Server Maintenance for Hotfix July 2nd

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Jul 1, 2014.

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  1. SashsaACIII

  2. Arazons

    ROFLMAO, thats all i got to say
  3. GunFIEND

    Stop watching, more server on button
  4. EvolSkuld

    112 ping too high? lol. Any ping under 200ms you simply don't notice any delay as the average human response time is 215ms.
  5. SashsaACIII

    1000 SC 50% *5% xp boost 1month * ????? fix shoping
  6. BuckRaven

    ..and will be waiting another 1½ hrs as it seems..
  7. Atenson

    Those are the correct notes. SOE is just silly & thought it was yesterday.
  8. ScrapyardBob

    One change not mentioned or acknowledged yet by the developers is that alerts should not lock the continent unless the winning side holds at least 70-75% of the territory at the end of the alert. Locking a continent just because the alert ended and one side had 34% is bogus.
  9. EvolSkuld

    Typical. Servers are up and the forum turns quiet.
  10. Luighseach

    I don't really see this as much of a problem. It does not make the game pay to win. I can still unlock these things with certs. It only makes it so that I can have them faster if I want to spend a little money instead of a lot of time.

    I understand that this may seem to be a money grab but there is no reason why things like this shouldn't be able to be purchased with SC. It does not break the game. New players will be able to progress even faster if they pay which is not a bad thing in my opinion.

    As long as upgrades or anything that changes battle can be bought through certs as well as SC then the game is not pay to win. It is just pay not to wait.

    Also compared to the majority of online games this does not even come close to pay to win.
  11. DatVanuMan

    Bro, ALL the attachments can now be purchased with SC. That means BR10s with decked-out weapons have a large chance of defeating BR25s in a straight on firefight. It's not how the game is supposed to be played. They are called CERTIFICATIONS, not multi-purchasable upgrades. If this happens to everything else (Flak, nanoweave, all the class abilities), the higher level players are F**KED. That's not supposed to happen. I should be able to take a BR15 with ease, and now, he has a very high probability of ripping my head off! Also, I too liked the new assist gain. 702 xp for a BR2? Wow. Although, SOE better make the cert gain easier for F2players in order to counter the 10 year-olds who happen to have some money in their piggybanks>:/
  12. Luighseach

    Yet you neglect the other persons ping. So if one player has 30 ping while he is fighting someone with 250 ping then the overall ping is 280. However the more likely case is that a player has 120 ping to the server and is fighting an Asian or EU player that has 200 to 300 ping. Because of client side there is nearly a half second worth of lag between you shooting him and him dying.

    Also that is average human response time. Some research(no clue on its validity or accuracy) has stated that action gamers can have up to 25% faster reaction times compared to non-action gamers.

    Now you see why ping can be a problem.

    (On a side note. Because most other FPS games usually used server side, or at least from what I've seen, it was better to have a faster ping in those games since it could lead to you living or dying. I find that client side even though it cause problems helps alleviate the ping problem the best way possible. You will die around corners and you will get kills that if it was another game would seem like cheating but not in PS2. It give both players even if they do not have great ping a chance to kill each other if they see each other.)
  13. ImANoob

    That argument is so stupid... The weapon attachments make very little difference what your basically saying is this game has no skill what so ever cos whoever has the better equipment wins and if that was the case how would the game ever attract new players if the just got killed every time they play cos some guy is a higher level?
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  14. DatVanuMan

    The problem is that new players have to use skill if they want to do anything in this game. Imagine, you going against a BR15 with a fully upgraded NS loadout (Long-range NS-15, laser-sighted Commissioner, and a Decimator). Buying weapons with SC I have no problem with, since getting new weapons but having no skill is easy to counter. But now, these weapons could be improved. New players aren't supposed to depend on these weapons to be good at the game. Also, how is leveling up even USEFUL in this game? There are no rewards, and because of this, there are no real incentives to fight hard and level up. So, SOE could apply a reward system with multiple tiers (As you level up more, you get better rewards). I.E. You get random attachments at first, then some certs (Each stage of the cert reward tier gets larger as you progress), and then you get weapons and possibly implants along with them.
    Just some ideas to counter the new BR1 juggernaut, that's all:/ I know that SOE needs to make money, but they can do it in other ways, like fundraisers or something. If this isn't the case, then no mercy must be shown to the newbies. I don't want this to happen to the best game I've ever and am playing.
  15. BuckRaven

    What you neglect to realize is that it's actually the new players who need the better gear/rewards more than the veterans.
  16. Dragora

    Having some real stability issues following this patch, loading screen won't go away and I can hear my character moving around behind them, and getting CTDs. It just started with this patch.
  17. DatVanuMan

    I'm sorry to tell you that the ending of your reply makes very little sense to me. What you're saying is that new players don't want to play the game because they don't stand a chance versus more experienced players? Or that they would like better equipment to at least stand a small chance? You misunderstood my post. Skill is better than having good weaponry, but I'm trying to say that the smaller BRs will start having problems, as the less skilled players might be farming the slightly more experienced players. For example, a BR5 and a BR10. The former has an upgraded TMG, and the latter has a Pulsar LSW that isn't really upgraded. Attachments DO make a difference in this game, because at the end of the day, the smaller CoF has the ability to pump more bullets into that NC LA. The gun with less sway and recoil will beat that stock VS Ursa at the longer ranges... See what I'm trying to say? The higher BRs will have no problems, as we are simply much better than the new guys, and also have good equipment. That is, if you're F2P. I'm sorry if my posts have seriously conflicted with your opinions and/or ideas, but I really hate the critically acclaimed micro-transaction crap. But thank you for telling that skill is seriously important in this game, since it is, but it might not be as important as it used to be, that's all.
  18. Luighseach

    I don't see this as a problem. BR means nothing in this game but how much XP you have farmed. When I was BR 60 I was taking out BR 100s all the time. Even on my alts using default weapons I was taking out BR 70+ when they were using fully certed guns and all I had was a 5 cert scope on the default weapons.

    Being able to purchase attachments(which from what I read only means for that one gun and not ALL of the guns) is not pay to win but merely pay not to wait. If paying makes you progress faster than I am all for it and I am predominantly a free 2 play players (although I have spent more on PS2 then any other game except for may WoW)

    Also if you think attachments are the sole reason why some can kill you versus not killing you that is just incorrect. Yes someone with attachments will have a better chance but it is so slight that a player that has been playing for a month can take out anyone as long as they have figured out there weapon.
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  19. DatVanuMan

    Well, they should improve how the defenders in the spawn see out, but I like how anyone outside of the spawn has no ability to see what's INSIDE the spawn. However, there was an issue yesterday in Hossin, when we VS were trying to beat them NC out of this facility. Problem was, whenever a VS guy exited the shield, she/he couldn't go back in, BECAUSE THE SPAWN SHIELD BECAME BLUE. Blue meaning NC. Some actually ENTERED the spawn, and it was slightly frustrating, yet amazing to watch knowing you have infinite cloakXD Also, the NC didn't even capture the place before this happened, so it was sad, seeing my brothers getting slaughtered in the false sense of safety behind those shields:(
  20. DatVanuMan

    I think that weapons with an advanced grip now have them available at a one time purchase. If that's the case, then YAY. I like having to pay only once for a laser sight on my siriusly beloved Sirius.
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