Server Maintenance for Game Update Sep 26th

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Sep 25, 2014.

  1. RadarX

    All servers will come down for brief scheduled maintenance beginning at 6:00 AM PT (3 PM CET). Be sure you check out all the Hotfix notes in the Game Update forum .

    UPDATE: There was confusion about the dates - we are doing the grants MONDAY the 29th, and the Sept update later that week.
  2. BrittonHD

    Where's that QOL update? Suppose to be this month, but it's not in the "Hotfix 9/29" thread...
  3. Jaedrik

    I think David Carey had it (the QOL update) dated for the 30th.
    Via Twitter, of course.
  4. BrittonHD

    Ah, that makes me feel a bit better. Thanks for the intel!
  5. Foxirus

    That link goes to an update that was on 8/29.. Where is the one for 9/26?

    Also, Radar, Any word on if the VS will get a new ammo type that lets use OPTIONALLY use the heat mechanic on our weapons? We all deserve a chance to test it.. Not just the 5% that unlocked the directive weapons :c
  6. Ceiu

    Erm...? This thread says 26th, other thread says 9/29. Safe to assume it's the 26th?
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  7. iller

    is patching on a friday considered normal?

    This isn't just chicken little paranoia right now considering some of the registry instability we've seen the past few days....
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  8. andy_m

    Not really a game update then... Let's hope the downtime is short and there are no post-update issues.
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  9. jOGI

    ...and still nothing about the freezes and the stuttering of PS2. SOE seems to work on every bagatelle - but not on the memory leak which make the game unplayable....
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  10. Sobdude

    Give us a small SCOPES ONLY update! NOW ! It is crucial !
    And you can continue your work on flash and stricker as long as you want.
    We want scopes patch now !
  11. ZephyrBurst

    I'm sure they'll get right on that, for you, and only you, because you demanded it.
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  12. RyanGUK

    It's likely Dave Carey got the date wrong, announcing a hotfix for after the weekend seems very odd. They probably just want to get it out of the way and tested over the weekend so if there's any problems, they can maybe bundle it into the next udpate.
  13. dexsauce

    Sounds like a directives fix in place for the weekend, and the QOL is scheduled for Tuesday, September 30th.
  14. d_carey Developer

    UPDATE: There was confusion about the dates - we are doing the grants MONDAY the 29th, and the Sept update later that week.
  15. Pouk3D

    Please fix the base turrets too. The lower LODs facing the original directions, while shooting at my face.
    It's a mean, yet surely very easily fixeable bug.
  16. Jeslis

    So what was the maintenance today about?
  17. Dudeman325420

    Any patch notes for the 9/26 maintenance today? I'd care more for notes on what you've done than what you are going to do. Please don't ask us to check out hotfix notes that don't exist...
  18. Brainwayne

    Hey d_carey and all the other failing devs:
    Any word about the constant crashes? Or about the extreme bad game play you guys introduced, such as bad hit-detection, extreme lags and such?
    Anything about 32-bit client?

    Anything at all?

    Are you guys even aware that PS2 is going to sh*t or is it that you just don't care?
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  19. iller

    Wouldn't that make it .... the October Update then? o_O

    Oh well, atleast they're not pushing a major patch on Friday. That could have resulted in utter chaos
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  20. ninzor

    Where is the joystick fix?
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