Server Maintenance for Hotfix July 2nd

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Jul 1, 2014.

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  1. TazumotoGames

    Hurry up with your stupid maintenance ffs. This brief maintenance is taking waaaaaaay too long to be brief.
  2. Mainer

    Purchasing attachments with SC doesn't really bother me and I get the feeling SOE is doing this as an additional SC sink for all the people out there paying for the membership (500 SC/month still adds up). I pay my $15/month and have most everything I want and save SC for cosmetic/off-hand purchases. Being a member also makes cert gain very easy (especially on 2x Exp weekends), so having enough certs isn't really an issue. I think SOE is seeing this and trying to 1) make life more convenient for subscribers, 2) get money out of non-subscribers who are still willing to purchase SC, and 3) prevent SC build-up.

    Yay for the tank handling fix, I just hope this applies to the low speed maneuvering as well. The effects on the rival chassis' were insane.
  3. CEGrif

    chill out
  4. TazumotoGames

  5. Mytwyt

    The fastest updates take at least 30 minutes, My guess this one will probably be up shortly. I hope.
  6. Dalt Wisney

    What exactly is part of a stupid maintenance? Oil-change for the stupid? Cleaning the windshield of a stupid? Check tyre pressure of the stupid?
  7. Mytwyt

    I would imagine its adding this update and things of that nature. Don't we like the game running as smoothly as possible ?
  8. Dalt Wisney

    The servers just switched from MAINT to LOCKED, so they might be on soon...
  9. Mytwyt

    First one on Emerald Server Wins !!!!
  10. TazumotoGames

    *Head Explodes From Brief Maintenance RAAAAGE*
  11. TazumotoGames

    Emerald is still MAINT
  12. sockmonkey70

    Get your **** together SOE. Adding SC to be able to buy attachments is bull crap! If you are going to do this at least PLEASE I BEG YOU MAKE CERTS EASIER TO OBTAIN!!!!!!
  13. Atenson

    Valid point. Lets presume you are a new player just starting out, Free to play. Are you going to put $$ down on SC? (Probably not.) If so, is it really going to improve your game significantly? (perhaps slightly) Do they have any idea what their buying? (From the descriptions the under-barrel shotgun & silencer on your bolt action sniper rifle sound pretty awesome....)

    I guess my point is, this quality of gameplay is less dependent on trivial attachments & more about having people to farm/kill. If being able to buy a scope or forward grip w/ SC instead of 3 days of instant action retains a player, why would we oppose that? You think it took a while to get Hossin out? Lets see what happens the second SOE deems PS2 no longer profitable.
  14. Mytwyt

    I don't think they will make certs easier to get for free.
    I'll let you in on a secret. They want you to buy stuff with SC. They want to get paid for this anyway they can.
  15. SashsaACIII

    “The servers just switched from MAINT to LOCKED, so they might be on soon...”

    Emerald is still MAINT

    1h dow
  16. TazumotoGames

    They seriously need to HURRY THE F**K UP!!!
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  17. Arazons

    Or what? LOL

    Relax and go watch an episode of Southpark or Game of Thrones
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  18. Crushermagoo

    dang it. the update notes are good, but i won't be back for 3 weeks starting today at 5pm central America :mad: i'm really frustrated. I'm gonna miss Planetside 2 meanwhile. my computer is a gaming computer, stationary.
  19. Tankkillz

    gonna be my first time playing and then this happens ahhh.
    anyone got suggestions for a new player
  20. Bnuldun

    Can someone please explain to me what Emerald is? Also, where is Matherson & Waterson? Is my character gone? I was able to get the game loaded up earlier and it was blank. It told me to select an empire. Did they merge already? Wasn't that supposed to be done like wayyyyy down the road sometime?
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