Server Maintenance for Game Update June 26th

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  1. GoldstarIV

    And a return to all those yummy login queues..
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  2. HeliosX51

    Lots of water on Hossin. I would love to see and hear a splash effect when you're running and trudging through the water. Maybe water could even slow you down slightly when you run through it.
  3. YouWannaGetHigh

    What is that Continent Locking exactly? What do you get when you lock a continent? I mean if every enemy is going to be kicked out of that continent when you lock it, then, there won't be any fights going on there. So, to unlock that continent, lets say Indar, you have to lock Esamir.

    So, by that, there won't be any enemies in 1 continent least. What's the purpose of that thing?
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  4. Tiger81

    The Continent locking will make fighting/defending very interesting.
  5. Tiger81

    That would be pretty cool.
  6. Strikejk


    I waited so long to post this :eek:
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  7. Afeltman

    Yeah, so do I. That's my greatest fear at the moment.

  8. Afeltman

    Oh yeah, forgot about cont. locking.......

  9. icosta

  10. CharonLT

  11. Afeltman

    There won't be multiple alerts across 2+ continents.

  12. Immortal King

    Loving Hossim hating the lock currently.

    Ghostcapping is cool people:rolleyes:
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  13. yellowstone

    Wait, it's just 1,5GB ?
  14. Afeltman

    Nice photoshop job....

  15. WurbleFlurble

    as long as they fixed the uber hitching/microstutter/extreme input lag....
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  16. Onhil

    After I have been on pts flying around on hossin and getting killed by TR scum who don't want pople to look around on Hossin. I can't wait, I have waited for far too long
  17. gody

    got new staion cash :p pleace hurry i want to play hehe
  18. gody

    nice pic man
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  20. FROG55JON

    Yeah remember seeing this lmao