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  1. Bloodlet

    They've already said PS2 is SOE's current cash cow so despite what you think, unless you work for SOE I think they know better than you do how their business is doing.
  2. ps2x518

  3. HuntingMaseTv

    I disagree. When enough people are online other territories will become fought over as well. Especially when Outfits go for Continents and hostile outfits respond.
    But of course the crown will still be a major battleground.
  4. Aghar30

    Considering there are still tons and tons of threads begging for server mergers in WoW, and there were already server mergers in WoW once, you cannot use server mergers as a sign of failure.
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  5. Badname3073

    It's good as is, no need for psychos
  6. TeknoBug

    The thought of Matherson merging with Waterson is scary, both servers are heavily TR populated and both are short on VS...

    I might transfer back to Connery depending on how that server or whatever west coast server merges.
  7. Chipskream

    And thats why youre stuck at the bottom of the world.
  8. Sevre

    They didn't make player names server-specific for a reason -- so that when they merge servers, you don't get that ridiculous "-j" or whatever your server name was, like in PS1. The fact they made names locked over all servers means they planned for this.

    You are the cancer in this forum. As soon as they acquiesce to a big player concern, the third post is the trash you post. I guess this is a great learning experience for SOE, next time just start with one server, then add others so people like you, in your infinite wisdom, go "Dur hur, the game sure is growing cus alls I see are queue times. Queue game is better than the real game!"
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  9. RedPsycho

    Why do you think he's in denial? You must have not been around for the start of many MMOs. GW2 also saw a drastic reduction in players. 3 out of 4 guilds I was in went from 25-50+ members on at a single time to only a handful, prompting me to find new guilds many times. As far as I can tell looking at the Server selection list, there aren't anymore servers now than there was when I started. Also when you look at server selection and you see High, Very High on their servers, that doesn't represent the actual players online on their servers. That just shows how many people have characters on said server. Now they may have added servers to different section of the world. Like servers with a French focus, but nothing new in NA.

    At the start of PS2 They added I think 4 new server per region, because at the time they needed them, but instead of the population spreading amongst all the servers, people just stuck with the most populated. Hence when the drop off occurred we had such an imbalance.
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  10. TintaBux

    Good news, now lets get servers back into high populations.
  11. Phyr

    You can have the chinese ;)
  12. DrStrangeLug

    If Guild Wars 2 is still adding servers this long after launch then good on them. But 9 out of 10 games have to server merge, and it's getting more and more common to do it within the first year.

    I've been expected this - we had a good number of servers for launch (PS1 only had a single European server) so we've kind of been spoilt. There was bound to be a large influx of players who arent going to stay. We should hopefully be hitting more stable and longer term numbers.

    <cynical>It's hard to sell queue priority memberships when there arent' queues.</cynical>
  13. PaladinZERO

    They will merge INTO Jaeger, as it is a larger server.
  14. Badname3073

    For US East servers, I presume they will merge 4 servers into 2 (smaller servers merging into larger), so it's either Jaeger<->Mattherson and Soltech<->Waterson, or Jaeger<->Waterson and Soltech<->Mattherson. It is going to be a mess either way.
  15. ps2x518

    GW2 lost a lot of players after launch, just like this game did. Though one of the developers said they have been steadily gaining players back ever since, so that is a good sign. Plus, new content comes every month and a big wvw update in March so good things over there.
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  16. Badname3073

    On the US East, it is one of the smaller servers. Mattherson and Waterson are larger, only Soltech is smaller
  17. EaterOfBabies

    PS2 didn't have the cleanest start in the world, but the devs seem committed to making it a success. These mergers will help get them there. If they can quickly follow up on these mergers with a revised new player tutorial and the addition of the VR training room, they could make a big marketing push leading into summer and jump-start the game in a big way.

    Imagine being a new player, dropping into a VR room for your first play session, and having a proper tutorial to guide you through the basics in a safe environment. Then, when you are ready, you hit the instant action button and are dropped into a huge ongoing battle because existing servers are packed to the brim with people shooting each other.

    Call me an optimist, but if they get the tutorials and marketing right, they can relaunch in a big way.
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  18. SmellyCakes

    I want Jaeger to be merged, I want to play my VS char >.<
  19. PaladinZERO

    You are thinking 1-1 transfer, there are 4 servers, they may sac one, and merge it to all three, 1 empire per server.
  20. Phyr

    GW2 added a few servers shortly after launch. 2 months after launch people were asking for mergers.
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