online, and you still managed to have more pop on easmir, looks like the server mods/reps need to manage that a bit better.
  7. Levtech

    The bigger issue for me is now I need to decide if I go back to my BR 60 on mattherson (most certs went into no longer good vehicles like the harasser, also most of my friends on there no longer play), or continue actively playing on my BR 40 from waterson (which has active friends and all that fun stuff).
  8. RadarX

    Thread has been re-titled to avoid confusion.
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  9. Mekeji

    Play on your waterson. It is better to have friends to play with than a bit more certs.

    From the sounds of it you don't use the things you certed into on your math so it would probably be best to just use the BR40.
  10. Liquidrider

  11. Liquidrider

    hahah thank you :)
  12. Levtech

    Thats what I am probably going to decide, also I like the name Koolblade more than Levtech (random crap I threw together that I thought sounded decent at the time)
  13. Kevibear

    My jimmies are still rustled that Mattherson victory was tweeted. This should also be fixed.
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  14. Colonelveers12

    As some of my comrades have said, just call it a draw, and name the new server Connery East, because it's not going to be Waterson or Matherson
  15. Linedan

    After eleventy-six million recounts, clearly the server has to be named Hanging Chad.
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  16. Mekeji

  17. m44v

    Because Waterson and Matterson are super cool names, right?.
  18. Moridin6

    cooler than Emerald, which granted isnt saying much. .
    id rather it be Mattherson than fricking Emerald
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  19. Zorro

  20. GaBeRock

    Gosh darn it RadarX, retitling ma thread :mad: