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  1. Vibe

    About time.
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  2. Naivesteve

    &*!@* yea! Woooo!
  3. Neopopulas

    Playing on Briggs, i won't even notice this. but considering how people talk about how quiet their servers are, and how i've (almost) never noticed that. So i'm really glad for the other servers out there because i've never noticed a problem and i'd hate for others to run into one like that. Not being able to fight is a huge problem..

    Now that said, while Briggs is fairly well populated, you can usually find at least three or so hexes with "Enemy PlatoonS" detected. however they are ALWAYS on indar and pretty much 90% of the time Crown/TI Alloys/Ceres.. So that's not the best but its something!
  4. ItchySox

    "There's a bright golden haze on the meadow..."
  5. tastyBerryPunch

    "obligatory "this is the end of the game" post"
  6. LordMondando

    Just to preempt this (not saying your saying it).

    1) Plenty of games have server merges early on, then continue for years afterwards. PS1 included in this.
    2) Most of the games problems are caused by low population, done well this makes the game more involving for a lot of the player base.
    3) Indeed there correcting one of the biggest problems the game launched with, an exclusively PvP mmo with no PvE content, launched in a way that resulted in too many servers having populations below critical levels, harming the PvP content.

    Also people have been saying the game is dying for 4 months now, lol.

    My only worry is how the game will then deal with capacity for expansion, given characters are still bound to servers. Also how they intend to deal with large outfits moving and existing issues with fraction population balance.

    Lets see on Monday, eh?
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  7. MasterCheef

    If it dies it dies. Why do people act like their life wont go on! I think SOE should be more worried about that than us. In the meantime we can just enjoy the increase in pop while we can.
  8. BlueSkies

    The problem lies with the MMO/F2P locusts... This demographic of players that swarm to new launches of MMOs and F2P games, play it, and drop it after a month. Companies are basically forced to launch with too many servers because of this. Almost every MMO that I have seen launch in recent memory has honestly needed mergers after the first month.
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  9. Sonny

    This is great! I was afraid we'd go through months of low pop servers slowly dying... Now at least, the fewer remaining servers will be full of decent battles more often - better for new and old players.
  10. OddChelsea

    I shall dance and prance after this news!
  11. ps2x518

    Didn't see a thread about this so took it upon myself to make one:

    Read his last few tweets. Smedly just gained a lot of respect from me. Really good move, glad they are finally doing it. Can't wait to get some big battles, may even buy some station cash now :p.

    What are your thoughts?
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  12. HuntingMaseTv

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  13. PaperPlanes

    @j_smedley Should we take this as an admittance that the game hasn't been as successful as everyone had hoped?

    @MiukuMac hah. No. Too many people went to some servers and not as many went to others. Simple as that.

    Lol, Smedley in denial. I guess you do have to do damage control as the CEO, though. It's simple though, John, if PS2 were as successful as SOE and the core community hoped it would be, all these servers would be brimming and you'd have people clamoring to add MORE servers. See: Guild Wars 2. GW2 is still growing like crazy and they'd added new servers almost every month since release because people were complaining about queues being too long!

    I like PS2 and want it to do well and be here for a long time, but it got an AWFUL start and probably won't recover from that.
  14. Gisgo

  15. Haterade

    Could be good for the game, but I picked the server I did so my faction wouldn't be associated with certain zergfits with disreputable leaders. I'd be pissed if I have to be on the same server as them.
  16. ps2x518

    Yeah, that response doesn't really make too much sense to me. Though I would probably say something similar if I were in his shoes. Can't outright admit your game isn't doing as well as you'd hoped as CEO of a company.
  17. ps2x518

    Someone just brought up a good point: no one to merge into for Briggs players.
  18. Badname3073

    If they merge Jaeger, I will uninstall
  19. Haterade

    What did the Briggs players expect? It's an Australian server.
  20. UberBonisseur

    Well every F2P has that surge of users (especially if you release on Steam) that get bored and leave within the first week.

    It was fairly obvious that not everybody would stick with the game; it's not like they invested money before trying it. It was just a lack of foresight or overconfidence to think that the servers would remain full; or at least having a growth that would compensate for the first-wave leavers