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  1. BlueSkies

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  2. BigIronRanger

    GG can't wait to get fresh players, even with 2000 players on servers it feels like a small world.
  3. Jaloro

    CAPS NEEDED. not.

    It is very good news though.

    Inb4 idiots claiming this is the end of PS2.
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  4. Mrasap

  5. PandoraAce

    People assume this will bring esamir and amerish back to life. I say it will make the crown and indar way more bloated and double the render issues.
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  6. Chipskream

    Holy *****, what the fk is wrong with people like you. GET OUT
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  7. AccelPrime

    This is great. It's much better seeing a small number of servers that reach "high" population during peek hours, than a larger number of servers where two reach "medium" and the less stay at "low".
  8. BarxBaron

  9. Tricknovalight

    And there was much rejoicing...

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  10. FateJH

    I foresee big fights on Indar and still few squad collisions on Esamir or Amerish unless the merges are taking such conflict distrbiutions into account. It doesn't seem like LOW servers ever hit faction population limits on Indar.

    Imagine what will happen when new continents get added if population, pop. distrubution, and pop. caps remain consistent with what they are now.
  11. Duvenel

    Dear Smedley, learn to use the forums or use the right people to share this sort of information? I don't give a flying monkeys about Twitter, I'm sick to death of how SOE are using it. Want to submit a question to FNO? Use Twitter!

    I'd throw a bluebird at you to try and get your attention but I'd have to get the OK from reddit first...

    In other news. Yay for merges.

    I'd also like to thank the OP for posting this, as I'd likely have never found out about it until Monday...
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  12. PsychoBat

    And you people keep saying that SOE doesn't listen to you.

    I'm glad they're doing this. I wasn't bothered by the population problems myself (my server is mostly medium and couple of times high) but it has been a major issue for a large part of the community and hopefully that kind of changes give people a bit more faith in SOE. Would be nice to get a small break from the insults and conspiracy theories.
  13. PandoraAce

    Don't get me wrong. I love the mentality behind server mergers, I really do. Who wouldn't love more people to shoot and bigger battles?! But lets be realistic here. We all know the game is suffering from serious performance issues with rendering, mind you all servers right now are low population and it still happens. What do you think WILL happen when the server pop us suddenly doubled or tripled?

    Sure, if players all spread out evenly to all 3 contintents and stayed off massive zergs, but do you realistically expect that to happen? This will bring a lot of whining, you'll see. Don't forget, you heard it here first.
  14. DoomMaze

    Miller is always high during prime time and I can tell you that easimer and amerish see big fights all the time, so when servers are at high pop if you want to fight somewhere besides the corwn can
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  15. IMTasty

    Hope this makes the game more fun for the non-millerites. :)
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  16. DoomMaze

    Again...I play on miller and see large battles all the time...sure the inf render distance needs increasing drastically ....but ...because I know they are working on it...i for one am happy to wait, and in the mean time enjoy the huge battles as they are
  17. tastyBerryPunch

    When Indar is full and there is a queue, people will go to Amerish and Esamir. When the people on Indar will see that there are big fights on other continents, they'll join because they're tired of the Crown/TI-Alloys/Zurvan.
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  18. LordMondando

    Exactly, they do this well and fold as many servers as possible into Miller population levels without turning any servers into overcrowded ghettos.

    A lot of the problems people have been complaining about, may really go away.

    Its a victory for the community presenting a legitimate issue and suggesting a concrete proposal and the game developers listening.

    Really was not need to lock so many of my threads though.. Hey ho.
  19. LordMondando

    Game functions on Miller.

    I think a lot of the people who've been happy about their 'never below 60fps on my i7 megatron 6000' might be disappointed.

    Otherwise, I think overall its the best solution to a complex problem.

    I'd still like characters to be unbound to servers, but hey. At least people don't have to sit on ghost towns with characters they have invested in for much longer.
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  20. DoomMaze

    No...I'd suggest its a victory for the game that both we 'and' the developers love!!!
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