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  1. NinjaTurtle

    Just a wondering really. I was going to start a new VS profile last night however was unsure what server to join. For the EU for example it recommends Ceres, what are the reasons why Ceres is recommended above the others?

    Is it because the game bases it's recommended servers based upon your location maybe as to which will give you less lag? Bases it upon the faction you are wanting to join and what server requires a boost with that particular faction maybe? Is it simply the most stable? Lowest/highest populated for the area?

    I really am curious as to what qualifies the recommended servers as recommended.

    Second question:

    Also while I am at it what server does a VS player recommend as the best for me to join to start a new VS character. I have played NC now since release and am wanting to try out a different side.

    I have always liked the underdog status and VS seem to be in that situation at the moment what with the NC attracting everyone due to cool toys like the Phoenix and the future release of the Sparrow is only going to increase their population (just you watch).

    What server is best for VS not just for pop because I am not really after being an equal pop to the other empires but more from a which server has the best VS outfits and seems to have the best team work related play?
  2. Ghosty11

    For the US - East servers, I would recommend Waterson, the Vanu are the underdogs and still kicking NC and TR tail.
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  3. Glass

    The reason Ceres is a reccomended server is because the server used to be the least populated EU server. Then the server became the recommended server and because of this there are now way more fights going on then there were before the server became the reccomended one. So, finding a fight shouldn´t be difficult.

    I do not know which server is the best for VS though.
  4. Skippytjc

  5. Ganelon

    Woodman has a ridiculous VS pop lately. NC have become a bunch of incompetents because of the 4th faction leaving them so they can't faceroll with a higher pop anymore.
  6. Zazen

    Definitely Waterson. VS on Waterson are always outnumbered yet still manage to win alerts and hold a continent. It's really impressive actually and I'm NC...
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  7. Joram

    If you want to join the VS come to Miller, its not like we need more people, we still kick the TR/NC butts havin 13%/5% less pop, but will be nice to see again the 33% 33% 33% we had at release.
  8. ShopTrain

    People are gonna say that their Server is the best for Vanu, but they have not played on other servers. I'm on Helios. Right now Connery needs VS players as they are underpopulated, seeing as they are small I would suppose they'd be pretty coordinated.
  9. Soundmonitor

  10. Captain Kid

    In fact, it is the most populated server now (off all servers)
    Don't know if it stays that way off course.
  11. Skippytjc

    Thank you for getting that
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  12. Glass

    SOE is probably going to make another server the recommended one soon. But, all these new players on ceres make the game so much more enjoyable though :)
  13. Captain Kid

    Oh yes. New player myself and I probably wouldn't be playing anymore on a server with less newbies like myself.
    I started out on Miller. It was hell. Everyone was br 50 plus and had better weapons then me.
  14. NinjaTurtle

    I guess that makes sense for SOE to send all new players to the same server so they are all of the same experience and then change the server a few months later once the pop is high.
  15. Glass

    Yeah, had an alt on Miller once. Hated it there, so I changed to Cobalt. Had way more fun there.