Server Maintenance for Game Update Sep 16th

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  1. FazeCozz

    Soo.. Does that mean more FPS all around?

    64bit user here.
  2. SeeUL8ER

  3. Taintedone

    I am having issues with G99 error since last update, on the G errors page it said to allow access to Planetside2.exe, which i did. It also said to allow access to 2 more files i didn't have. Awesomiumprocess.exe as well as launchpad.exe Anyone have any suggestions?
  4. MayankTola

    After update when I start game my monitor says 'input not supported' (i run it on 1360x768) when I try to change resolution from user option in directory after that it says 'no input'.Whats the prob.
    My Specs:
    Intel core i5 3450 3.1 GHz
    8 GB ram
    Zotac GTX 660 2 GB Synergy Edition
    (I run game always on ultra)
  5. SidCom

    For what reason someone want to change to 32bit, if he can use a (faster) 64bit client/OS? The only thing i can imagine are certain 3rd party soft, which is not 64 bit comaptible............:)
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  6. SidCom

    Thanks for bringing back joystick support!! Even the char has an analog control now... (i not remeber it was like that before.. only vehicles where analog controlled)
  7. mgbevan

    Fresh copy here:
    Still no luck, Tried different resolutions for Fullscreen too.
    Thanks for your suggestions.
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  8. sagolsun

    Words were said. A rather poignant observation, SidCom.
  9. SidCom

    imo, SOE should remove this 64bit to 32bit binary"renaming hack" with a better " OS check" function AFTER the PS2 lauchpad has started.
    Prob. remove 32bit at all. It just make troubles because of its limitation of per process mem allocation. 99% of the every newer CPU supports 64bit and Win XP is out of support anyway....
  10. sagolsun

    Your resolution is fine, the game is automatically choosing the highest possible refresh rate however, which your monitor can't handle.

    The issue is on the public bugtracker ( ~ "refresh") but the devs haven't confirmed it yet, even though it looks like it's affecting a lot of players (

    If you did any monitor overclocking, revert it. Otherwise get this utility ( and check if you have any potentially wonky refresh rates for your primary display - if in doubt post a screenshot and I'll do my best to suggest a workaround until the devs get this sorted.
  11. LibertyRevolution

    Some people run the 32bit so they can record with the in game video/screenshot recorder, as it doesn't work on the 64bit client.
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  12. SidCom

    Sri, i don't wanted to insult you. But mostly people use this "renaming hack" that they still can run their (ingame) 3rd party software.
    But in your case, SOE should fix the record function in the 64 bit client. Or you can use fraps or MSI afterburner or something for recording.
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  13. SynaptixBrainstorm

    >>>:eek: "Renaming HACK":eek:<<<

    DUDE!!! realise that the 64bit "faster" client runs like a peace or trash for some ppl even with 64bit OS...i can tell mate! Im one of them.....:rolleyes:
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  14. SynaptixBrainstorm

    Yo ffs if you dont need the 32bit client then move along....some guys still do. alright???
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  15. dezusa

    I just want my playable pre-valk 32bit client back. :oops:
  16. SidCom

    Can't see that 32bit runs better. (i tried...many ctd )
    The 64 bit bit client on my (clean installed) 64bit Win 7 works like a charm. No crashes at all since month, even in 4 hours + game sessions and fps performance increased by abt. 30%. Especially in busy combat environments..
    Normally the same source code is used for 64 bit or 32 bit binaries. Its only compiled with different compiler flags. (64bit or 32 bit and some different mem alloc parameters).
  17. gody

    hej guys :( aim realy missing u all millers players my pc are dead need to wait 6 days can not wait :)
  18. ninzor

    is anyone having problems with analog throttle on joystick?
  19. SidCom

    An off topic question: (prob. we should move to another channel, gamediscussion or so)
    how much voltage/offset you set in your bios for 4.7 GHZ on an 3570k. What cooler you use? I only get stable 4.2 with stock voltage offset.
  20. Bindlestiff

    Just out of interest, what spec PC are you running?