Server Maintenance for Hotfix July 2nd

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Jul 1, 2014.

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  1. TheLordChicken

    I like the patch except for that we can now buy attachements with SC. In my mind, its going to much into the direction of pay2win, wich was nicely avoided before.
  2. DatVanuMan

    So, you're saying that approximately 70-80% of this game's playerbase are "cheap free players"? Because this game IS F2P... Just sounds a little belittling and offensive, that's all.
  3. DatVanuMan

    Well, SOE knows how to make a game much less enjoyable:D
  4. Luighseach

    The problem is though they are not br1 juggernauts. Anyway you also don't realize that the majority of players are not new. This allows people who pay to start on a closer playing field with the br100s

    Even(and they are not as far as I know) if they allow suit upgrade and grenades unlock to be bought it is still not a problem. New player should not be forced to use poor equipment when they have play against players that have everything unlocked.

    I do agree that they need to have a better progression system but I disagree that it should be tied to weapons or upgrades. Since this only hurts new players and does not allow them to advance fast enough as the current system does(pick a class/weapon and work on it till you have the bare minimum upgrades.

    On a side note, I do understand your position. However I do not see problems you are refering too. The game does need better progression but not at the cost of new players. New players complain that this game takes too much time to get into. This is because with upgrades you do end up getting more certs. However this should not be the case. Getting into the game should be simple and easy without dumbing it down for the rest of us. New players should be handheld coming into the game without destroying there freedom. They should have a better selection of starter weapons that are easier to use(NOT THE GUASS SAW WHICH TAKES TONS OF SKILL). Even the new weapons that they can get through the quiz is not enough. They should also on all default weapons have the attachments already unlocked so they can use them and see how it effects the gun, but just for there starter weapon.

    Anyway just remember that for every idea or opinion one person has there is also an equal opinion for or against it. It is hard to please everyone.
  5. BuckRaven

    That issue was resolved as far as I know, there's a thread about it somewhere.

    Exactly this. The general idea seems to be that veterans are being somehow handed to the newbs on a silver platter because they can suddenly get a weapon which is on par with what they have.
  6. DatVanuMan

    Hmm, funny how the same situation applies to me. When I used to be a BR71, I was at the top of my game. My HA was fully-upgraded, I was nearing the Polaris's Auraxium (17 kills to go!), and I was always enjoying it. Then, one day, my brother DELETED everything I ever accomplished. Unlike some psychological maniacs who start erecting altars for their past characters, I just made a new one. With the skill I garnered during my past experiences, I took people out left to right. It was fun, receiving accusing tells from the more experienced players. And now, I'm a BR35, after one month and 2 weeks of playing this game along with other games I enjoy. And I haven't wasted a single penny. I appreciate how you care for the new players, since they should be able to enjoy this game like the rest of us, but hey, wasn't buying weapons AND boosts more than enough?
  7. thehumanslayer12

    I for one, believe this is NOT GOOD. The TANKS not sitting STILL without SLIDING across the MAP. (Hilarious me and a friend tested it, in 1 hour we slid 100 meters xD) Anyways, please fix this ASAP :D
  8. Sonofstrife

    soooo..... are the servers online? just got the game but can't for my life figure out their status atm...should I be able to get past the launcher at this point? plzdontkillthenoob:(
  9. thehumanslayer12

    Yes, the servers are on :D

    For Server Statuses go to this link have fun in PlanetSide 2! (And welcome to the Game!)
  10. Sonofstrife

    Oh, mmkay! Thanks:)!
    Then something else is wrong because when I press "play" in launcer ps2 just closes.... My files are up to date and "validated".... Guess there is a better thread for this question....
  11. Ginjer

    I like that you condensed the advanced attachments, however, now you don't get the benefit of the normal attachment while you save for the advanced one. I know that for many players this won't be an issue, but for newer players, having that normal foregrip while building up the final amount of certs for the advanced one was a nice benefit. Why not make the advanced one REPLACE the regular one, then you get the benefits and it still costs 200. I don't see how this would be a bad alternative.
  12. CEGrif

    goruney damn vehicle terminal when hacked will change the spawn shields to the hackers faction for some reason
  13. thehumanslayer12

    Your computer is probably not capable of running the game, can you say your Computer Specs please? Thanks.
  14. Sonofstrife

    Win7, 8gb RAM, intel i7.. think I should be able to run it. I checked the required specs be4 downloading the game...
  15. Sonofstrife

    looking through several troubleshooting threads atm :/... so tiresome:confused:
  16. thehumanslayer12

    What's your GPU?
  17. SuperEdd32

    So I just got this update and now my game wont even start, I just get a black screen and the ps2 mouse and nothing else. I've sat for a good ten minutes and nothing happens. has anyone else got this problem and is there a fix?
  18. Clay

    So do we have to cert into the advanced attachments again or what? Because I got all the certs from the refund (like 2000) but the advanced attachments are still equipped to my weapons.
  19. DatVanuMan

    Oh, that clears it up, as the terminal was hacked. God, what NC trickery is this? Thanks for the information, man:D
  20. DatVanuMan

    Have you tried restarting your computer/laptop? That might fix the problem.
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