Server Maintenance for Game Update June 26th

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  1. KratosAngel

    It rather means that everybody will jump to Hossin and zerg it ... expect massive influx of people there.
    Since tons of people will come there, it probably won't get locked. That's the aim of their move : getting people to Hossin.
    After a few weeks, population will spread up more evenly.
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  2. Valok


    25% XP at all times for capturing Hossin? Fight's will rage there 24/7 for a hole month. (Dat primetime queue - UPGRADE NAO)

    Amerish bonus is also very interesting..
  3. Elron

    Yes, unless your server has a large population imbalance and overpopulated faction will have Hossin permalocked, 4th factioners will be the only winners here.
  4. Elron

    Outfits may jump to fight on Hossin, zerglings that don't even know about the existence of forums/reddit will play their everyday Indarside, not knowing that there's a new continent, so in the end it will be about which side can gather a bigger number of outfits on Hossin:)

    Sorry for double post, can't edit the previous one.

    i would like to know it there is anyway to help people with low internet connection (because i think that patch is gonna be like 3-4GB):
    is it possible for you to "copy" the hossin map FROM the PTS files and "paste" it in the actual game file, it would be awesome for people with ****** internet connection (as me) and also kinda "REWARD" the ones using the PTS and keeping it up to date by making them able to play quicker after every update.
    if there is any way to do that, it would be awesome imho..

    thanks for reading
  6. Verviedi

    Looks like I'm not playing today.
  7. andy_m

    I like the new lattice link between TI Alloys and Ceres Hydroponics :D I've always wondered about that...
  8. Simferion

    We don't use CET, we are in CEST since the end of March ;)

    Anyway back on topic, I'd like to see if the under/overpopulation will be a problem with the current lock mechanics.
  9. Ssidistik

    YAY!!!!!! We are finally getting a game in our game?
  10. Pootisman

  11. Akashar

  12. Wargrim

    Wait... you can buy Outfit Decals for Cert Points instead of Station Cash? This is a pretty nice and unexpected move, i thought cosmetics would be station cash only, always.
  13. ARIES666

    Updates are good, but how about poor connection latency after last patch? I hope they fix this too
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  14. ARIES666

    How about future updates with space battles, with huge tank with titan gun, how about vulcano continent Sierhas and Nexus? Best still is in future for this game, if planetside 2 will survive.
  15. Amenofhis

    I really don't care about the update i do care about the time it takes to updated it.... yeah 5 hours waiting yesterday it was like that hope today ... well *{["HOPE"]}*
  16. ezprey


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  17. Cz4rMike


    WOULD BE GREAT to copy/paste some files and repair/update only some...
  18. DK22

    :eek: between Live & PTS, seem to be doing more downloading and updating than actually playing. :)
  19. HeliosX51

    So excited can't wait!
  20. MikeCobretti

    Gimme some Hossin.......QUICK !!!! :]