Server Maintenance for Game Update June 26th

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  1. Cordo

    I don't get it. Why is everyone so excited about the continent locking? The continent benefits might be a nice thing to have, yet the locking effectively limits the personal choice, on which continent to play, down to only 2 possible options (including the new one).

    Limiting the possible spawn locations to redirect players is already quite annoying (having to pull an ESF to get to the area I want to enjoy the game in), but with continent locking now even players can dictate on which continents I can NOT play?? Except for random alerts, ofc.

    Seriously, why should this be a good thing?

    The rest of the update looks fine, though. The outfit-capping for example is not only is a nice feature in itself, but also could provide valuable data to the devs for future tweaking of the continent locking-system (e.g. seeing the same 2 or 3 outfits initiating the lock over and over again)...
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  2. Jur270

  3. FakeBritishGuy

  4. Strikejk

    Lockin continents was (in PS1) and will be the main purpose of waging war against the other factions. It is core gamplay, one of the major reasons to play this (besides fun) it's the final goal, ... etc
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  5. SgtEntenbraten

    Well, having access to 2 continents, is way more than before in Indarside.
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  6. WurbleFlurble

  7. CharonLT

    Hossin will be spoon

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  8. ShivaShandra

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  9. KirthGersen

    Well, Esamir and especially Amerish are far worse than Indar in almost all aspects. The idea that I must accept poor SOE work on Amerish istead of playing on well-made Indar makes me sad.
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  10. Cordo

    @Strikejk: Maybe, never played PS1. I for once simply enjoy shooting the other guys and certing my toon. No grand scheme/storyline required. It's neverending anyway... ^^
    Story or not, doesn't affect that it further limits the personal choice on where/how to enjoy the game.

    To give you an example: I (mostly) play TR on Cobalt. Having a massive NC overpopulation (at least during alerts) is pretty save to assume that one or even both of those locks will be done by NC. In other words, not only will I have to play on a continent I might not want to play on at that time, but to actually benefit from those locks, I'd have to switch faction. Not really to look forward to...

    @SgtEntenbraten: Aside from actually liking Indar, I've rarely encountered the problem of not findind a good fight on any of the continents. Although I have to admit, I mostly play in the evening hours, so probably a higher population then.
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  11. dingdonyourdead

    allmost there, 6 more% togo then game on
  12. Atenson

    I respect the PS2 Dev team for 2 significant patches in 2 weeks. Whether or not personally I agree w/ all the changes, I appreciate their efforts in trying to not not let the game go stagnant. I am pumped to see how Hossin & continent locking are going to affect our battles!

    I am certain it is challenging to balance SOE's sales expectations, the needs of PS2's general zerg population & the "mandatory requirements" of outspoken elitists who want everyone to know that if they don't get their way they are quitting for good.

    The reality is, 500 people contributing $5 in micro-transactions is worth far more than any one person's subscription & that will always play a major role in the changes made in patches. Personally, I plan to capitalize on Hossin's hype in an effort to encourage old outfit members to come back or tempt some of my RL buddies to give PS2 a try.
  13. eBlaise

    @RadarX please update beginning of downtime to 3PM CEST (I know it's irrelevant now that we're already in the downtime, but for accuraccy's sake^^)
  14. cruczi

    You mean we're already in the uptime, not downtime. Please edit your post for accuracy's sake.
  15. Imperialguardsman

    Wait.... no new pistol releases in this update? Disappointing!
  16. xBennie

    Best update for so on! Well done!
  17. EvolSkuld

    Locking continents. In other words, make 3 characters, 1 of each class on the same server and play the one character of the faction who locked Hossin.
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  18. Librux

    hey SOE i know im not the only one a but a few others said theya re getting some FPS and performence drop on Hossin thenon the other conts. Hopefully it can be fixed. Also GG SOE u got out hossin thank u guys for your work. Just touch up performence andw e willl be all good.
  19. Mormaz

  20. RadarX

    Math can be hard sometimes...but yeah that should have been 3 PM.