Server Maintenance for Game Update October 2nd

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  1. RadarX

    All servers will come down for brief scheduled maintenance beginning at 6:00 AM PT (3 PM CET). Be sure you check out all the Hotfix notes in the Game Update forum .
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  2. ucanobua

    not bad not bad really cool i hope everything will be fine after the huge tweak patch. its nice to see that team is working.

    ah before to go i have to say about hackings.. in the last few weeks and of course now; we have a really big issue about hackers in the game. they almost br 1-10 players doing every kind of hacks and this is game breaking problem for us. do you have any progress for this in next few updates?
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  3. Jaedrik

    • All 1x, 2x, 3.4x and 4x sight reticles have been updated to be dynamically drawn, rather than static geometry. This will better represent where the weapon is aimed when moving, firing, or flinching.
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  4. IamnotAmazing

    bad players are bad
  5. anitbot

    You haven't heard the bang. The basics are broken and the game goes down.
  6. SL1MSchadey

    Lets go kill some pumpkins!!! I like the new point capture system a lot, but I cant say I agree with spawn killings worth 0xp. I think that a medic sitting back reviving someone is a huge target and now they can get away with just reviving and not worry about the person firing at the revived. A medic should have to kill the person before going for a revive. I feel like I am getting screwed out of that 30 xp for spawn kill. Not to mention killing a revived person is strategically important most times.
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  7. dezusa

    I wonder what will SoE screw up in the game this time :confused:
    This is probably the only game that makes me worry alot (in a bad way) when theres an incoming patch
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  8. SL1MSchadey

    Load from server screen to game sticks at 100 percent for 30 seconds now. Not sure why that is.
  9. Septus

    very bad idea on the spawn kill changes. how about they are no longer a spawn kill if they take any action other than moving. so if they shoot or use an ability they are no longer spawn kills. I have no problem with spawnkills not giving xp or kills, but in 12 seconds someone can run clear across a small base. 10 seconds was even too much i think. 5 would be more reasonable. you are not disoriented after re spawning for 12 seconds.

    This change will not stop spawn camping. It is the best tactic for taking a base, so it will always be done. The only way you could stop spawn camping is allowing defenders to drop pod in anywhere in the base, and few players would be ok with change as it would very much change the dynamic of the game.

    A way to reduce spawn camping would be to put in shields that defenders can shoot out of on upper stories of spawn buildings so they can shoot out from more directions without being killed instantly.
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  10. 10thRMDredd

    Thank u SOE. V sexy.
  11. Narukai

    Or they could just remove spawn shields. If you are spawn camped, you have lost the base. Sitting in a spawn room and picking people off isn't going to change that.
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  12. ScrapyardBob

    All medium facilities should have a SCU shield generator (60s timer) which allows access to the spawn SCU (60s timer). Once the SCU goes down, spawn shields go down and you can no longer spawn in.

    The really big facilities (tech, bio, amp) need to be reworked entirely. The outer satellite bases need to be part of the main facility and provided to the defenders of the main facility as additional spawn points and to provide additional capture points for the main facility. Each outer perimeter spawn point would also have a SCU shield gen + SCU.

    For instance, Mao SW would contain one capture point and one defender spawn point for Mao Tech. Same thing with Mao SE and Mao Watchtower. The lattice lines from Briggs, Abandoned NS and NS Refinery should just point at Mao proper. In order to take a place like Mao, you would need to control the existing [A] point inside the superstructure, but also two out of the three satellite base capture points. Plus keep the SCUs in those satellite bases down/destroyed. Attacking a tech plant / amp station would no longer be "put 96 people on the point" but would require you to balance forces in a way to hold the majority of the satellite bases.

    Hell, big facilities might even have as many as 7 capture points if the fight is spread out over that big of an area.
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    that would make the game just so much more frustrating for new players. As if it isn't already daunting enough. Also, MAX crashes? Heard of those?
  14. SynaptixBrainstorm

    thats alot of good stuff but no hitching fix still ? **** off
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  15. TheKhopesh

    Will all prior progress (the game tracks how many spot assists you've gotten, by simply counting 10 for every ribbon, so the info must be there somewhere) be doubled, as the effort required to gain prior ribbons would be the same?

    So, say I had 100 spotting ribbons prior to this update.
    All that past effort will have been twice as grueling as getting 100 ribbons now.
    So when I log in after the update, will all that effort be properly transposed into the 200 ribbons it's now worth, or am I just getting a "Nope, you worked twice as hard as everyone else who goes for this in the future, all for nothing"?

    If we're not getting our due ribbon count 1-to-2 conversion rate, that would be severely disappointing.

