Server shutdown and restarts during primetime and alerts

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by NovaAustralis, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. NovaAustralis

    SOE, seriously, shutting down the server on Friday evening? During primetime.
    4 mins before the end of an Indar Alert?

    Fail and fail.

    We all look forward to the Game Updates.
    GU07 has been pretty good too.
    But, please plan the timings for server restarts a bit better.
    What's wrong with mid-week at an off-peak time?
    Wednesday at 1-2am in the morning?
    NOT Friday between 6-12pm...

    Here is my last post related this, note the date...
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  2. Worxe

    apart from their statement of 'we want vehicles to fear MAX's', so they reduce the damage and make the NC AV MAX projectiles visible a mile off then yeah id say its okay, at least it got 33/33/33 an hour into the alert for once with some crazy pushes by VS up north (peris amp station looked like it was copping a severe beating too) ;


    but then server shutdown, welp;

  3. Egonieser

    Hey, but at least we got more hats amirite?
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  4. Paulus

    Unfortunatly, what is convenient for you will always impact on someone else, this is the nature of having servers in timezones different to the users.
  5. Badger1972

    Honestly? Two nights in a row during primetime? And before you all start with the its free blah blah blah allot of players would be paying a membership and if they want more people to pay for it then this is not helping. If we did this to our customers during business hours we would be looking for a new career. They had out of hours patching in PS1 whats so different now?

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  6. NexusRevZ

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  7. NovaAustralis


    It's a totally different server, there is no bearing on what is happening on other servers.

    We are happy to wait for updates / restarts here in Aus.
    (We understand that USA prime-time is our downtime and vice versa, just hold off on the updates / hotfixes until OUR down-time...)
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  8. NovaAustralis

    Yeah, the fighting at Peris Amp was the best I've seen all week.
    TR, especially SOCA, really kicked up a stink and NC responded in kind.

    Then the server restart ruined it...
  9. FluffyM

    This time is inconvenient to everyone outside their timezone. US don't care about 6am, but EU cares, AU cares. It needs to be hours earlier. If it were even just 2 hours earlier it would still be better for everyone. Just not more than 2, because then the mighty US will have to like...go to bed at 3
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  10. Worxe

    Because we clearly have not heard this enough before, yet it is still a pervading issue.
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  11. Paulus

    "EU" has more than 1 time zone, as does the USA. This game is played in pretty much every country in the developed world. there will always be people adversly affected
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  12. FluffyM

    Yes, EU has a timezone variance of maybe 3 hours. Downtime in their local timezone is at 6AM- they don't have room to push it back? ***** please.
  13. NovaAustralis

    A lot of other games and companies are able to do 'rolling' updates and server restarts.
    There is no reason why SOE can't do the same for PS2.

    The servers in the US have no influence on the servers in AU or EU and vice versa.
    Nobody is advantaged or disadvantaged by an earlier or later update / hotfix.

    So why do SOE bring down ALL of the servers at the exact same time and thereby usually screw over the AU players?!
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  14. Nahwel

    Although I'm not in EU, I share the feelings. They do this stupid hot fixes the only times I'm able to play...
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  15. Gary

    But you don't have to pay a membership...
  16. Worxe

    So paying a membership will make them magically decide to switch server times?

    Pull the other one.
  17. Paulus

    ok, i can see there is little point my rationalising for you, please ammend your post to say "waaa i want someone else to suffer my discomfort instead of me, i'm special, my mother told me so"
  18. Badger1972

    Really. So you think you will be able to play your free game forever if people don't pay memberships? Also easy for you to speak being in the Eu and not really affected that much. If its a completely free game and you don't ask for or provide a membership facility then have at it. Last time I looked though Sony was not a charity so it's not a good business model to wipe out two nights playing for your customers. They went to all the effort to put a server in Oz (thank you Sony) and then shut it down twice a week in prime playing times...

    BTW I love this game and played PS1 in the UK for years. i am trying to get my friends to play as well but its not very professional when they do this.
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  19. Worxe

    You haven't really rationalized anything, nothing new any way - like Gary, the only thing you have done is played devils advocate but come last in the race from everyone else who's said the same mediocre excuse, like I said, we've heard this several times before you - yet you felt the need to reiterate it - but as Badger1972 pointed out its going to continue annoying people and turning potential subscribers away, many of us who still enjoy the game but continue to try and get more interest in it are thrown under the bus when they (SOE) continue to let things like this happen without even any response to the numerous threads and requests on this subject.
  20. FluffyM

    How is anyone suffering from it being done 2 hours earlier? Whom does it affect, who is untouched by it now? "Rationalise" me this.