Server Maintenance for Game Update June 26th

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  1. DeadliestMoon

    No problem. But yeah, upgrade your **** and you'll see the game run as smooth as butter. I play on a laptop so I'm not a premadonna about performance like you are but hey, you can't change who you are right?
  2. Princess Celestia

    If you're working on decals, why can't you update the existing ones so we can use them on anything that can use decals? Update the decal library so any decal you purchase can be used across infantry and vehicles equally.
  3. user101

    I bet you have never played the DEV's on hossin before... some people are better than others... 28 is still learning take my word on that... I was a 28 long ago... 2 years ago... the game has changed and Hossin is way different... I have been on Hossin for over a year now on PTS... Hossin is not like the other maps... !!!!!
  4. Aelyn

    I don't know if anyone else has experienced this (and I'm too lazy to read the entire thread), but everytime I shoot someone without killing them, and then get an assist when someone else does, I get a sh*t ton of extra XP because the game rewards me with 1 spawn kill assist, 1 high threat kill assist and 1 extreme menace kill assist, no matter if they've only been alive for 10 seconds and gotten no kills. If someone spawns, run out of their spawnroom and I shoot them and then get an assist, I still get 500+ XP for it. The more shots I get into them, the higher the reward. E.g. 1 shot with a carbine=200-300 pts and if I do like 90% of the damage I get almost 800 for one petty assist.

    I mean, obviously it's nice to get a LOT of XP like this, but it doesn't feel right to exploit something that's not supposed to be.

    Away from that, I absolutely love Hossin so far. I've only played for a little more than an hour and a half, and I've barely seen 1/10 of the continent, up in the north eastern corner. But yeah, it's just pure awesome. The base layouts are so unique and detailed wherever you go, and even the spaces inbetween seem well thought out. With the new changes and Hossin, I am more happy to play Planetside 2 than I have been in quite a while. Very, very good job on this, SOE! :)
  5. Hypersot

    When you grow up come again and we'll make some decent chat.. hey, I'll even prepare the coffee... I'll also throw a 'how to behave as an adult' bonus tutorial for free :)

    anyway, this thread is about the maintenance, let's stop hijacking it.
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  6. bronybuscus

    where is physx?
  7. MrNova

    So I'm in the wrong for asking a question? Yet somebody who is unwilling to help a new player understand things isn't in the wrong? The fact that you have judged me from 1 post as a 'troll' shows what sort of person you are, its people like you and the other guy who posted the picture that are the reason why games die out as new players find it so hard to fit in. I've only played for a few days and I can already tell that this game is not in its prime, there is such a lack of players. Have fun with your judgemental personality.
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  8. DeadliestMoon

    Lol. Implying that I'm somehow childish is immature in of it's self. But I digress. The devs are doing a fine job.
  9. DeadliestMoon

    "lack of players"

    Just because that one guy was a ***** doesn't mean you should insult the game and start doomsaying for no reason.
  10. Chris Bingley

    So, some new stuff happened. Most of it looks kind of cool. I'm especially loving the fact that infantry resources are earned from Amerish now, rather than Indar. TBH I mostly played on Indar in the hopes of getting continent domination and getting that wonderful -19% infantry resource cost. Now I have Amerish to play on, instead with -50% rather than -10%.

    Hang on a minute, This is a team game, abd an MMO one at that. Balls, now I still have to go where the big fights are, which will be Hossin or Indar. Oh well, nevermind.

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  11. MrNova

    I'm not insulting the game? I'm insulting players like him & stating the obvious. Plus, its logical, if a gaming community is full of twa*s that don't help new players understand the game, what do you think is gonna happen? = new players will stop playing, if that happens, there are less players. When i've asked people to play the game with me, they haven't wanted to because they feel some of the community is unhelpful to new players, even though these twa*s were in the same position themselves at some point. Also, its not just with this game, alot of other communities are exactly the same, it doesn't need to be like that I don't understand why it would get like it in the first place.
  12. Willame

    Yes, SOE, well done. As a reward for your hard work in giving me something that I'll like, have a month of membership money from me. Keep the good things coming, and there will be more.
  13. Atenson

    My sincerest apologies if you were not trolling the forums & are in fact a beginner looking for some clarification. Below is a link to an excellent resource for everything PS2:

    That being said, if my comment implying that you could possibly be a troll got under your skin, good luck cooping w/ the warp gate TKers you blast your face off because you don't like their proximity broadcast of "it's raining men."
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  14. MrNova

    Thank you, its nice of you to apologise. Being called a troll didnt get under my skin, what got under my skin was how anti social and horrible some people are when all i did was ask for help.
  15. Hypersot

    As Atenson very well said, wait until you meet those 'horrible' and 'anti-social' people in-game....
  16. King Feraligatr

    Just remember, even though Hossin was released, there's still Searhus, Oshur, Cyssor, Ishundar, Ceryshen, Solsar, Forseral, Nexus (which has been worked on quite a bit), Ascension, Extinction, and Desolation to be released. Good luck waiting for all of those :rolleyes:.
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  17. SashsaACIII

    So continent locking 1 *unlok to 94% neck continent
  18. fatcash

    continent locking wow this is NO GOOD !!! OPEN WORLD IS 1 OF THE THINGS I LOVED ABOUT THE GAME!!! . At the min N.C have 1 and V.S have 1 the T.R are about to lock 1 so there will only be 1contint to play on and will 6000 players all go there? or do you kick some players off line?
    on the good side HOSSIN!!!! WE GOT HOSSIN!!!!!! FOR THAT IM A H.A.P.P.Y MAN
  19. volth

    Do PS1 have so much continents?
  20. volth

    You can only lock 2 continents at the same time, so the first continent that was locked going to be unlocked when the third continent lock.