Server Maintenance for Hotfix July 2nd

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Jul 1, 2014.

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  1. Ninave

    You can see your cert gains ingame on the statistics page. There's a graph in which you can select to see your daily certs, exp, k/d, and other stuff.
  2. WurbleFlurble

  3. GunFIEND

    Was happy I had it load past 6% and when it hit 9% and then snapped to character login.

    Was angry when I saw that Emerald was locked.

    Thx SOE.
  4. Tankkillz

    i guess but dinner has been eaten and the ice cream has been set in front of me and im still told not to eat it
  5. EvolSkuld

    If you want the SOE team to be more like the WoW team, all you have to do is spend a lot of money on all the SOE games, so SOE can grow as big as Blizzard.
    Then they can afford to have the maintenance teams for all timezones to work night shifts.
  6. SashsaACIII

  7. ThronesAngel

    I guess youre stuck with a milkshake :/ better find a straw
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  8. Ninave

    They explained that they want to do this during the earliest possible during their working hours so that if anything goes wrong, they can have the appropriate person at work and available be it a dev or a graphics artist.

    And we the PSG people have been offline from the game 10 hours already because of the SOE merge, so you all others know nothing of waiting today...
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  9. Tankkillz

    you got me there im stuck with the milk shake
  10. Pachino

    Wow did it at 3 :/
  11. dezusa

    Oh yeah, totally forgot about that.

    With 50$ worth of SC spent on attachments/weapons, I probably would have gotten:

    3000+ certs(?) worth of weapons and attachment upgrades and use it elsewhere.
    Walk out of the spawn room to live-test out new weapons with insta-bought attachments.
    A wider range of guns to use since I wont have to spend 330+ certs per gun.

    Quality of 'fun' / gameplay increased due to better cert distribution (I've yet to get out of my NW3's ;_; )
  12. Heywire56

    Where are the Patch Notes, I can only find for 7/1
  13. GunFIEND

    Ok now I just think you are holding the server hostage and haven't given a ransom note yet.
  14. RuthlessMoose

    I know that the NC EM1 LMG, built as a close-medium range support weapon, did not have the x2 scope. I love the weapon but was let down at the fact I couldn't properly play to it's strengths: Basically the quantity of damage fired accurately over a medium distance in a shorter space of time than it's other LMG cousins.

    The weapon with higher RoF, easy recoil and the least reduction bullet damage over distance begs for a x2 scope.
  15. GunFIEND

  16. Zorg

    Yes, these are the ones you're looking for, they just put the wrong date in the subject field.
  17. nexesss

    servers never come on -.-
  18. Tankkillz

    my ping rate for that server is 112 i think thats a little high to play on it
  19. Tankkillz

    i know the moderators are watching us can you find out whats the hold up did someone forget to unlock servers before checking out they are not in maintenance any more whats the hold up here
  20. Mytwyt

    They are always watching ;)
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