Server Maintenance for Game Update Sep 16th

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by RadarX, Sep 16, 2014.

  1. cruczi

    Dear Mr. Coder

    Does this mean I can no longer lock the game to max. 60 fps when playing on a refresh rate higher than 60hz, without the use of third party framerate limiters?
  2. rutwikkiller

    Atlast hit detection improvements and releasing GPU power ,adrenalin shield ( i was going to ditch it) now its awesome :)
    IT might be a gud hotfix
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  3. XeoWolf

    You can bet your spandex they will.
    Sorry SEO, but yes, I've lost faith in you. :(
  4. LibertyRevolution

  5. The 11th Doctor

    is it just me or did all characters got deleted???
  6. Neutral Dude

    So... ummm, my characters are missing? This is the first time I encountered this problem after a maintenance. :eek:
  7. regressus

    OMG! This maintenance isn't good. I lost my all characters!!!
  8. H4wk3y3s

    They were not deletet!
    The Update isn´t finished. Just wait until the Update is finished and they will be there
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  9. LibertyRevolution

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  10. Neutral Dude

    Oh, I see. Thanks for responding! That nearly gave me a heartattack. DX
  11. MajiinBuu

    Serious question, how do you make the launcher run the 32bit version?
    Sorry about the font, just want the post to be seen
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  12. CheunNL

    I Also lost al my characters :(
  13. PHantasyhero

    Guys can't get over how impressed I am with thisgame!!!!! Keep up the amazing work!!!!!
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  14. CheunNL

    When does the update is done?????
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  15. Aelyn

    Really...? After almost two years, people still come here to ask about lost characters during maintenance? Every goddamn time... NO, THEY'RE NOT GONE.

    Maintenance has been going on for 20 minutes... get out and get some fresh air. Or at least don't log on during maintenance and let them take whatever time they need...
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  16. jelle123

    he how long is this maintenace going on
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  17. CheunNL

    yes how long???
  18. Siilk


    *Stays in and keeps logging in out of spite having a mini heart attack each time he doesn't see his characters*
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  19. Devoneir

    Till it's finished. Now stop complaining and wait. There has never been an ETA when maintenance is going on, and I doubt there ever will be.

    Have some exercise, have a drink, take a walk. Or do something else.
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  20. GiorgyGR

    This maintenance is-no-good