Server Maintenance for Game Update June 26th

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  1. Plunutsud pls

  2. Psyph

    Video games can't cater to everyone my friend. Just like life things won't be fair for a few (just be glad you didnt spend your first certs into lib 2 weeks before the biggest nerf in the game, I started, earned 2k certs and spent it on dalton nd all upgrades, spent 3 or 4 days pwning before nerfed) so be happy, they didnt give me certs back or nothing. Even the people who bought it with SC were ignored.
  3. MrNova

    Dont kill me but what is hossin?
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  4. Pootisman

    Music doesnt fit! I waited the whole vid for some scary aliens!
    (The music would be perfect for an alien horror movie/game.)
  5. Pootisman

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  6. MrNova

    Knew id get a response like this. Predictable.
  7. DrBash00

    Thump up! Thx for NEW Stuff!! (Yes it took a Year, but now it is like Chrismas :p)
  8. Plunutsud pls

    The music is from the Prometheus movie trailer, so no wonder.
  9. AirSuicide

    Well, at least we didin't have to wait another year, and It seems I was wrong, they actually did release a product, albeit an unfinished one. Still, something is better then nothing as they say.
  10. KirthGersen

    WTF has happened with tanks? :eek: Lightning's reverse turn is like Harasser now and inverse option seems not to been working.
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  11. hostilechild

    • For now, this score is simply the cumulative score of the outfit members that participated in the base capture (i.e. the scores that are displayed on the scoreboard). (If you are bad at math, just have everyone try harder ok?)

    Too bad the scoreboard is wrong so often its not even funny.
  12. user101

    Hossin is where BR100's play to win.... BR1 stay away from Hossin... it will eat you alive... BR1-30 stay on INDAR where it is safe... Hossin - unless you can fly through trees and under bridges on INDAR don't fly on Hossin... Unless you can not fall off cliffs and can read maps and how to get there stay on INDAR .... Hossin is for the big boys.... Hossin seperates the newbees from the old-timers

    Hossin is the only place where I have seen the DEV's get wipped by the BR100's
  13. MrNova

    Thanks for helping me! So its a new map for Pro's to play? Seen as I'm a newbie to the game where would you suggest I play or where can I find someone to play with me and help me out?
  14. Atenson

    If you knew enough to anticipate a "predictable" internet response, you prolly should have taken the 3.1 seconds to type it into google. Just in case your not a troll (unlikely) here is some helpful information for you.
  15. user101

  16. EvolSkuld

    I'm BR28 and doing just fine on Hossin.
    But I must say, Hossin during night... pretty hard to spot enemy if they are not marked yet.
  17. Jerox

    Performance drop isn't that strange actually when you look the amoun of flora on Hossin.
    Compared to Hossin the other continents are pretty much empty, so there's probably not a lot SOE can do about it as the performance drop is due to the amount of stuff that needs to be loaded and not necessarily because of optimization.
  18. volth

    They can try to remove the annoying fog on Hossin. Feels like a really old game with all the fog everywhere. Esamir have fog too, but Hossin's is worse.
  19. user101

    How to play Hossin -- Hossin is an objective map... you need 2 repair sunners and 2 horassors to guard the sunners.. for each objective. Tanks don't really work on most of Hossin.. they can't aim high enough or low enough. they are just stuck. Horassors on the other hand work very well on Hossin. Aircraft are useful only in getting from one place to another .. skyguards on the other hand work very good on hossin. Because the air can't kill them so easy as they do on indar, too may trees on Hossin.

    Light assult works very well on Hossin.. you would think cloakers would be good on hossin but that is not the case... they get killed all the time by light assult.
  20. Jeslis

    Err, its been specifically stated that there can/will be continent specific alerts, multiple at a time if someone starts getting close to locking it.. (when we lock 2 continents, obviously only 2 will be left.. but at the start here all 4 are unlocked, so we could have 4 alerts at once.