server merges fudged up mah fps

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by jamesze265, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. jamesze265

    i was in mallory i had 30+ fps now mallory and ceres combines =9 fps wtf i cant play anymore :(
  2. Psaldorn

    My GF has had a similar issue recently, on Cobalt.

    i5 3570k
    8Gb RAM
    GTX 660 OC Windforce

    Tried messing with config, seems to help but then after a few minutes FPS drops to single figures. A few weeks ago it ran just fine everything on High.
  3. Mortis

    Was running a steady 40ish before mergers. Now, 9-12fps on same ini file. If I turn EVERYTHING down, and set RenderQuality to 0.25 in the ini file, I can squeak out 25fps. Yeah, "optimizations" apparently didn't apply to me, either.
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  4. JDS999

    seems like server load is the problem for me. was playing this morning in multiple platoon battles getting 45 fps which is good for me. the only problem was that 5 or soo platoons was on the entire server. but could shoot people and it felt smooth.

    as to primtime when im in a area with no activity getting 15 fps.
    and when in primetime i can look up down, and away from battle and get 40-50 fps but i look where action is and drops to 15. even if its just a few enemies.
    right after gu3 i was getting 45-55 fps in larger battles and game felt great.
  5. Kronic

    Turn effects and particles to low and turn shadows either off or to medium (there's no performance difference between low and medium shadows on my 3570k @4.5Ghz and shadows on high are a massive frame killer).