    Nothing for adding an extra 1-2 or more bullets to the kill requirement (Therefore providing a considerable tactical advantage) for friendlies standing in the aura of healing grenades?

    That's a shame.
    Just one more reason not to use them over rez or standard grenades.


    Cool. I look forward to seeing the -shall we say, "less experienced"- TR complain about how it's not an infantry slaughter machine, on top of being designed as a side-grade AV/AA weapon similar to the Annihilator in roles, before they figure out how to use this weapon properly.

    (My only question is why doesn't it kill a flash in a full mag of direct hits? Considering it no longer can lock them, it really shouldn't take more than 2 shots to kill a stock flash with the striker.)

    As a member (on his second 1 year membership) myself, I find this to be a rather crummy deal for non members.

    As much as I'd hate to see some of my own benefits go, the very least that should be done (to keep the discrepancy between members and free players to a minimum) should be a top tier passive cert gain reduction from 48 certs per 24 hours to 36 certs per 24 hours.
    That would keep this change from being a not-so-indirect buff to members, to avoid furthering the gap between paying and free players.
    (We're paying for an additional service, as well as to support and help further the game, not so we can outclass the players who don't pay money to enjoy the game. I can only see placing members on an even higher pedestal angering those who don't pay large amounts of money into this game, and causing less of them to continue playing, thus damaging their content for those who do pay large amounts into this game, and hurting PS2 all around .)

    (Then again, what would I know, I'm not marketing professional...)

    This really removes a lot of the skill in using vehicles (mostly aircraft).
    Before this goes live, I found that small arms fire could often result in defeating new players, and veterans who were critically damaged by firing on them in short bursts, so as to imitate a walker, which would occasionally cause the pilot to hesitate or second guess their current move, leading to a fatal instance of reacting just an instance too late.

    This removes the necessity of an additional "layer" of situational awareness as to whether that few shots of light plinking sound was a walker, or small arms, and furthers the argument that A2G use is "Low skill".

    All things considered, this seems like a poor choice if the walker and small arms audio are differentiated too easily, as it penalizes higher skill flyers, and furthers low skill and/or new players farming.
    It also removes a level of well timed tactical use of psychological harassment on skilled players who are under attack.

    Finally! Now I can actually join in cross-faction conversations after redeploying so I don't get type killed by my own allies!
    (A victory for NC world wide! :rolleyes:)

    Heh, now the firing of HE tank shells can commence to suppressing infantry to within spawn in earnest!


    Behold, the truest hero of Auraxis!




    I thought that was intentional.
    Do we get refunded our resources when it's unequipped, or do we just get stiffed so hard it feels like another blunderous dry humping from the dev team? :confused:
    (If you're commencing with the dry humping, you should probably warn the other players not to switch between loadouts too often...)

    Since when was this ever an issue for anyone but the most dedicated of team killers? :rolleyes:
  16. Stopper

    I 'm happy that we have at last some new scope and the reddot bug fixed. This is the best part of this update !

    However, I'm truly disappointed that the HUD UI for deployables, announced a month ago to be in the quality of life update, is finally not here... I hope it's just because the dev team didn't have the time (for a good reason, not by thinking that pumpkins are more importants) and thus, I hope that it will be in the next update.

    For Hossin's base, I hope that the redone of Kessel's crossing didn't kill that great base, so nice and so interesting with her unique layout under and around the bridge (since, for Offal pit, I prefered the original layout rather the cleaner one after the redone).
  17. LibertyRevolution

    HOLD ON A MIN....
    How can you implement the 0XP for spawnkills before you make revived players not count as spawn kills?
    So medic raises a zombie army on the point, and we get nothing for killing them, WTF!?

    Where is the other half the resource update? eh? ya, that's what i'm talking about...
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  18. Alarox

    This... is an extremely good point.
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  19. kadney

    What does the event directive look like and what's the reward? :)

    Oh, and finally:
    • Destroying a vehicle will now count as a kill for all weapon medals and most directives.
    Have been waiting for this since the release of the AV turret. :)

    What I dislike:
    • The cert cap has been raised for members to 50,000.
    • Non-Members will no longer gain certs while offline. We've done this for two reasons:
    Don't see why the first should be a member exclusive feature.. and no more "get your rear in gear" 12 bonus certs for me? :(

    And I wonder who that might be.. o_O
    • Named a base to honor a hero of Auraxis (It’s on Hossin).
  20. VBthesmall

    • Domination bonus is now awarded at 2 consecutive kills against a player without being killed by that player (down from 3).
    I am not happy about that change... a domination should be hard to earn, now everyone will run around with several hundred dominations.
    but other than that I am really looking forward to the update!
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